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Was PlatinumPony. Brony 2012


I’ve watched it all! · 7:28pm July 21st

Ok I was quite for awhile but I actually watched all of MLP G1, Tales, and G3! Yes… I did it… :rainbowderp:

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Hello, my name is StarzGecko. I was once PlatinumPony if you have seen me in the comments for many stories I have read and liked over the years. I have been a Brony since the start of Season 3 and watched the first two seasons on YouTube I like many episodes and seasons but not the end of S9...

Anyways, if you are wondering if I will write my own stories that have been an idea for a very long time... I like stories that are wholesome, fun, and similar to the show. But I don't read stories on things I don't agree with.

I have been on the site since 2015 which was 7 years ago! Crazy how time goes by. I hope you all enjoy the stories that I like and share with others.

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Thank you for taking an interest in my works! I hope that you enjoy them!

Thanks for the fav!

Thanks for adding the Hidden Tribes to your Library. :pinkiehappy: Hope you're enjoying it so far.


no problem. I don't read much of this cross over, but I am giving it a try

Thanks for adding Aliens vs. Predator: Equestria to your bookshelf!

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