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This story is a sequel to Northern Venture

When Sunset Shimmer's father shows up in Freeport chasing the infamous warlock Steel Rose, the last thing she wants is to get involved. She's still recovering from the madness in Northmarch and her battle against the dragon Blackfyre, and her father's obsession with capturing Steel Rose drove him to effectively abandon his family.

However, as the magus of Freeport Sunset can't ignore a dangerous warlock running loose in her city's streets just because of personal baggage. Once she finds herself reluctantly dragged into her father's obsession, she discovers there's far more going on than she's been told.

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Aww shieeet, here we go!

So it begins. I wonder how far down the rabbit we're going to go this time?

Oy Sunset... Poor mare never gets a chance to catch her breath.

The intrigue's coming in hot this time, geez.

Five bits steel Rose is Sunset’s secret half sister.

Ok, so, lots of unpleasant possibilities here. Though one I haven’t seen is, well,....... let’s just say I’m curious if they have both bodies from when Rose killed Solar’s friends.

Hmm. I would guess one of his friends is the warlock instead, but I wouldn't know. We at least kno Steel Rose is real somewhat from that one AU story.

Metal-based warlock enemy (unlucky for our prosthetic-wearing hero), references to Metal Mome, and a vague but ominous title...hmmmmm :unsuresweetie:

And that's without even getting into the potential Daddy Doozy!

This is my suspicion. Given the timing of Scarlet's agent and the divorce.... Nothing like Scarlet finding out her husband was unfaithful before they had Sunset (I'm assuming, I don't know how old Rose would be). Would explain why there is nothing on Rose beforehand; Solar would have kept her hidden. Considering how focused Scarlet was on her career, it would not surprise me if Solar sought comfort elsewhere.

Now someone needs to write a short starring Dreadspike Bloodkiller

Finding out your husband sired another child out of wedlock possibly before you were married is bad, but forgivable. No, what is unforgivable is finding out your husband basically forsook you and your legitimate daughter for his bastard child.

Sunset has the most dysfunctional blood family ever. How long until the sadistic necromancer brother turns up?

I'm gonna guess that he isn't a warlock, but that there is something else he's keeping hidden. Some connection to Steel he doesn't want getting out. Bastard daughter, perhaps? Could explain the divorce.

My rather insane, but plausable prediction... Bren thinking this scince we first heard about Steel Rose. Censored in case it's right.
-Scarlet leaves for a thing with Argent right after giving birth to sunset.
-Sunset dies from childhood sickness, Solar covers it up.
-Solar substitutes his illigitimate child with Ginger. Tells her that sunset 2 is dead.
-Ginger freaks out, accidently kills their mutual friend, flees.
-Solar comes up with fake Steel Rose warlock, chases after Ginger. She don's the persona after he convinces her.
-They are still sleeping together, and she just occasionally appears to give him a target to chase.
-Time passes, Scarlet seems investigator, finds out about affair, but not substitution.
-Scarlett files divorce, goes to grab Sunset in north keep her line secure like the noble obsessed prat she is. Messes up.
-Ginger(Steel Rose) hears about sunset in the north, she puts two and two together and heads to freeport.
-Solar cuts her off, and tries to get Simset to go on a Steel Rose hunt to scare Ginger off.
-Story begins
-Celestia knows all!

Oh joyous day!!! It always makes me so happy to see another Freeport story! Thank you Chengar! Off to a great start too, can't wait to see how all this goes down.

Like the Shimmer/ Sparkle line isn't messed up as is we have to add this in.

Well, after all these years of occasional mentions of the obsessive hunt Sunset's father has been on, now that we finally get details about it... whoa, it sounds even worse than I expected. Chasing after a warlock for years is one thing, but refusing help, vague reports and his wife filing for a divorce after she looked into it? Uh-oh. I can't even count all the alarm bells going off.

As if Northern Venture hadn't been tough enough on Sunset already. At least Sunset is back on familiar ground and with friends (and at least Puzzle's still alive but busy with something). Well, as Magus Sunset has to look into this case but whenever she sees who is behind that mask, I'm expecting it'll only make things worse.

Definitely still thinking Steel's a sibling or relative.

My theory is that Solar's under some kind of mental command that keeps him obsessively chasing after Steel Rose while also sabotaging the investigation.
Though that wouldn't explain why Scarlet is divorcing him or what she found. Definitely some kind of deeper connection.
I doubt Solar is a warlock, though. If he were and Scarlet had proof she's definitely the type to have killed or arrested him herself.

Calling it now: Solar was actually having an affair with Steel Rose this whole time (or Steel Rose is a bastard child from a different affair, maybe one of the dead friends?), and the whole "zomg my dad might be a warlock" is the obvious red herring to distract us. Would make sense, considering that Scarlet's agent told her something that was never made public, and pretty much immediately after, Scarlet started getting ready for divorce.



Here's a question: If Solar's been so adamant about doing this solo in the past, why include Sunset now?

Well this came out of nowhere. I love what I'm seeing so far and can't wait for it to continue. However, seeing this and the mention of Puzzle getting his business back in order just makes me want updates on his story even more.

Good question to ask.


Here's another possibility, based on a Star Wars comic I read once. Basically, there was a Jedi who was pursuing a Sith across the galaxy who'd murdered his friends. As we watch the Jedi, we see him closing in on what we're led to believe is the Sith...

And the 'Sith' is revealed to be another Jedi trying to bring the PROTAGONIST in, since he's actually been the killer all along, and has an evil split personality. The evil personality asserts itself and kills the second Jedi. When the first Jedi wakes up, he sees the dead body, believes he was too late, and vows to bring the murderer to justice.

And yes, there's an obviously evil-looking creature on the cover. But the 'Sith' looked pretty shady at first as well...

Well, Puzzle's still alive a month after Sunset got back. Certainly a good sign.

Kukri came in with tea, but beat a quiet retreat as soon as she picked up on the mood of the room.

Ponies have to learn to read the room. Changelings can just taste it.

Bad enough that he’d abandoned his family to chase after that obsession. There was no way I would ever let myself get pulled into it along with him.

A few hours later...
"Damn it."

Which meant ... “Dammit, I really don’t want to get involved in this.”

I'd say "called it," but the cover image was kind of a hint. :derpytongue2:

Nobody’s gonna take their new dark overlord of doom seriously with a name like Sunshine Smiles.

Obviously. If you're Sunshine Smiles, you go the Galadriel route. "Bright and terrible as the dawn" can definitely trip up warlock hunters accustomed to Bloodblood the Blood-Drenched.

I'm going to put my money on the family hypothesis. Not necesarily an illegitimate child, though. An estranged sister could work just as easily. Whatever the case, looking forward to learning the truth.

Does the cybernetic ghost of Sunset Past from the future count?

Dammit, now I want to see it happen.

The intrigue's developing at a breakneck pace. Things are definitely not as simple as Sunset having a warlock dad. The illigitimate child theory makes sense, but part of me wonders if even that is too simple an explanation. Either way, I look forward to seeing what goes down!

Intriguing start! The cover art does indeed offer some clues to this mystery (and is awesomely done, as always!). There definitely seems to be a strong physical resemblance beneath that changeling-styled armor, so some kind of relation to Sunset seems likely... either fallen Aunt, unknown sister, or yet another alternate version of Sunset herself.

The one thing that makes me doubt the illegitimate sister is the exchange where Solar says

“Sorry, it’s just ... well the resemblance is uncanny enough that for a moment I was wondering if I had a second daughter. Or if I’d somehow become a grandfather far too soon.”

Now maybe he’s clever enough and enough of a liar to drop in a cover denial like that even when surprised, but the author could have easily gone with “another daughter” instead of a “second daughter” if the reveal later was to be that Solar did indeed know he had a second daughter running around. Either way, though, I’m sure this moment hints at some reveal to come later.

A really wild theory about Steel Rose and Kukri... Steel Rose specializes in metal manipulation, has some reason to wear changeling armor and looks like Sunset. Kukri in this story really wants to learn Metal Mome’s techniques, is a changeling who likes to look like Sunset, and the chapter starts with Sunset feeling like her apprentice needs counseling. We’ve had a time-traveling warlock Sunset... could this be a time traveling alternate Kukri?

Probably not... it doesn’t address any of the stuff with Sunset’s parents... but it feels like there’s a thread there somehow.

And let the fun commence! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

We're off to a good start. I'm of course in the camp of Steel Rose being Sunset's secret half-sister, myself, just because secret siblings have been a running theme in Sunbeam Sparkle's bloodline since the very beginning.

Yay! new chapter!Love it!

If I somehow wind up getting as crazy and obsessed about taking down Steel Rose or anything else as he is, pull me out.

I get the sense that this will happen, and Puzzle won't be able to get Sunset out of it. Not without drastic measures, possibly involving Kukri making puppy-dog eyes.

In any case, there's definitely something deeper going on. The question is what. And how long it will take for Steel Rose to turn Sunset's prosthetic against her.

So, I find it strange how nobody seems to be bringing up how steel rose actually fights with all of her metal focused dark magic which includes practices to bond flesh with metal, to turn blood into metal...and what I fear is some sort of spiritual application relating to metal. I have a sinking feeling that this isn't a case of Solar being stubborn about refusing help, but rather he is INCAPABLE of accepting help in this matter due to some magic wrought by steel rose.

Edit: and thinking about things, I wonder if sunsets prosthetic might actually prove to be something that can work in her favor here in some manner

Steel Rose's endgame is to become pony Doctor Doom. :twistnerd:

I am getting the feeling that Solar is Steel Rose. No reports of the two of them seen together much less fighting. Has good idea of what she does yet never captured her and just happen to kill his best friends. I bet he has gone Warwick and his friends found out and he killed them and came up with Steel Rose as cover.

The only question I can think of is is Ferromancy restricted to Iron or can it also affect non-ferrous metals as well?

I don’t know how familiar you are with the work of the Warpsmiths of the Fallen Gates, but they like to fuse metal and flesh together.

And Sunset has a metal leg. Hmmm...🤔


Didn't Solar come to Sunset to ask for her help? What's the point of showing up if he's just going to shut her and her resources out of the loop?

It sounds like ferromancy is metal working magic in general.

So some information learned, but not much. He's evasive and trying to not get Sunset involved. Of course, if he didn't want her involved, why did he come visit her in the first place? If Rose is there for Sunset, why bring attention to her by visiting her? As predicted before, he is hiding something. The only question is what.

You know, Sunset could well be the target, but not for being related to Solar, but for Chainbreaker.

Also, Steel Rose sounds like Victor Von Doom with the armor, and that is not a pleasant thought just because of Doom's rep.

Secret, fortified bases, inexplicable funding across years of schemes, a focus on research into the melding of metal and flesh... Sunset, you might be up against Dr. Robotnik.

Solar's "no, I don't need your help but if you wouldn't mind setting yourself up as bait in a crowded public area that'd be swell" bit makes him sound even shadier than he already did.

Ferromancy covers all metals, not just ferrous ones. The field has it’s name since for a big chunk of history ferrous metals were generally in the sweet spot of useful properties and availability. Also, some applications of Ferromancy, like messing with magnetic fields, would obviously be limited in which metals they apply to. And, of course, Cold Iron doesn’t get along with most unicorn magic.

Did they mention how a metal dark mage might be a problem for Sunny with metal leg? If not then that seems like a pretty major oversight from some of the brightest mind in Frreport.

He didn’t actually ask for her help, just confirmed Steel Rose was in Freeport, and only after Sunset asked him directly. I think he really was just trying to reconnect, but Sunset was justifiably upset that he was only in town to hunt Steel Rose and she was just a secondary concern.


Ah, whoops. That was Sunset's assumption from last chapter and I got things mixed up.

Yep, definitely something suspicious about old Solar.

“Ferromancy is much more resource-intensive field than most black magic,” Solar agreed. “But that can be to our advantage. Tracking those resources might help us find her, and makes it far less likely she’ll set up somewhere isolated.”

Okay, I'm confused. They may have explained it earlier, but why is Ferromancy black magic? Isn't it just magic that deals with metal? It could crash the gold market, probably, but that hardly gives cause to call it Black Magic.

I don’t think it’s black magic on its own, but anyone who uses magic to commit crimes is considered a warlock. In addition, Steel Rose has apparently been using the “dark side” of ferromancy, i.e., fusing metal to flesh to create abominations, creating bloodsteel, whatever that evil zebra magic does, etc.

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