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Welcome to the group, "Alicorn OC's are Alright!". Like the name says, this is a group for stories which have an alicorn main, side or support character. OC alicorns are nothing bad in my opinion, as long as they are not totally overpowered, infallible or outsmarting everypony else!

Every story is welcome here, from love stories to Sci-Fi stories. I hope we collect some good stories in this group.

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It's Tough to be an Alicorn

Welp, I join because the biggest Alicorn OC group is gone. All those 400 stories will be hard to find again... Anyways, let's do this!

polaris still got them wings in his closet somewhere

My OC is my profile picture and her name is my user. Is it ok if my main OC is Celestia’s daughter who was NOT born an alicorn?

My main OC is an alicorn but I make her a unicorn most of the time so I don´t get hate on my stories (I never get around to finishing)

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This group is pure ^_^
Fuck cringe culture, alicorn OCs are awesome!

Hell yeah! Fuck all the me-tooers that've been regurgitating each other's soundbytes since the 19xx's, fuck everyone that thinks fanfiction being "Serious business" means everyone has to follow the same rules, let's see some creativity and let's see some fucking fun!

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


I broke the member count

I'm new to this website so hello everypony! :pinkiehappy: I've been looking everywhere for a place where Alicorn OC's are not only welcome but also encouraged. I made one for a fanfic I'm writing but I don't know if I actually CAN share the character because they're supposed to be a surprise entry into the overarching story, however if you all really really want me to I can spill a little bit.

I like this group! it's hard to find others who like Alicorn OCS. When I posted the first few chapters of my story 'Memories', one of the first people to comment literally saw 'Alicorn OC in the description and came on there just to be upset about it because, and I quote(copy and paste) 'Mostly because they tend to be written by newcomers to writing and they normally end in shit, Plus, I've never seen a single story with an Alicorn OC be successful'.
After that I pointed out that Past Sins, one of the most well known stories here, has an Alicorn OC. He agreed tp actually read the story and said it actually wasn't bad, not great, but not bad.
that's the thing they need to learn: judge the story, not the character's physical appearence.

Great Site by the way.:yay::pinkiehappy:

I have no idea why everyone disposes Alicorn OC's! They've done nothing wrong!:twilightangry2: I mean, can you really find a reason to why we shouldn't post stories on them?:trixieshiftright:

Okay, can you judge my alicorn OC named Glacier Breeze?
She is from Manehatten and her cutie mark is a snowflake with wind marks behind it. She is shy and her favorite food is ice cream, her favorite season is winter, and her favorite color is light blue. She was a unicorn and when the first day of winter came it didn't come. She brung winter back with her magic and Celestia and Luna turned her into and Alicorn. Her mom is an alicorn too that brings all the season when her daughters can't. She has 3 other sisters that bring fall, summer and spring. They turn into Alicorns the same way.
What do you think?

Alright group, give me your honest opinion on my OC.

She doesn't have a pony name. (Her name is Isabelle.)
She can travel to the past/future or different diamensions, but she has to stay in them for a while before she can travel to the next one.
She has the ability to swap bodies with someone else, but she can only do it once, and she will randomly switch bodies with them without control over it.

She defiently isn't powerful, and can run out of magic easily, despite her magic being quite strong. Her magic runs out quicker the more she gets tired. Her magic isn't more powerful than Twilight's, Celestia's, Luna's or Cadence's, so she's underpowered for an Alicorn.

Her emontional weakness' are the fact she lost a friend to an accident (He didn't die, he went into a coma) which caused her to become more nervous around her friends, thinking something bad might happen to him. Her other weakness is that she can be over-silly and lead to mistakes.

She has a light cream-like body, and her hair is brown. (Wow, so much of an origional colour pallet.)

Well, I'm waiting for your horrible reviews to come in! :pinkiecrazy:

My Alicorn OC has aura sensing, impossible conjuring, and elemental magic, though doing those would drain him. His weakness is negative emotions (guilt, shame, etc). Is he okay? :duck:

306840 sounds like a great name, but what's wrong with the G3 ponies Personalities?

348863 if you care for the characters enough,
even a 'Black and Red' Alicorn can be fun.
I'm working on such a story, since the Ragers made a Challenge, the story seems to turn out surprisingly well.
as to who created the Group, I would chance to say that "Ecko7" did that, since it is stated on top of the page.
not sure who 'he' is, but yeah, this is a good as any group.

First time I heard that from you. I just finished it.

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