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This story is a sequel to The King of Love Bugs

Following Princess Twilight's coronation, Celestia and Luna retire and take an extended vacation touring Equestria. The final stop on their trip takes them to see a dear friend, and to experience, once more, what it feels like to be a changeling in his hive.

* Featured 8/15/2022 - 8/17/2022
* Part of the Love Bug Continuity!
* Proofread by LevelDasher
* Commissioned & Edited by Double R Forrest
* Cover art by CitreneSkys/PaintedSnek

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"Go away, Papa Calor!" Apex shouted over his shoulder.

"Your mate has invented a spectator sport out of out-maneuvering the gnat, Thorax, and the gnat's fed up with it."

Not gonna lie, I literally almost forgot that the Thorax and Calor ship has been sailing since the last epilogue of KoLB.

Either way, glad to see Apex has two papa cuddlebugs now. The dads have been doubled.

More skittlebugs is always a good thing. Incredibly cute story.

"But I don't ever have a chance to get away from him! It's not fair!"

Getting away would defeat the point, wouldn't it?

"Your mate has invented a spectator sport out of out-maneuvering the gnat, Thorax, and the gnat's fed up with it."

Oh wow, my snark-o-meter is going off. I wonder whoever could be the cause of that?

"Still upset that he won't join the guard units, huh?"

Probably for the better this way. He'd just cuddle any intruders to submission. Other guardlings would lose their jobs.

"And Thorax, don't forget, you promised me one-on-one cuddle time later. You know I'll come find you if you do."

You know, considering their current status and the specifically isolated conditions, I can't help but think this is going to be some rather passionate cuddling.

"Well, it's a long story, actually." Thorax paused and glanced at the trio of guard changelings standing obediently by his brother. He invitingly patted the water, and the drones perked their ears. They looked at Pharynx and, upon getting his lazy grunt of approval, drew closer to the spring.

It was inevitable, really. Surprised it took Thorax this long to drag them in.

She looked back at her escorts. Sure enough, the same guard changeling was still riding atop Thorax's back as he walked, his mustard hooves anchored around Thorax's neck, and his head lying lazily against his own hooves. With every step Thorax made, his eyelids seemed to grow heavier.

I can feel my blood turning into pure sugar.

"Sister, I will not make it at this rate. What is our contingency plan should you or I become comatose?"

Rookie mistake. Always come to the changeling hive prepared to return with a severe case of diabetes.

Excitement surged throughout the nursery. From the sidelines, Thorax watched nymphs fly up to the alicorns, bombarding them with further questions.

That tour's never getting done, is it?

“Right you are, little one. However, even adults can find enjoyment from stories made with young ones in mind. The stories they tell often have something for everyone.”

That line seems a bit familiar. Can't help but think it applies to something other than this particular story.

Taking in the sight of Thorax playfully—and skillfully—squeezing multiple nymphs at once, Luna hummed amusedly. She looked at the book still floating patiently nearby, and with a swift turn of a page, she cleared her throat.

Squeezing multiple nymphs at once, even ones already pacified by storytime, is harder that it may seem. Many changelings take years to develop this particular skill.

Except Thorax. Thorax is cuddles incarnate and has already mastered every imaginable discipline of snuggling.

"The pony got Brexil!" a nymph lamented, dramatically clutching her cheeks even as Brexil was let go. "Oh poor Brexil, lost to us too soon."

RIP Brexil. The best ones always are hugged young.

"Yeah, I wish I could be a bird," said another, flopping to one side.

Boy do I got news for you.

You know, in a couple years. Patience is a virtue, though I doubt it is one that many nymphs possess.

"Two or three minutes, maybe. I try not to use tummpire too often, or else they'll catch on to me."

You gotta be sneaky with these things. Little changelings can be surprisingly clever when attempting to claim the adults' time for themselves.

A short ways away, Calor watched familiar cherry eyes shoot Thorax an irritated look. Every suitable spot for napping on or by him had been claimed, and as always, the nymph wore his thoughts on his carapace.

You snooze, you lose Apex.

Or in this case you lose, you don't snooze.

Only on the first chapter and already I'm completely smitten. We got Luna and Celestia, we got sassy tsunderebug Pharynx, we got precious Calor and Apex content with Thorax...ah, I must be in heaven!! Thanks so much for using the nickname too, it's a little weird to see someone besides Zenex (one of MlpHero's OCs) using it, but I agree that it's perfect for Calor's use.

"...Who awakens me at such peril?" Calor drawled in a low, silky voice. "Surely not little changelings in need of…tummy gobbles."

Still a better take on vampires than the ones Twilight has to offer.

I loved this story so much, and I feel like I've been swept along with the sisters into the cinnamon sugar world of the buggos. Though the ending makes me quite eager to see a sequel in which Thorax takes Calor and Apex to visit Spike and the others. Something tells me Fluttershy would love Apex very much, and Pinkie would enjoy throwing them a party with Calor's help to keep it a surprise from Thorax and Twilight.

Anyway, loved seeing Calor and Thorax's relationship explored, the same with Calor and Apex's relationship. I like the direction you took it in, posing a relationship similar to one I've actually experienced myself. My mom was the first of my divorced parents to date, specifically, the man who would eventually become my stepfather. I felt uncomfortable around him and though I wanted to accept him into my life because I knew my mom liked him, it was hard because we were sometimes at odds. I like how you explored this part of bringing someone new into the family as opposed of having them being immediately accepted by everyone. I do hope Calor and 'Pexy end up closer than he thinks they'll be, but Celestia was right, he can't force Apex to treat him the same way he does Thorax. There will always be differences in how he treats his two "papas," but hopefully they'll find a way to still show each other love in a way they're both comfortable with

Well, there go my teeth. Rotted away by excess cuteness.

The show also tackled the topic of step parents and their struggle to form relationships with their spouse's prior children in Common Ground, and it's actually one of the deeper, realer issues the show dived into. That episode gets so overlooked.

Calor is similar to Thorax but he doesn't have any of his patience, so to him, even a typical acclimation process causes him anxiety. I personally relate to both of these things, having had to get used to two step parents as a teenager and also having anxiety. :twilightoops:

I'm glad you identified so much with it! And it was a simple but brilliant nickname. :raritywink:

Thorax is physical affection in sentient form, just as Discord is chaos, Pinkie is toon force, and Twilight is OCD. :trollestia: Glad you liked it! :eeyup:

Yeah, I liked that episode, personally. If not for a couple cringey moments. I was considering relating the story to Common Ground but I didn't want to accidentally offend you if that's not what you were going for. Calor not having nearly as much patience makes a lot of sense, I recall how he kept getting pouty when there wasn't enough Thorax space available for cuddles. And thanks again about the nickname. I really enjoyed seeing it in the story, especially since I've only used it a couple times in some Pride and Joy chapters. Otherwise, it's not seen in my published works

"Sister, I will not make it at this rate. What is our contingency plan should you or I become comatose?"

The contingency plan is to be hugged by changelings until non-comatose. One would think this would have become obvious by now :trollestia:
Speaking of which, I need to look into methods of attracting more huggable changelings. Can Navel spare a few of these?

"Come to think of it, Sister, there are no more exhaustive to-do lists waiting for us back home anymore. I do believe this vacation can last as long as we want it to."

Unlike for someone who is still awake for the bug cuddles at 1.30 am despite having to wake up for work in the morning :facehoof: *jealous bug noises*

A special cameo to Tymbal (...) She even had a little plush.

And you didn't think to include the plush? You monster :facehoof: How are we supposed to hug the plushie now?

Little more than a giddy, pastel goblin, Apex snickered and joined him at once.

I love the description of Apex as a pastel goblin.

God, that was adorable. Having only preread part of this, the rest of the new content gave me just as bad a case of Diabetes as many others. :heart:

it’s so cute it’s so cuteitsocuteitsocutEITSSUPPERFRICKEN CUTE JAGDKAVSUS:heart::heart::heart:


I needed this cuteness after the last story I read.

My goal as a writer achieved. :rainbowdetermined2:

Also my goal as a writer achieved. :moustache:

Calor grinned slyly, effortlessly unearthing a blush from his mate. A few coos and giggles echoed from all around.

Ok even though I'm not a big fan of this shipping I will admit it's very cute ☺️

"Oh, great stars above, this is lovely." Luna sank ever deeper into the steamed water, letting her wet mane snake out along its surface. "Prince Rutherford will no doubt take offense to this, but this is my favorite landmark by far."

Nothing a good old hot steamed water to relax the bodies 😊

"I couldn't tell," Pharynx murmured, shrewdly eyeing his cuddled guards. "It's fine, I get it. Ponies are sentimental, and being disgustingly saccharine, not to mention distracting, is what my brother does best."

Well thorax has the Magic Touch I mean he's a cool dude

"And I'd very much like to assist those who may be in need of sleep," Luna added. She bemusedly jabbed her sister in the flank. "I'd also like to know where my sister has suddenly found all this energy for playing with young changelings."

I mean who could blame Celestia being all excited I mean throughout her years she's always been serious and Regal and it's hard for her to let out her personality out even back in the earlier seasons she was loan for excitement and everything

Omg the story is adorable and I really like that so it looks like Celestia and Luna are visiting thorax and his kingdom even though their Journey was a little bit rough but they finally made it and greeted by thorax and his brother pharynx but before that calor taking his position as Papa ever since his relationship with thorax and it's always nice to see that so once they got to the kingdom he greet them and even showing them around the Kingdom and even taking Celestia and Luna to the spring which both of them were pretty excited to see that after all the craziness and once they got to the spring they were pretty relaxed and thorax talk about like how's he been doing ever since that day of the speech he gave a while back and things are getting a little better for them and it is very adorable of some of the changelings were hugging him but after a few hours they went to the nursing room to check in with the young ones which again Celestia and Luna were pretty excited to see but things got crazy when they found out that they were understaffed which apparently calor underestimate how much he needed some help but it looks like the young ones were pretty excited to see papa thorax and also two ponies they apparently never seen yet which this is going to be a very interesting one and thorax was wondering would that Apex went and apparently we already know where he is lol

If my D'aaaaaaaw meter wasn't a slagged, hyper-radioactive, barely-anything-left-in-existence, Elephant's Foot pile of scrap and sludge, I'd probably be experiencing a mental shutdown from cuteness overload right about now.

Well I don't need breakfast now I have had all this sugary sap....Lover your changelings so much

She paused for a moment. Then, a blue aura sprouted from her horn and began to dance in the air. It took the shape of small ponies running around, jumping, and playing with one another.



(Wakes up in bed and sees chapter on Tablet. Then notices broken D'awww-meter.)

I don't know how ya's done it, BUT I KNOW YA'S DONE IT!

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