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This story is a sequel to The Witch of the Everfree

Saddle Arabia is a land of mysteries and ancient legends, and Sunset Shimmer sees it as a great place to escape from her mistakes for a while. What caused her to flee Equestria, and can she find a way to prove herself and win back the favor of the ponies she wronged?

More importantly, can she avoid starting a war?

I'd like to thank all my followers, fans, and patreon subscribers. Without all of you, I'd be worse off in every way.

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*chirps and hopps arround the coffeemaker*

Alright, alright, alright. Let's see what we've got...

Thank you for starting this sequel.
I can't imagine how much hard you'll get yourself into work for this, as I didn't witness the 1st and every chapter of TWoC, but surely how much you care about this and doing this for us.
So, thank you. Every chapter will be worth waiting for.

I'd forgotten how rough around the edges Sunset is. Guess I need to reread the first story soon. :)

high pitched noises of excitement

No, you know what? That’s probably just me catching some new species of stupid from being around Cadance’s junk.

I kind of want to read too much into this for the mistake.

What's this? A sequel to what is, without any doubt, my all time favorite story on this site?

Well! Seems like Sunset's got a bunch of new people to meet and faces to rearrange, and I've in the front row.

I was halfway there when I realized I should have apologized to the stallion, but I was annoyed and my leg was aching and by the time it crossed my mind it was too awkward to go back and say something.

Well, I'm sure that sort of thing never happened to her before. :trollestia:

At first glance it sort of looks like you pushed a reset button on the character development Sunset got in the last story, but first glances can be deceiving and I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for all of this.

A long time ago ponies had known where that wealth came from. They’d had the best silver mines in the world, pulling seemingly endless amounts of the stuff out of the ground. Then they stopped, and all their mines were seized by the state.

Obviously, now they sell oil to the Murder Apes. Who need it to power their Death Engines.


The Witch of the Everfree was one of the first fic's here I read, and one of my all time favorites. I am so pleased there is now a sequel!


She's in a bad place, mentally. Without spoiling details that will come into play later, Sunset feels like she has to prove herself before she can face her friends (and family) again. As always her greatest enemy is her own self-doubt. And an endless parade of anger issues. Girl really needs to talk to a therapist.

It's definitely a real name and not an alias.

Well, crap. Do I need to reread the original now, or can I get a summary? 'Cause it's been a while since I blitzed through the original.

A sequel? Excellent!

I thought the new powerful Unicorn might be Starlight Glimmer, but this doesn't quite seem her style. Suppose Sunset thinks she can punch her way out of any trap, if trap there is.

A sequel? Oh this shall be very nice indeed.

Dang! This got a sequel?

It's here!

Why do I have a feeling at a some point even if its only at the end Twilight is going to show how bad of a influence Sunset was on her by her reacting to Sunset's running away and thinking their relationship was ruined in a quite distinctive way?

I've turned a billion shades of blue holding my breath for this.

I didn't expect this, but damn I'm happy to be surprised so.

Can't say I remember much of the previous story though, it has been some years. I do remember it's awesome at least.

"My name is Vuvuzela,”

He's immediately and forever forgiven for whatever he did or will do. No one deserves to have such cruelty inflicted upon them from the cradle. Or ever :fluttershyouch:

Just what in the world is Sunset do so shortly after being sent home by Twi? She made a promise to finish school after all! Or is this after Discord? You did have her talk about him at the very end there, and his first appearance would make someone as screwed up as Sunset run.

Do think that war taking a full week might be generous. Though who the heck is near as strong as Sunset and that tall? I'd almost think this Fizzlepop, but I've no idea how Sunset not going through the mirror would have kept her from her date with that Ursa...

I was actually just thinking of re-reading The Witch of the Everfree when I hit the refresh button on Fimfiction's home page tab and saw this in the Featured Feed...

I just reread WoE (that may not be how to abbreviate ‘The Witch of the Everfree, but I like it). I’m stoked for a sequel. There isn’t enough pony Sunnybuns.

I have a feeling that whatever Sunset did between the last story and now, it's not nearly as bad as she thinks it is. But wow, is Sunset salty here. Fantastic!

I'll be following along. Bitter, sarcastic Sunset is a lot of fun to read, even if she'd sear my head off for suggesting it.

This is a few months to a year after the end of Witch of the Everfree. Sunset is deliberately not talking/thinking about what happened in that time gap that has pushed her to an emotional raw edge. We'll have to wait a bit for that~

Read the first one when it was new, years ago. It was memorable enough that when I saw the title of this one, I immediately thought of it. Even after four years.

Eagerly looking forward to this. :raritywink:


Andv awaaaaaay we go.

Not so subtile Moonbacon shipping hints there.

I finally work my way around to finishing Witch of the Everfree, and within a couple weeks this comes out??? :pinkiegasp:
I am 100% okay with this timing, and this story start!

I'm always kinda surprised how rare that ship is. Even with the age - or when in the EQG world - student/teacher issues. It's not like either of those stopped TwiLestia shippers after all...

Kinda dubious of the Death tag. WotE was fairly lighthearted and fun, it would be a shame to see that not continue.

I debated on putting it in there, but I figure it's better safe than sorry. It's not a major theme, and less anypony getting killed and more 'there's a funeral at one point'.

I read Witch of the Everfree a few weeks ago and it quickly became one of my favorite stories in the fandom. When I saw that there wasn't a sequel, I was rather sad. I'm really happy right now :)

Yay, sequel! :yay:

Wait, Sunset may still have (plenty of) rough edges, but she learned how to make actual friends already (Twilight, Rarity, the Apples). What the tartarus happened?:rainbowhuh:

If she wasn’t a thousand years older than me and we weren’t in some kind of weird awkward quasi-family dynamic I’d have seriously considered dating her.

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowwild:

Half the colts in Canterlot had a poster of her on their walls. That wasn’t an exaggeration - she’d sold signed copies as fundraising once.


“Cloves,” they said. They didn’t have an accent like the Saddle Arabians. If anything she sounded like they had a trace of the upper-class Canterlot accent. “Sort of a bad habit, but the smoke doesn’t linger as badly as the other options. You want one?”

Okay, I can't tell if the "they"s are a typo or foreshadowing ...

Awesome to see this finally continued. Anyone wish to take bets as to wether she manages to burn the city to the ground?

I'm super excited that The Witch of the Everfree has a sequel. Hopefully it'll be as good as the first story.

When I could actually face Rarity again I needed to remember to compliment her.

“You simply must invite us to the castle,” Rarity put in. “Not… your castle. It was… interesting, I suppose, but rather in disrepair. Canterlot castle. Please don't blow it up.”

It's unlikely, but I can't help but think that these lines are related.

I'm definitely confused as to what could Sunset have possibly done that would've had her running like this, with enough time for Cadance to arrange for the replacement (it must've taken a few hours at least) but not have enough time to get a foal to ask her nicely. Or have Twilight talk to her. Or something.

Like, why does she nor have the communication journal with her?

I'm sure these questions will be answered, but you've definitely put up quite the mystery.

No shit. I had given up on this ever being a thing, great go see it.

Aaaand I just had a mental image of the This Bites! iteration of One Piece's Princess Vivi asking Sunset the below question. Thanks a lot. :ajsmug:



Bet'cha it was a combination of the following:

  • "Twilight this, Twilight, that. Why couldn't Shimmy be more like Twilight", in terms of Canterlot gossip.
  • Having to go apologize to everyone she felt like she offended when she was younger, and having at least one character rub it in her face.
  • Apparently having nothing to do as Tia's kid. (Personally think throwing her to a specially formed Monster Hunter unit would have done wonders in terms of stress relief) This stresses her out because of the number of accomplishments everyone surrounding her has been doing, while she feels like she is slacking off.
  • As for Rarity, an accidental ignition of some major creation that she worked on for a Canterlot Event. Highly possible that it was started because some noble would not leave Shimmy alone, and she stressed out. Possible that Rarity is not taking it as hard as Sunset.

That's all I have to work with for now. Glad to see a sequel, and hope that you are not forcing yourself to make this solely due to popular demand (Another fic I read made a sequel on that premise, and fizzled out hard)

I do love the speculation. At least one person in this comments section has gotten pretty close to it!

The time has come and so have I.

Finally, this was the first story I favorited And now the sequel is out :pinkiegasp:

I was extremely happy to see this!

Btw, why did you keep switching between "she" and "they" when talking about Arch?

Arch Standing is most likely a changeling or a rogue pony.

Woot, Sequel.

Is it just me, or has Sunset backslided into how she used to be before going through all of her character development?

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