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Credit to ChocoChaoFun for the Group Icon.

Hello everypony and changeling! I'm Thorax, the recently-appointed leader of the hivemind!


On behalf of the hivemind, I welcome you to our lair. Us changelings have decided to change our love-plundering ways and share this amazing feeling with you, dear reader. Do join us and enjoy your stay!


This is a group dedicated to our favourite changeling, Thorax, and his hivemind. Before we begin, here are a few rules! Don't grumble, the hive used to have no rules. Look at how that turned out.

1. Only post stories in which Thorax and/or his hive has a significant role.
2. Keep it PG13.
3. Keep Trollfics and Clopfics faaaaaar away. *Shudders*

That's all!

Group Admin's Note:
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Oh! And if you find any Banners and Fanart featuring Thorax, please PM me. The hive implores you!


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