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This story is a sequel to The Witch of Canterlot

Sunset Shimmer needs a vacation. She doesn't feel she can really match the accomplishments of the ponies around her, and even though she knows leaving Canterlot is just running away from her problems for a while, maybe it's what she needs to get her head back in the game.

Griffonstone needs someone to save it. The griffons won't ever admit that, but it isn't half the city it used to be. The birds still in town do everything they can to leave, and the whole place is ravaged by terrible gale-force winds.

The earth roars! The heaven howls! The crowds cry out for a hero! Can Sunset really end a curse that's lingered for generations?

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How fast will this get?

The whole story is written already, I'll probably update daily as I go through and edit the chapters. :twilightsmile:

Can't wait to see where this one goes! Loving this series so far.

A small note: in the third paragraph, the word "Dropped" has the D capitalized. Probably just a find and replace thing where you typed in ruby drop or something and replaced it, and it got that occurrence too.

Any chapters about Sunset's friends reacting to the news that she got engaged to a princess who tried to have her assassinated and still lets her hang around? Seems like that would be hilarious to see.

Equestria’s economy is not backed by the threat of magical annihilation!”

Everypony looked at me. Ruby Drop shrugged.

“Dangit,” I mumbled. “Maybe it is.”

I'm dead. This killed me and my sides :rainbowlaugh:

I love this news and that you made a third installment.

And now I want to know if there'll be a fourth. Yes it has been scant hours since publishing, I don't care I love this series of yours.

Oh sweet Gaia! That ending and Sunset's response was beyond priceless. I'm surprised that she didn't teleport off somewhere far away from civilization and give future generations questions about why there were several Tunguska level explosions in short succession in such a small area.

Also, Sombra being in that snow globe is an entirely appropriate punishment for him.

Too bad she choose Griffonstome for a vacation, she could visit the Crystal Empire, or maybe Klugetown or Ponyville when Tirek attack, or Our Town

Ah, this series is just so much fun, having Sunset as the snarky narrator is great.

This power trio is working much better that I could have hoped. Sunset is a flaming dumpster, Shahrazad is a prissy dumpster and Ruby is an adorable little dumpster that wants to be the best dumpster there ever was, yet together they somehow are able to deal with their own fiascos and push each other into becoming better ponies without even trying.

When the three thugs tried something with Sunset, I was almost expecting barbecued eagle to be on the menu.

Also, Luna is a troll and I love it.

The story continues! Excellent!

A truly wonderful beginning of the story, Sunset's reaction to the events of that scroll were perfect as was Sombra's fate. She's starting to see other's destinies uncoil while she, despite being around longer than Twilight or Cadance, has grown but otherwise languishes without such fulfillment. I'm also curious how Shahrazad will be as a foil instead of a hidden antagonist in this story.

If this is anything like the last two installments, we're in for an incredible tale once more (I'm glad I just re-read them a few months back now). Thank you for continuing this series!

will Gallus show up at some point?

Conspiracy Theory Time!

Given the magical nature of the world and all of the ancient threats that keep popping up, I’m leaning towards the constant high winds and endless chasm being some sort of prison for an ancient evil. Probably was thrown deep into the Earth to keep it away from the rest of the world, with endlessly buffeting winds to both keep it down and keep anything trying to help it away. The monster that stole the Idol probably was born of the thing in there and the Idol may be a key to release it

“Have you heard the tragedy of King Guto the Terrible?” Grandpa Gruff asked. He looked at our confused faces and nodded to himself. “I thought not. It’s not a story my idiot granddaughter would tell you correctly.”

Dumb references aside, for real though, how I've missed this.

Twilight Sparkle flashed across my mind’s eye.

In her mind's eye, Twilight flew by overhead, grinning wildly. As she flew, she trailed a banner, which read "SUCKS TO BE YOU, SUNSET!"

Third installment? This is the fourth installment. Of course the third installment was a one shot so you probably just overlooked it. It was called "Don't Invite Witches to Weddings". And yes, with that title it isn't all that hard to guess which wedding Sunset goes to.

I had forgotten about it and now I'm rereading it so I can refresh my memory (I did find it weird it was skipped, maybe because it wasn't! :twilightblush:), thanks for the tip! And you're correct.

Sequel! Tre-quel? Either way, WOOOO!

I just re-read Witch of The Everfree and The Witch of Canterlot over the last few days, what are the chances another sequel would drop right now?
Looking forward to digging in!

So six chapters I assume? In any case it's nice to have the Witch series back, this is probably my favorite alt-Sunset timeline.

"Gildra rolled her eyes again"
"Gilda rolled her eyes again"?

Well, this should be fun. :D
...Also, I'm wondering just how long it will take Shahrazad to start considering that a: Griffonstone appears to currently lack a ruler, b: Sunset appears to be getting sucked into fixing the place, and c: Griffonstone is a lot warmer than the Crystal Empire. :D
Anyway, thank you for writing. :)

Because it hasn't been done yet...


“Ow,” I mumbled. “Why did that hurt? I’m asleep.”

“Because I am an artist,” Luna said. “Sister, tell your wayward adopted filly to come home.”

I love how much of a diva Luna is here. Brilliant little interplay between the characters! Also, it's funny how Sunset has gained a reputation in her family/friends circle for running when emotionally charged. I guess if it worked the first and second time, why stop using a winning strategy right? Haha!

The crowds of cheering ponies outside went wild when she passed overhead on lavender wings.

“I can’t believe I sent her that scroll,” I hissed through a smile.

“Beloved--” Shahrazad started.

“I’m very happy for her!” I snapped.

“I can tell,” Shahrazad said. “You have reminded me of that many times. And you practiced saying it in the mirror.”

“I’m thinking of taking a vacation,” I decided. It wasn’t a lie because I was thinking of it right now. “Somewhere outside of Equestria. How’s Griffonstone this time of year?”

I'm both amused and feeling bad for Sunset.

Quality writing.

Shahrazad is a really epic Lady MacBeth type.

Quick, turn on the Pinkie Signal.

The bit with the swap quest got me good.

i ask again
will we be seeing Gallus in this story?

It all rests on one thing: how much zebrican kudzu can she get on that short order? :trollestia:

Wasn't her trip to Saddle Arabia already pretty much a vacation?

swap quests are the worst kind of quest in all of exitance
especially a chain that long

Aww, look at you Sunset. Sure, you haven't got wings, but you're already acting like an Equestrain-princess and helping other sentients sovle their problems. (And don't bother trying to set me on fire for that comment. The glass of water you were about to drink that I'm speaking to you through isn't my real body. Just a temporary bit of water I'm possessing.)

Interesting that the way the repair spells work is to effectively reverse entropy.

This is going great so far. Sunset is helping people with her valuable learned lessons on friendships and without any real prompting from an outside source to do so. Ruby, Shahrazad, and Gabriella are very fun supporting characters as well. Even Gilda, a character I'm typically ambivalent about, is an enjoyable addition to a scene whenever she turns up. All around fun characterization so far!

Also, I'm 100% uncertain if the idol was the actual cause of these poor events or just the catalyst. Like, will there be an epiphany where she realizes "No, really, get the dang idol already" to solve the issues? Or will it be a "The idol wasn't needed all along, just you all sticking together in bad times!" lesson for the griffons. I feel like it could go either way at this point, and not knowing that is very fun as a reader.

More like a diplomatic mission she begged Cadance to let her do

When Celestia hears about Sunny pulling a princess in the market she is going to be so proud

“Ruby Drop, is that griffon wearing a maid outfit?”

“Miss Shahrazad had it in her luggage.”

Me thinks someone had plans

So heckin' excited to see another continuation of The Witch of the Everfree!

Darn it, Sunset, stop unintentionally taking over other countries.


"You took him down?” Gilda asked. “So a bunch of ponies walked into a kingdom, got rid of the old king, and then declared themselves in charge?”

When you put it like that... :rainbowlaugh:

Sunset. Humble hero. Severe self worth problems. Walking disaster. Probable Griffin empress.
And sometimes really, really clueless.

I'm truly enjoying this Loved the first one the second I just didn't like this one though has the spark of the first that I enjoyed so much.

“You took him down?” Gilda asked. “So a bunch of ponies walked into a kingdom, got rid of the old king, and then declared themselves in charge?”

“Uh…” I hesitated, then shrugged and nodded. “I guess it’s something like that.”

Gilda looked around the room, at all the banners with my cutie mark on them. “I can’t imagine why some reporters might get weird ideas,” she said.

This was a brilliant scene. Also, really loving the chill vibe Sunset is throwing down here. After so much time has passed and after what is likely years of harrowing capers, you can really tell she's grown as an individual which has left her confident in herself and her abilities. But still flawed, such as not being able to see her own worth when compared to others. The failing of your entire social circle being Alicorns and national heroes. This adult Sunset you're writing is an interesting and fun character to read.

I waited so long for this... AND ITS FANTASTIC 😍😍😍

If anything, we’ve been poor friends to them by not coming over to visit, and I’m trying to make up for that by throwing this party with their help! You should try some of the food -- it’s all local specialties and we don’t get to experience griffon food enough in Equestria.”

I really hoped nothing I said was going to be taken out of context later.

Oh noooooooooooooooo

I’m kind of shocked Celestia allows Sunset to remain around such a theoretically corrupting influence without doing something to lay down the law.

Sunset leaves, Celestia instantly assumes a country has been conquered. She knows her students.

So do you think both Cheese and Pinkie would immediately start feeling a pull, or does it just route to whichever is closest?

So, Shahrazad is still hanging around in Equestria, instead of being shipped back to face her crimes in Saddle Arabia, and she is still maintaining the fiction that she's Sunset's betrothed/beloved. I have to assume this is one of Celestia's convoluted schemes.

Sunset deals with what most civilizations would view as a literal force of nature. Going to guess most of Canterlot is going to be debating the secret alicorn rumor now.

Good to see that Sunset & Ruby patched things up. :twilightsmile:

“...I didn’t do it,” she deadpanned. She really had learned from the best.


11063071 Tirek will still be Twilight's problem, I think, but Starlight Glimmer could definitely wind-up on Sunset's plate ... but I don't see her being as forgiving as Twilight was ....

11063073 Shahrazad is being a better pony? I'm honestly surprised that she hasn't tried to push Sunset into conquering Griffonstone already.

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