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Hi there. I'm Nebula. I live in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area of Australia NSW. I like all kinds of stories, while I do prefer quality above all, Ill give anything a read if I like the concept.

Some more stories I recomend.

  • Sunset of Time Sunset Shimmer: Princess Twilight Sparkle's most faithful student. After bearing witness to the End of the World, she travels back in time to destroy the Dark Regalia and save her future. But a ghost from the past has other plans... by The Albinocorn 232,768 words · 24,286 views · 1,063 likes · 26 dislikes
  • Without a Hive A young changeling is separated from his hive, and must blend in and survive among the ponies of Equestria. by Phoenix_Dragon 188,387 words · 18,803 views · 1,712 likes · 28 dislikes
  • Stardust Can Twilight earn the trust and friendship of people who are by nature suspicious and hostile to anything that isn't 'human'? by Arad 216,600 words · 46,613 views · 4,941 likes · 86 dislikes
  • I'll Always be Here for You After Rainbow finds Scootaloo trudging beneath her house in a vicious snowstorm, she takes her in, only to discover something shocking. by The Abyss 94,577 words · 40,654 views · 3,712 likes · 168 dislikes
  • Of the Hive After the royal wedding, a new changeling hive makes its presence known and wishs to open diplomatic relations. Twilight decides to use this opprotunity to learn more about them, but ends up getting far more than she bargined for. by Law Abiding Pony 77,658 words · 25,669 views · 2,602 likes · 52 dislikes

Top Favourites

  • Long Road to Friendship As punishment for her crimes, the Elements have cursed Sunset Shimmer to do favors for anyone who asks. Lucky her. And then there's that other Twilight Sparkle she keeps running into... by The Albinocorn 213,109 words · 29,857 views · 2,657 likes · 70 dislikes
  • A New Way A small but growing number of changelings now live openly among ponies. Many ponies are welcoming. Others are concerned. And nobody, from the new Equestrian changelings to the Princesses themselves, knows how Queen Chrysalis is going to respond... by Phoenix_Dragon 213,146 words · 8,546 views · 1,150 likes · 21 dislikes
  • A Voice Among the Strangers An unsuspecting girl finds herself in Equestria, thrust into a world she has no concept of. Unable to communicate with the inhabitants, how will she cope? by Tystarr 205,112 words · 28,443 views · 2,486 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Stardust Can Twilight earn the trust and friendship of people who are by nature suspicious and hostile to anything that isn't 'human'? by Arad 216,600 words · 46,613 views · 4,941 likes · 86 dislikes
  • Fractured Sunlight As kids, Twilight and Sunset were best friends, but a tragic accident cut their friendship short. Years later, Twilight investigates the incidents at Canterlot High and comes face to face with what appears to be a literal ghost from her past. by Oroboro 113,957 words · 15,240 views · 1,975 likes · 67 dislikes

Favorites that I am eagerly watching.

  • The Enchanted Library When one fateful search through the Everfree Forest leads Rarity to a secret library inhabited by the spirit of an ancient alicorn princess, she realises that it may be time to start believing in fairy tales. by Monoboomatic 346,739 words · 25,121 views · 2,823 likes · 43 dislikes
  • The Advent of Applejack Applejack has yet to truly know what it means to be a changeling... by Mister Friendly 319,462 words · 13,293 views · 1,391 likes · 38 dislikes
  • Spectacular Seven As graduation draws near, magic begins to awaken in the human world, drawing out old rivals and opening the doors to new adventures. It's up to Sunset and her friends to keep Canterlot safe, all while dealing with their looming futures. by The Albinocorn 122,329 words · 7,284 views · 717 likes · 23 dislikes
  • This Game of Mine Beset by the pressures of her coming-of-age, Sweetie Belle has secretly been turning to video games for relief from her insecurities. But when her unparalleled gaming talent earns her a cutie mark she never asked for, it changes her life forever. by Swan Song 142,491 words · 9,940 views · 1,007 likes · 44 dislikes
  • Deadly Love Vinyl Scratch is almost killed by a very attractive assassin. Almost. by ShadowblazeCR 20,084 words · 4,330 views · 356 likes · 29 dislikes


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Hello there! Thank you for the watch, and the fav. :raritywink:

Thanks for the Fav! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Ngl, super jealous of you for winning the raffle yet also super happy bc it's just objectively good art

so the general takeaway is 'grats'

2066338 No worries. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will keep an eye out for more of your works.

Thank you for favouriting "Her Inner Demons" :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the watch, my friend! :pinkiehappy:

I just read your description of yourself after you commented on Nyx and the Sunset, I'm from the same region in N.S.W, though probably not in your area, always great to see fellow Aussies in with the herd. :pinkiehappy:

thank you so much for the favorite!

Thanks for the fav on "Love's Light: Is it Possible to Love Again?"

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