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Hello everyone and welcome to Canterlot High! This is the first time I have created a group, so I ask you to please bear with me.

As of right now, there are two folders, one for one shots and one for stories with multiple chapters. This seems pretty much self explanatory and lacks any reason for more explanation. However, if you do need some clarification, just comment below and I or another user will answer your question.

Users, I welcome all members but I request a few things:

1. DON'T YELL AT OTHER USERS! Seriously guys. I am fine with discussions, but no insulting each other. We are all more mature than that.
2. If you do not like a story posted on here, please do not comment and say 'this sucks' or 'worst thing I've ever read.' Once again, we are more mature than that. Helpful comments are welcome, but only critique an author's work if he or she invites you to do so.
3. Post stories relevant to this group. This should be pretty self explanatory, but I’ll put it up here just in case.

Now that that is over with, I invite you to join this group even if you do not plan on posting any stories! All members are welcome and I look forward to the creative fics that are sure to come!

Also, I was generously given permission to use a logo from owner of Canterlot High School Store. A link is posted below and you guys should definitely check them out!

Canterlot High School Store

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Hi fellow bronies. I just joined here recently. If you have or haven't read my stories leave your comment and a like. Peace out:raritywink:

Sorry I've been away for so long everyone! College really kicked my *squee* this year and I had to keep three other people in line just to make sure they survived as well. On top of that, I had to serve as someone's relationship therapist while another person felt the need to dump all their daily problems on me until I solved them.

It's been rough.

This summer I have a part time job cake decorating and an internship that requires writing each week, but I will do my best to be around more!

Also, they're are 15 stories now!!!! That's fantastic!! Keep up the hard work guys and I look forward to reading!

So what kind of stories are allowed here?

337433 boo. I'm sooo scary.

Slowly my group is gaining recognition, soon I will take over the world! Muahahaha!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Just kidding! :twilightblush:

I thank you guys for joining and I look forward to the addition of more stories! :scootangel:

Welcome everyone! :yay:

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