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  • 29 weeks
    New story release

    It's out! After more than half a year of running through wall after wall of writer's block, I can finally present my latest project.

    TWhen We Break
    Tempest vowed she would never again be left to the mercies of a cold, uncaring world. And then she met Twilight Sparkle...
    CommissarAJ · 39k words  ·  54  2 · 557 views
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  • 29 weeks

    I should have the first chapters of my latest project ready to go for tomorrow morning. I would've liked to have been able to give you guys a little bit more advanced notice but I'm an impatient writer of words and I'd like to finally get this out into the world. At the very least, whether it sinks or swims, I'll be able to say that it's done and return to my other projects.

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  • 31 weeks
    Holy butts... is it May already?

    So first off, clearly my attempts to slow down time have been for nought because its bleedin' May. When did this year get almost half-over?

    Secondly, finished the draft work on my latest project. Gotta give it a few run overs with the belt sander before I can start posting chapters. Really hope it works out because it would suck to have spent six months working on a flop.

    Hope you like Tempest Shadow because it'll have plenty of her.

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  • 39 weeks
    Holy fanart, Batman!

    You know, there ain't quite nothing that brightens a person's day like unsolicited fanart! This piece is brought to you folks by Caoscore. FYI, some of his works are on the NSFW-side, but then again if you know what story this art is from, you shouldn't be surprised.

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  • 44 weeks
    Still not dead

    Okay, so I've been rather quiet for a while, so best to say something lest ye all think I've been put out on an ice flow and sent out to sea, as is custom in my homeland. Obviously, not dead... just... having trouble putting together things that I can, in turn, put up here. Progress has been slow, but progress is being made.

    The three main projects I want to work on next are:
    -Tempest Shadow story (currently in progress)
    -Act VII for 'A New Sun Rises'

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Musings of a Fractured Mind...

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I really hope at the end of "Right There In Front Of Me" you have an epilogue where Indigo and Sunset find each other. I can't stand that sad ending!

Btw, you are and amazing writer. Keep going man! Can't wait for the other two events happening with the other girls. :3

*fake russian accent*:eeyup:
CommisarAJ, ma'am!

Ryadov├│y Wild Balance reporting for duty!

Ryadov├│y means Private in russian... *thanks wikipedia for the info*


It'd be the logical next step - he knows nothing of magic, she does.

I have a question...

If Flash Sentry developed unique magical abilities, what would you think of Sunset Shimmer becoming his mentor?

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