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Equestria Girl Specials: Thoughts and Going Forward [Spoilers Ahead] · 2:31am June 12th

The last week or so has been pretty rough on me, health-wise. Nothing serious, but unpleasant nonetheless.

Lucky for us, however, the English versions of the Equestria Girls specials got leaked over the weekend. I, for one, really needed this morale boost after the week I've been having. If you want to check them out for yourself, you can get the links to them here, located on the sidebar to the right.

So what does the ol' Commissar think of these specials? (Said nobody ever but work with me here, okay?)

Special #1 - Dance Magic

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I really hope at the end of "Right There In Front Of Me" you have an epilogue where Indigo and Sunset find each other. I can't stand that sad ending!

Btw, you are and amazing writer. Keep going man! Can't wait for the other two events happening with the other girls. :3

*fake russian accent*:eeyup:
CommisarAJ, ma'am!

Ryadovóy Wild Balance reporting for duty!

Ryadovóy means Private in russian... *thanks wikipedia for the info*


It'd be the logical next step - he knows nothing of magic, she does.

I have a question...

If Flash Sentry developed unique magical abilities, what would you think of Sunset Shimmer becoming his mentor?

Will you continue Where
would Rainbow Dash someday? I love the story :(

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