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I'm here to read great stories. If you're reading this, you must have made a wrong turn.

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  • 194 weeks
    Not Dead

    Hey there

    Progress is being made
    Tis slow, but not nonexistent

    That is all

    CAC is also not dead, slightly more progress is being made with it.
    And I have a couple of new stories in the works, mostly just outlining right now.

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  • 213 weeks
    New Fic

    Hey there

    That new fic I've been working on for a little while? Well the first two chapters are going live tomorrow! It's a little pet project of mine that I have high hopes and many plans for.

    When it drops, why not go give it a read. And if you do, please tell me what you think.

    That is all. Back to pony with you, off you go.
    Be safe

    I don't have one this time but every other blog I've done had one. Continuity!

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Yeah, your probably right

Beats me. It's a big site, many a comment section could our paths have crossed.

You ever had that nagging Deja Vu feeling. Cause I feel like we've already met?

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