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This story is a sequel to The Sun Also Rises

Sunset Shimmer, following the aftermath of the Fall Formal, finds herself with new friends and need of a new place to live. Each of her new friends find themselves offering her an extra bed, and as time passes, she finds herself getting to know them better. All the while, she reflects on her life and what led her to coming to the human world, and finds herself wondering where she'll go from there.

Other stories will be referenced within this one, credited on a chapter-by-chapter basis and done with the original authors' permissions.

Part of the Quiververse

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Play this song for full feels train when sunsets told about her parents:applecry:


5742900 can I ask how you made the link like that because that's what I thought the little youtube icon was going to do but it was just the words:derpytongue2:

5742959 I just used the regular link icon. As for posting Youtube videos properly, put the regular URL into the Youtube link, not the URL Youtube gives you.

5743962 ok thank you I fixed it now I fell kind of dumb:twilightblush:

5744055 Don't worry about it, I had to have it explained to me too. Anyway, glad you're enjoying the story; more to come soon! :twilightsmile:

5771502 Woo! Thanks! I'll edit the story to incorporate that detail ASAP. And be patient; all shall be revealed with Sunset's past, or at least, as much as I've figured out for myself.

I really enjoyed this chapter. Pinkie and Sunset's character development was compelling, though I'm guessing that it's not likely we'll see Pinkie after Sunset flees in terror. :pinkiegasp: The brief trip to Equestria was a nice touch. Rarity would be the best mare to help Twilight talk about her potential romance with Flash Sentry. I'll just have to wait to see how things unfold! :twilightsmile:

Oh and thank you very much for the story plug! :twilightblush:

5783204 No problem. Any story that gives me sufficient reason to purchase official materials, especially if it's a good story, is enough to justify a plug. :pinkiehappy:

And don't be so quick to dismiss further appearances by Pinkie or Maud before the story ends. I haven't written that part yet, but I've got a clear plan for what's to come. And that goes for Flash Sentry too. :twilightsmile:

Isn't Sunset overreacting? Maud didn't do anything

5783847 Yes, she is overreacting. But there's also a part of her in her guilt-ridden state that feels like she's getting off amazingly light.

Plus, I thought that bit at the end would be funny. Guess that didn't quite work out.

I knew I'd read about this kind of Rainbow Dash's living arrangements somewhere. If not for the Author's Notes I would have asked you where you'd gotten it from.

5817703 Yeah. I liked the overall design so much, I asked to borrow it. But just watch, the third movie's gonna come along and force me to change things about for a future story.

I really enjoyed the interplay between Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer. In many ways, this is the best chapter so far. I liked the way you handled the um... absence of Rainbow's mother and how you characterized Rainbow's father.

Twilight's cameo was fun, too! Of course, it's an open secret that most of the Generals and Admirals come from the *bottom* ten percent of their classes for some bizarre reason. That's all right... if Flash plays his cards right, he'll earn a rapid promotion to "Prince Consort." He and Shining Armor should go out for a few ciders and talk this over. :twilightsmile:

Again, thoroughly enjoyable and immersive - and a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this story with all of us!

5821349 Thanks! It's a tricky thing with this - I'm trying my hardest to keep this as much in line with canon as I can, despite our gaps in knowledge. I don't mind coming up with a family for Sunset Shimmer, if only because we'll probably not see them in canon (even if I am borrowing from others). We've got firm details on the families for most of the Mane Six, while we only have a likely father for Rainbow Dash and no parents for Fluttershy. Simply not having Dash's mother appear seemed like the best compromise. That said, I don't see her mother as being dead - I've got two characters with dead parents, that's more than enough - her parents are just separated. As for how her father was characterized, well, I at least had a little to go on. I'm not afraid to draw from the trading card game either!

This story might have its sights focused on Sunset, but Twilight's little will-she-or-won't-she subplot is going to play a part, both here and in future stories I have in the works. But you're not too far off about Flash's chances. You and everyone else will simply have to wait and see where it goes.

Damn good man. Damn good. I have to say your ability to give depth to these characters whose live we only get a cursory look at really impresses me. I'll be looking out for more.

5864570 Thanks! I do my best. It helps in some cases to work from what we know. That's the biggest reason Fluttershy's chapter is so short - we hardly know anything about her family!

Interesting start and one I enjoyed, but the writing did feel clunky at times. Still, it was nice to read something from you that wasn't crowded with more than a dozen characters all competing for attention.

5900154 Yeah, that was sort of the point of this story - each individual chapter, for the most part, was meant as a one-on-one for Sunset with another character. Narrowed focus, more development, hopefully more audience engagement. Still, it's one big story and it all builds up.

Be warned, though, I'm going to be overloading the characters a bit in the epilogue.

The plot and the character development leapt forward a sizable distance this chapter, so don't beat yourself up that you weren't able to incorporate Fluttershy's parents at all. What I learned: Celestia's remorse was powerful and will be an important lesson for Twilight as she builds her friendship with Sunset Shimmer. Also, Sunset felt comfortable letting her guard down completely with Fluttershy - a vulnerability that hadn't manifested itself with the others. Of course, the Element of Kindness excels at that sort of thing.

And, thanks for the mention - after its first entry into my story, Fluttershy's van has become solid headcanon. It's just too perfect for her. Great work and thanks!

5903855 Thanks. Sunset is gradually opening up to each of the girls in different ways, making use of what she knows about them to try and form a bond rather than tear them apart. What she did with Fluttershy in this chapter just felt natural to me, so I ran with it. It'll lead up to something big as the story progresses, something that I'm very much looking forward to writing.

As for remorse, well, we all have things we feel remorse over, and when you've lived as long as Celestia has, you're bound to have quite the large share of guilt. How we deal with that remorse is part of what defines us, however; Celestia, Twilight and now Sunset are learning from their mistakes and trying to do better, both for themselves and others.

And it's not a problem; you've crafted a great story, and I see no problem in making an homage to it here and there.

5907200 Woo! I've inspired feels with this chapter! Yay for such approval!

Thank you - one branch of my family tree has ministers and farmers in it, and they were a strong influence on my version of Sweet Apple Acres. :ajsmug:

I enjoyed reading another excellent chapter! The Flutterset feels were quite strong and did warrant a carry-over. The entrance exam is something I can tell you've been mulling over for a while. I can almost see the near-adult Sunset Shimmer stomping off shouting, "You never even gave me a chance! Two minutes? Really?" Devastating to her - you can almost see it all setting up - she has to be better, quicker, more powerful... NOW!

5907422 I've got farmers in my family tree too, and while my immediate family isn't religious, there's still some traces of it in there. Every once in a while, they surface.

Amusingly, I didn't even see the angle you've brought up in regards to the exam - not consciously at least - but it works perfectly. As for the feels, well, I'm hoping they can carry on into the next chapter as well. Good things are coming as this story rolls to a close. :twilightsmile:

When we'll the next chapter come? I really like this story!

5909138 I'm currently working on it. Hoping to have it out in two weeks, maybe less.

The other reason she wasn’t glad that Applejack had taken her in

I think the "not" is attached to the wrong verb.

>Frozen reference
I think that was too much, man.

I like the backstory you're giving Sunset, but some of this writing is pretty rough, particularly around the dialogue.

This was kinda hard to read. You definitely went too far on AJ's accent, and it was especially bad in this chapter. We've seen the show. It's pretty easy to read in her accent without the help.

5911612 ...yeah, I'll admit, that was a concern.

5911066 ...okay, yeah, you got a point there. I'll edit that ASAP.

5911141 Dang it, I was setting something up with that...

5911584 Apologies. I tend to be dialogue-heavy at times.

That's not quite what I meant. The narration leading into the dialogue or the narration splitting up the dialogue felt like it either didn't need to be there or it took away from the dialogue. The constant "A sip."s you'd have interrupting dialogue didn't really do much other than be a nuisance. You should also be very careful with your dialogue tags. Make you're not repeating things the dialogue already told us, and if you're not going to use said, make sure the tag communicates something important. Otherwise, the tag will be too strong a word, and it'll draw attention away from the dialogue.

5912552 Ah. Yeah, I try to avoid things like that, but alas, I'm not perfect. Thanks for pointing it out; I'll try to be better about it.

I thought it sounded the issues he wrote about.

5929624 ...I'm sorry, can you clarify that please?


Well, pizza is good. Like muffins, and bananas. :derpytongue2::trollestia:


You have my word, there shall be no more uses of songs from that film in this story. And the next time I use them will be a very long time in coming. I'm letting it go. Pun totally intended.

Wait a minute, according to the first Equestria Girls movie Fluttershy should have at least a cat and I think some bird at home IIRC, as she had them in her backpack and told Twilight that she just couldn't leave them all alone at home.

*puts on Atheist fedora*

I'm sorry but the religious world building is just lazy. I wouldn't mind the Equestria Girls world itself to be rather similar to the culture of modern western civilization here on Earth, but I'd expect Equestria to have something different than "One male* all powerful God with heaven and church", that is basically a carbon copy of Christianity, heck maybe you could even throw in differing faiths instead of implying that there is only one single big organized religion basically everyone follows, which isn't even true in our world.

**puts on Feminist glasses as well*

You could have at least made this entity female or gender neutral, considering real life organized religion has historically been the most ardent enemy of women and the biggest asset for the Patriarchy, while Equestrian society is clearly very close to gender equality and has been since before its foundation and in fact it might be argued that it is even more favorable to females than males.

*puts down Atheist fedora and Feminist glasses*


Never said anythin’ ‘bout my mom and dad, didn’t hurt Spike, never physically hurt someone.

*is now imagining Sunset making a 'yo mama' joke in AJ's face and getting punched in the stomach for it*

Wait a minute, Sunset tried to kill half a dozen people with a fireball, does that not count because it was unsuccessful? :rainbowhuh:

Applejack laughed. “Nuthin’ wrong with that, just so long as they don’t talk back, or get too frisky.”

Great, you just had to remind me of that story. :facehoof:

First I misread that as Bacon Light and thought it was another relative of Sunset's. :rainbowlaugh:

5990569 Oh, I'm not denying the existence of the cat or the bird. You can chalk their exclusion up to me focusing more on other areas with that chapter and being in far too much of a rush. My bad. :fluttercry:

And now that I think about them, I might just end up touching the chapter up and editing them in...

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