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Let's face it, changelings are adorable.

Whether they're emotion vampires with legs of swiss cheese or colorful bug ponies misunderstanding how to compromise, changelings are a source of both amusement and dawww's. This is a group dedicated to changelings being adorable or funny across any number of genres. Come join us, and hug a bug through feels or laughs, today. :heart:

Overview - Full Rules List Here
* All site rules still apply. This means trolling, spamming, flaming, etc is not tolerated.

* We will not accept any tactless hating towards the new changeling designs.

* We are a SFW group, meaning there will be no stories involving sex scenes.

* Mandatory Tags (at least one per story): Comedy, Slice of Life or Random.

* Banned Tags: Sad, Tragedy, Horror and Sex.

* Stories can center around regular drones (before or after reformation), Thorax (before or after reformation) Chrysalis, or any combination of the three.

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