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I'm a dreamer and a dreamwalker. I tread my own path, for I will through my dream's abysses, woods, mountains, plains, and seas. Ko-fi?

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Reading Human Words

I'm not reading any human books at the moment :twilightblush:

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  • 118 weeks
    Five Years Ago

    Five years ago
    Today was your last tomorrow

    All these tears I shed of sorrow
    There was no time left for you to borrow!

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  • 121 weeks
    So, Like, I Graduated High School. Like, Yesterday. *yay*

    A ceremony, robe, yellow scarf, and the notorious square cap, some speeches about progress and the ripened fruit of labor during the past 4 years — I heard, saw, and had them all.

    So why then am I not really overjoyed and happy that is all over?

    Because it isn't. This chapter has not yet concluded for two simple reasons. And they're both exams.

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  • 137 weeks
    Covid-19: Aftermath

    Three months.

    Three months since I had been diagnosed with the infamous Covid-19, two weeks later I would be released on the premise that "studies show that after two weeks of having the illness and the symptoms greatly improve" I am no longer contagious; therefore, I count as recovered.

    Despite this, the doctor recommended me that, once I get released, I shall stay isolated at home for another week just to be safe.

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Cold in Gardez:

How many readers you have, or how many comments you get, are irrelevant. If you can make one person ask a profound question about what it means to be human, you've accomplished more than the author who slapped together a vulgar clopfic that got 10,000 readers.

About, their very first blog post on this site

There's an old bit of writing advice, that you should "write for yourself." And there's truth in that – write stories you want to write, with characters and outcomes you want. Don't just write to be popular, or your stories won't really be yours. But if I'm being honest, I never just write for myself. If it weren't for this fandom, for its readers, and for the community we've created, I never would have written so many stories. I did it because I wanted to share, and for that I need people to share with. We all do.

Afterward from their latest book, Completely Safe Stories

(Translated quotes)

The fundamental upset is this: if you get used to all these truths and concepts (about the world), you will no longer be able to be awe-struck or admire the world (for what it is, unfiltered); if you're used to the concept of a leaf or a horse, you'll say 'oh, that's just a (mere) leaf,' or 'oh, that's just a (mere) horse.' Arrogantly armed with this ability to define things, you basically stop giving yourself the opportunity to be awe-struck by a horse, because 'it's (just) a horse', you know exactly what a horse is, it's pointless to give it any more importance: 'That horse is just a horse, let's move on.' But being awe-struck by the horse is one of the most important things this life has to offer... honestly.

That's the tragedy that Nietzsche is trying to convey, that the effect of this hyper-complicated structure of concepts — which we have created for ourselves— snuffs out our ability to wonder about and be awe-struck by the world (around us) and to feel wonder and awe. Life is something ever-fascinating. Only through this over-taming with (definite) words and concepts can we be so relaxed so as to say, 'oh, it's just (a) life'. So it is instilled within us a completely unjust apathy towards life (in and of itself). We have to allow ourselves to leave some room for the unknowable, in a respectful manner towards the unknowable. A space left to let that awe happen, because "yeah man, it's a horse — but what a being! what a life! what a world!'

That space is essential in order to not lose your mind eventually, because all these truths and categories we've invented for ourselves work like a dungeon where all that is colourful, alive, and unforeseeable must be excluded for stability and security — but these are the stability and security of a prison. The unique, intimate, and personal perceptions and intuitions (about the world) are what is sacrificed for this security, offered in exchange for the fact that 'a horse is just a horse.'

—Cătălin Moise, Truth | What Else Does Nietzsche Say? based on Nietzsche's essay, On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense

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