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Sunset Shimmer has never needed anyone or anything - she had her magic, she had her ambition, and she had intellect. Others just stood in her way or held her down. So what do you do when your plans for world domination fall through?

Now she's about to discover that the only thing harder than hitting rock bottom is climbing your way out of that crater. Good thing she has some new friends to help her along, but its tough to seek forgiveness from others when you can't forgive yourself...

Special thanks to KiltedKey (Chapters 1/2) and SolidFire for their editing work.

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Also, interesting start. Any plans to incorporate Rainbow Rocks?

One of the best interpretations of the aftermath of the Equestia Girls movie I've seen yet.

Decent start. Looking forward to seeing more.

Did anyone besides me actually think about the glaring holes in Sunset's plans in the first movie? I mean even if she was successful and launched an invasion, the Princesses and their royal guards would completely decimate them. The only way Sunset would've won that is if she stole military grade weapons and who knows how long the mind control spell would've lasted.

maybe she could have used the teenage army as a distraction before using the mind control spell on the guards.
making her army bigger and better.

the entire school student body and faculty staff

Is this supposed to read "the entire schools student body, faculty and staff"? Cause as is it seems really akward.
Other than that, simply lovely start. You write a dang good Celestia.

You know, I wonder how Principal Celestia would react to Sunsets relationship with Princess Celestia, not to mention the fact that the princess is several thousand years old.

That whole scene with Princess Celestia was excellent.

Excellent start to what promises to be an awesome story! :twilightsmile:

Interesting, Celestia seems to be drawing parallels in her mind between Luna and Sunset. Makes me wonder what her... rebellious phase was.

In retrospect, it should have been because we happened to be pulling a restaurant parking lot at that very moment.

Missing the word "obvious" here- "should have been obvious because"

In retrospect, picking a fight with a person who had a solid twenty pounds of muscle over you was not one of the smartest decisions I had made.

Only twenty? Didn't you say Gilda was six feet tall? I'd expect a bigger weight difference. How tall is Sunset?

It's A really good story. Can't Wait to hear more!

I really want to see the conversation when Celestia inevitably asks about Sunset's life in Equestria! I wonder how she'd react to being the immortal diarch of a kingdom of colorful ponies.:pinkiehappy::unsuresweetie:

Now that that's out of the way: BRING ON THE SUNATA SHIPPING!

its definitely not about appealing to mob justice.


Then I decked with a right hook.

You accidentally a word.

even I start saying otherwise

You accidentally a word.

That was pretty awesome. I love where you're taking this. Really looking forward to the next chapter!

Awesome, I was hoping Sunset would end up living with Celestia, Momlestia is besthe Celestia. Drunken Luna is a bonus. I hope we hear more about teenage lunar shenanigans.

“I helped!” Luna shouted from the back seat.

“Tiiaaaa! If she’s living with us, she’s not allowed in my room!”

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:
We demand more drunk Luna!

Was rereading this chapter before reading the update and I noticed this:

“I forgive you,” Fluttershy quietly proclaimed

You accidentally a period.

even if I did still hesitant to refer to it as such.


“There’s still more than half an hour until school begin,”


Nobody would ever mistaken me for either of those group because that would technically be an improvement over my current social standings

*have mistaken or *mistake

>Gabby Gums
Welp, Sunset's doomed.

I like the "off the clock" Luna and Celestia.

Diamond Tiara was by far her best when she was running the newspaper (she was about a cigar and a hitler mustache from being J.Jonah Jameson at times), good to see that revived in this alternate world.

I'm liking where this is going.

As soon as I read that Sunset was living with Celestia and Luna I knew this was getting better and better!

LIked and Faved....shit Watched too!

“Me? Singing in front of a crowd? Not even if the fate of the world was at stake,”

Oh you.

The conversation between Sunset and Applejack was great, I love Sunset's ever snarky attitude.
The EqG2 gag was amusing, and best of all, didn't feel forced in regards to the rest of the story, it flowed naturally from the preceding parts. Good job.
I find myself torn on Rainbow's tryout method. Is see trying to see how well her newbies react in the face of adversity? Is she skilled enough to compare their skill to her's even when they are so much worse than her? If either or both is true I can see what her plan is, but if neither are than what is she trying to accomplish? Not that that being the case is a dig on you, I can see Rainbow not thinking something like that through just fine. I merely enjoy pondering what the character's thought process could be in this situation.

Me? Singing in front of a crowd? Not even if the fate of the world was at stake,” I scoffed at the notion.

I see what you did there:derpytongue2::ajsmug:

Nothing but my arms seemed like a simple enough premise.

Anything but. Nothing would be the opposite.

>inb4 The Albinocorn

I plan on reading this story soon. It seems pretty cool.


I don't see why she needs to be forgiven for shaving Angel. It's only Angel, after all.

I doubt I wouldn’t have even felt a simmering of annoyance.


Hoboy. Next chapter should be pretty spicy.

Psh, inb4 Albinocorn? I'm willing to bet you a lot of things I've read more Sunset Shimmer fics than he has. :rainbowwild:

Also, read this story. It's pretty good.

I'm sure you have, but since Alby tries to envelope himself in all things Sunset Shimmer, it's just a running joke. :rainbowwild: But yeah, I'll have to read this story sometime very soon.


but since Alby tries to envelope himself in all things Sunset Shimmer

You obviously don't know me very well :rainbowwild:

>sometime very soon

Hey, I'm in the middle of reading a story right now. I can only read one story at a time. :raritydespair:

Then you clearly need to "git gud, scrub"

We have the technology. I'm going to fund a project that allows humans to split their focus equally on two separate tasks, making multitasking actually possible. And then, I shall set up two screens and read only marginally faster. :rainbowlaugh:

Fantastic introduction. I honestly can't praise this writing enough because it captures Sunset's character so perfectly. You've done amazing with this chapter, and man oh man can I not wait to see where this all goes.

You were right. This is good. Thank you, based csquared.

Awesome chapter once again. I have a feeling that life for Sunset shall become very . . . interesting in the coming days.

Sunset, what have you gotten yourself into this time?

Let's tally up the references I've seen so far. There's Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition, Doctor Who, EQG2, and I'm sure I missed at least thirty more. Anyway, I can only see bad things coming out of this decision of hers.

I wonder what her master plan is. This should be good.

You can only affect change if you’re here.

This is one of the few cases in which the correct verb is effect.

Also, this is really good.

This chapter is a great example of why I have been enjoying this story so much. It is perhaps the best example of Sunset fundamentally not understanding how to be a good person. All she has done so far is extend her previous mode of thought and actions to include a larger number of people on the winning side.

then followed by Ms. Yearling for english


And given that Diamond Tiara was currently be held late in Ms Yearling’s class due to somebody’s phone alarm being set to go off at full volume right in the middle of class


I said at the end of last chapter that this one would be spicy. I was right, but man. Next chapter looks to be even spicier.

Were I smarter or wiser, I might have been better equipped to talk her out of her self-absorbed ways, but in my youth, all I could do was hope that she didn’t learn her lesson as harshly as I had.

Sentences like that give me this weird feeling that Grandma Sunset Shimmer is telling this story to her grandkids.

Crystal Heart Academy, Betting the principle is Cadance and a strong bet that's Where Twilight is. I wonder if this world's Sunset is there as well

Casual Luna and Celestia rock. i wonder what Luna will be planning for revenge

“Me? Singing in front of a crowd? Not even if the fate of the world was at stake,” I scoffed at the notion.

If you only knew

That was a pretty excellent finale to the chapter. Change isn't easy and it's rarely immediate.


Evil--er, former evil--cannot comprehend good, eh Sunset?

The desire is there, but not the knowledge.
Character growth GO!

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