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Sibling writer and platonic love connoisseur. Analysis and fanfiction in dangerously wholesome G dosages. Support me on Kofi!

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I go by NavelColt. I've been into colored horses since 2012, and I've been writing since I was a teen. I write Slice of Life, with Comedy or Drama as secondary genres, because I like to focus on characters, their emotions, and their interactions in my writing. Beyond that, I've carved out a niche for myself by focusing a lot on platonic love and sibling relationships.

Also, lots and lots of changelings. :moustache:

You can also find me on Twitter and DeviantART, where I commission art.

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Worldbuilding Workout—A Newsletter for Nerds, by a Nerd!

I'm prolific with blog writing as well as horse fan fiction! I run an analysis blog/newsletter that explores cartoons and other popular media called Worldbuilding Workout. It posts 2-3 times a month and is free to subscribe to! Give it a read and see if it's for you!

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If you'd like to support my writings, please consider tips via Ko-fi!

I use tips to commission more artworks and give back to our awesome fandom.

Author FAQ

Do you take commissions?
Rarely. Inspiration is an elusive thing for me, and it's usually not attainable on demand for story ideas I don't personally have investment in. That said, if you have an idea, let's talk!

Do you ever continue stories on hiatus?
Eventually I will. Hopefully. Hiatus stories are something I'm still interested in, but lack the motivation or inspiration to continue right now.

Can I do a live reading of your story?
Of course. I've received this question a few times before, and I'm always honored. I always create a blog promoting your live reading and channel once it's published. :)

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Snugs are Drugs for Bugs


KoLB is for Sale! Come Get your Hugging Bugs in Physical Print! · 12:37am Oct 13th, 2021

Please PM me if you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself. KoLB is currently link-only access for security purposes. Price info below. :heart:

Hello, everyone. Welcome to KoLB's last major blog update. :pinkiesad2:

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