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Luster Dawn is Princess Twilight Sparkle's personal student, but she really needs to get away from those dusty old books and do some field work! Clearly the best thing to do is to send her to manage the Summer Sun Celebration and... wait, this is starting to seem familiar.

Written for National Novel Writing Month

Content Warning: Thestralian Slang, Black and Red OCs, Bad Doggos, Bullying, Solipsism, Conspiracy Theories.

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I've hit the point where I can parse Arteria's dialogue without any trouble. How worried should I be for my continued health? I've heard becoming an Australian is terminal.

I like what you've done with this story so far. Really captures the tone of the early seasons of the show well.

Nice touch making Larrikin gender fluid, by the way. You know, since most plants have both male and female reproductive organs.

EDIT: lol, never mind, you literally address this in the chapter.

EDIT TWO: The good news is that I really like your interpretation of Zephyr. The bad news is that's because it's very similar to mine. I'm working on a fic with him right now, and now people are going to compare my work to yours. Which won't end well for me, most likely.

You should ask MrNumbers about that.

" Bixie Bulamoon?" :rainbowlaugh:

OK: so a gloomy put-upon powerful black-and-red unicorn with a tragic backstory and a powerful villain as an ancestor? You got up one morning and said to yourself "It is a good day to troll", didn't you? :pinkiehappy:


Now that was a premium read! I really don't know what to say because I honestly loved everything about it. All I can do is hope we get to see these 10/10 characters again.

"along with the increasingly improbable age of the protagonist."

Indiana Pones reference? :raritywink:

(Since I don't think the Mane Six in the epilogue episode are older than middle aged, and Daring Do didn't look any older than them at the start [1], I have trouble thinking of her as decrepit at this stage)

[1] Difficult for a color-palate swap of Rainbow Dash to look much older, admittedly. :twilightsmile:

I imagine Princess Twilight would in an offhand chance write a letter to Celestia (Regardless of retirement) about what what has occurred and that the incident often remind her of her old days when she first went to Ponyville.

Also 'Dawn was right' dance? :facehoof: Delightfully savage. :rainbowlaugh:
Nice job!


The Groomer Mystery? With so many Easter eggs in this story, you should have saved it for Palm Sunday.

Roman Polanski patische? It wasn't a terrible movie... always felt guilty watching it, though.

Oh, man. I love the dynamic between filly really-not-Sombra-I-swear and Dawn. Phantasma's whole affect is why people love to ship Sombra and Fluttershy. There's something about Kindness and edgelordy over-the-top monstrousness that goes together nicely.

Man, I'd totally get eaten by Ibis. I'm terrible at riddles. My head just doesn't wrap around the necessary wordplay.

Dude. Stop making me cry over a boulder.


This was a great chapter, and I love the Dawn-Gloom dynamic. Gloom is such a sweetie :heart:

Based off of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion nice.

:fluttercry: May was a good rock, the best of them.

“I learned a lot,” Larrikin agreed. “Jelly donuts are really good, I don’t just stop existing when I go to bed to photosynthesize, and I might have a crush on Luster Dawn.”

Trixie spat out her coffee

Well damn! Rooting for you Larry :rainbowlaugh:


So what IS the right answer to the riddle?


I don't suppose Zephyr drowned? Would it be a great loss if he had?

Awww, Ulna was much nicer than I expected, how sweet

More importantly, we’re the only creatures who have any idea where Princess Twilight might be, and if we don’t do it, it could be the end of the world.”

“I keep all my stuff in the world!” Larrikin gasped.

Never change Larrikin....well I guess you continually change everyday....

Keep on being the you you want to be buddy :twilightsmile:

“You were right and I was wrong and I’m doing my ‘Dawn Was Right’ dance…” Twilight mumbled.

Fuck, this is fantastic :rainbowlaugh:
I wonder how many more times she'll have to do that in Dawn's lifetime :trollestia:

Agreed 100%! I hope we get some more of these (mis)adventures. Such a fun cast. :yay:

Four and 3/4 star rating. (I'm taking 1/4 of a star off for first including a somewhat out of place [1] classic D&D monster and then having it go down like a chump. :ajbemused:

(Eyeball blackening? Although admittedly having ass-pull powers is classic black and red unicorn.)

[1] It's name isn't nearly enough of a bad pun or play on words.

now I want to know the real answer to that last riddle.

9996263 Daring Do has to have at least a decade on the Mane 6. At the start of season 1,when they're like 20, she's already gotten a degree in archeology, led a bunch of expeditions around the world, and written and published multiple books.

If the Mane 6 are around 50 now, Daring is like 60.

I love how you are weaving such incredible depth of D&D life into Equestria.


I can't see them being more than early 40s, since I can't imagine Big Mac and Sugar Belle waiting a decade or more to have their child. Yeah, eye bags, but really given the limitations of the cartoon style, that's about the only type of aging they can easily show between "young" and "granny."

This was a wonderful story and my life was all the better for reading it. Thank you!

Oh man, what a wonderful story. Adventure, comedy, and friendship, yet still very slice of life in the middle.

Will you use these characters in more stories?


This was a fun ride. A very silly ride, but fun.

Hahahaha oh that was an amazing read!

Thanks for this.

May is best rock.

That was great. I really enjoyed the different characters at the school and the focus on each through the story.

God dammit, Bixie.

Ibis, more like ibid.

[hesitant, confused rimshot]

I knew I'd love the Larrikin chapter. Unfortunately it had Zephyr in it and unfortunately you nailed his characterization, but we can't have everything.

Rooting super hard for Larrikin, btw.

Dang, this story is just full of good ideas.

Monty Python And The Holy Grail and Lake Guatavita in a single reference? I'm impressed.

I'm legitimately surprised how few readers this story has had. It was funny, creative, engaging, and we'll written. Good job.

I think it’s footprints.

We need a Romance sequel. May and Boulder.

“Do you need a hug? You need a hug.” Phantasma turned into smoke for a moment and reformed already hugging Dawn. “Shhh. Just calm down and breathe slowly.”

I love how she's more comfortable being her true self around her friends. This moment here is so brilliantly FiM.

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ow Berlioz will tell May…”


“Watch the rise of Equestria’s newest unicorn, made custom to order!”


Good story as usual.

Makes sense. And come to think of it, so is the reference to the general criticism of the alien twist in the same movie. 😉

“What are you doing?!” Dawn screamed, running over and trying to put out the flames. “This is all-- you’re destroying the evidence?!”

Burning books?! In the kingdom of Twilight Sparkle?! Are you mad?

aliens from another world called ‘humans’

I guess Twilight & Starlight are keeping the Mirror!World a secret then ...

The failures were also given their books because while Ibis was a monster she wasn’t the kind of monster who would keep a pony from the pursuit of learning. That would simply be needlessly evil.


I don't know if Silver Lining is the daughter of Silver Spoon or Diamond Tiara, but either way, I think her mother would be very unhappy to learn that she was the same sort of bullying wretch that they learned not to be. :fluttershysad:

What kinds of societies and monsters lived and grew in those places that never saw the sun and moon?

We've already seen otyugh and beholders, I really hope there aren't drow or mind flayers down there ...:rainbowderp:

Berlioz punched Tanzen in the snout. “Dawn! Free other ponies! Berlioz will keep him busy!”

Go Berlioz!

Okay ... the derggo are like the diamond dog equivalent of the derro (or maybe the falmer from Skyrim) ... and there are ancient caverns and tunnels running across much of Equestria ... no pony can ever sleep soundly again:fluttershysad:

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