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May contain high concentrations of Thorax and/or Pharynx. You've been warned.



This story is a sequel to The Odd One

Having found friendship in the Crystal Empire, Thorax comes to enjoy his new life and begins to heal the wounds of the old one. But when a covert incident in the middle of the night threatens to take it all away, his search for help leads him into joining a team in a dangerous rescue mission, the outcome of which may result in consequences beyond his wildest imagination.

Originally a sequel to Walk Where There Is No Path, but I hadn’t anticipated getting inspired to write something that bridges the gap between the two stories at the time of writing this one.

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I honestly expected the sequel to focus on Pharynx, but this is a really good start!

Who knows, you might be surprised one day :raritywink:

back to the ice cave a good choice.

After putting this off for too long, I’m getting to reading this.

It’s pretty good.


Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I hope you weren't putting it off because you didn't think think you'd like it?

No, I just happened to constantly get distracted by either my tracking stories or various other things every time I wanted to read it.

So this is a retelling pf ‘To Where and Back Again’, interesting.

i hope it won't discourage you from reading further :fluttershysad: (there will be differences from canon)

No, I read it all. It’s a good story.

shit cover blown.

Really like this so far. I do like how u extended the episode more and not having it to different from the real story.

Can’t wait for more!

Noooo!!! Don't you kill the brother!!! Don't you think about it :fluttercry: :flutterrage:

Oh I'm sure she TRIED to Kill Pharyax but found it impossible! Failing to be a "proper" changeling, abandoning the hive and causing her best solider to defy her Thorax has made Chryissi super pissed!

This chapter is really good.

This was great!

“Your Highness?”

“Yes, Psycho?”

Pfffft... :rainbowlaugh: I’m sorry, I just never heard of anyone being named that.

Still, this was a pretty nice ending. I’m hyped to see what comes next.

Well, he is a changeling, so what do you expect? :rainbowlaugh: my headcanon is that some of them get named after intimidating things, so there you go :pinkiecrazy:


That’s a good headcanon then!

This story’s not bad. Decently good, actually.

This has been a ride. These episodic rewrites now feel more personal and exciting. Great job! I wonder what happens in the sequel

Changeling nameing conventions aren't really explained well. We know I sect body parts are used and other insect related terms. Phyrax is part of the throat, Ocelleus is part of a compound eye. Fannonn agreement seems to be they also get named after types of bugs or share names with Deceptions (both belonging to Hasbro) so I expect there are 3 changeling explosives experts named Bombshell, Shrapnel and Kickback.

Great start. Good chapter without anything negative. How long is he in the Crystal Empire by now?

Indeed... Funny that his old hiding place hides him from hiden attackers.

I guess its a synchronisated attack on all Key Ponys? :ajsleepy: Or they focus on the Empire to feed there starved population and stockpile love reserves. :coolphoto:

Im curiouse how he will reach Ponyville :rainbowderp:

Nope, for the reason of *spoilers for I won't tell you what because it isn't published yet*

Keep reading

Let the adventure of Thorax the friendly Changeling rough begin! :rainbowdetermined2: Might it be written down in the history books and told in legends millenia later! :ajsmug:

Damn... Fine chapter! Im hyped for his adventure :raritystarry:

I would hope so! You did a fantastic job last story :pinkiehappy: Im curious what you will be doing with the story :raritystarry:

Great chapter but dont they need supplys? Or are they finish the tunnel first and than go for supplys?

Great chapter. Perfect examples that our 20 min adventure take eatch days-weeks-months eatch to complet. Love the details of the story and not a singel thing to complaining for me :ajsmug: Beautiful work.

This already is better than the original :twilightsmile: Lets see how any more chapters to enjoy this rescue mission.

Shit happens... Now things get difficult...

Great storyline. When forced Thorax can be strong enough to kick flank. That or the soldiers are in a starved state that allows a well feeded pacifist to domine em in a brawl... Both seem legit.

I hoped for a evil Villain routine... After they are being rude to him he could count why he was feard in the past and remember em even the Queen feard him.
Maybe treat to turn em into Pony since they like em enough to feed on em.

Love all the details ♡ lovely chapter :twilightsmile:

Tricky chapter. Thorax show how good he is in utilizing his races ability to adapt to difficult situations and improvised expertly. Hes bad in a fight but otherwise a survivel expert

She killed Changelings eggs/nymphs before. Makes sence to make him suffer. But he is a gifted subject. Probably disgraced at least and tortured at worst. No point in wasting good Changeling gens.

Magnificent chapter! :rainbowderp::coolphoto::raritystarry: The show never stand a chance against a dedicated Author like you :ajsmug:

Thanks! :raritystarry: What can I say? I love Thorax :twilightsmile:

Sounds about right. Just Simba never had it as tough as Thorax...

Amazing journey from a general outcast to a leader. I can see there apperance now as something acceptebel but i hope not everyone changes to reformed. Personaly i never see a problem with the Changlings other than there harsh behavor. If they go for a Symbiotic lifestyle i see em as perfect way to improve every race relations.

They can Shapeshift!
No matter how you look at it every singel, a accepting/open minded or simply into exotic mates would jump at a chance for a ideal partner in life. :coolphoto: Every wish can be fillfilled. :pinkiehappy: Wannt a Pony/Zebra to nuzzel you lovely? No problem! :rainbowkiss: How about a Griffin to give you the trill of a dpminant lover next month? :trollestia: Maybe a Siren to serenate you with a lovely song? :rainbowkiss: Or are you digging for fancy Dog to take you in his rough but strong arms?
Eventually a prominent character you like? Maybe spend a night with a already married special someone?!!! As long as the feeding is sufficent its role play ofthe highest quality :ajsmug:

I hope Thorax brother stays the classic Changeling. Helping the variation of Changelings and live as symbiotic partners in friendship and/or love. They will make great counselers to go trough harf times. Laywers to go trough cases not only by facts but working hard for the truth.

Forgiveness is good but keep it balanced. Former victims might wannt at least hear that they try to compensate em. 26 Ponys dead. How about 26 chances to become a Friend later maybe a substitute for the lost individual .

A great rewrite you've got here.

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