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I'll comment just one more time to say this: I legitimately appreciate that apology. Thank you.

Honestly, I have a diagnosed mentally unstable anger management issue, I've been pretty good about keeping it in check; but it slipped there, and I do apologize.

I would have said the same thing had you not wished me actual harm, which is exceptionally fucked and - I think - a VERY unhealthy way of talking to people.
I'm also not buying that it wasn't you that botted the story, but in any case, I'll stop commenting here if you stop insulting me, sure.

Like I said, I literally have better things to do than make a bunch of accounts to downvote your story; if you honestly got botted/alt spammed, then I'm sorry for you; that's a scummy thing for anyone to do.

Honestly, I'd really rather not cause the mods more work over a frankly juvenile argument.

Tell you what, I'm gonna stop insulting you, you stop commenting on my page for the sole purpose of annoying me, and we go out separate ways.

Just because we might not like each other, doesn't mean we have to fight each other.

Aspie. But in any case, why wouldn't I want to help you block me so that you do not file a false report as the alternative? It's less trouble for the mods and less hassle for you.

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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