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We are, all of us, Mad Deities of Literature and Mathematics, impossibly Twisted by our own, Insane Prowess. Most just hide the fraying better than others, whilst some... aren't quite as fortunate.

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Eh, it gave me the snuggly-wugglies. How could I resist?

Eh, they pressed all, or at least the majority, of my buttons, so of course I was gonna favourite them.

Thanks for the favorite on my story and its sequel.

At this point, the rule seems too subjective to me to be useful.
Ex. Somebody writes a story, includes changelings not being able to be objects because it would make certain parts way too easy for the characters.
I could see this going both ways- Necessity is subjective.
I don’t see any examples of a story that breaks this rule- Obviously, if somebody adds a non-canon element, it’s because they thought it improved it, regardless of whether it actually did.

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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