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Thorax discovers, to his immense delight, that his friend Spike has come along for a surprise visit, and Spike himself gets a chance to see how far along the Changeling Hive has come along under Thorax's leadership.

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This was cute and sweet. I especially got a kick out of Pharynx assuring (to his regret) that his days of stuffing people in bags was over. XD

It's times like this I remember Spike is best friends with major leaders of the world.

Getting the meaning of that, Pharynx gave him some side-eye. "I'm quite content with being the Hive grump, thank you very much."

Hey, he's got a niche and he's happy in it.

"Well, look at it this way. She might be better when you see her next, right?

How very optimistic of you, Spike. Judging by her trajectory, though, I'd say it's far more likely she'll end up hitting rock bottom. :trollestia:

This is good. I like this. :twilightsmile: We need more buggos and Slice of Life scenarios, never can there be enough, says I. Cute piece!

Really good work on this one-shot. The exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up were all well done in all the right places. Yeah, the detail of this taking place AFTER the Season 8 finale was a good one as was the implied foreshadowing to the Season NINE opener.

It was good seeing Spike spending time with one of his 2 major leader friends, not to mention Thorax's interactions with him, especially involving Chrissy & his new wings. :twilightsmile:

Nice touch setting it up for the S9 opener at the end there, I loved that! 😀💖

Hope you make more sweet Spike stories like these, thanks for posting! :moustache:

You forgot to write a story.

And he's quite good at it, too. How many other changelings do you know that can grump quite like him? :rainbowlaugh:

he kinda did, yeah. It just a very small slice of life. Cute, wholesome, but nothing really happens.

This was a fun one shot to read

Pharynx nodded. "Yep. Come on, I'll escort you to the Hive."

"I don't usually do that, but I left my bag in my other carapace."

Nice fluff piece!

While a bit rude, I see what you mean. Not much actually happens. But what can you expect from just 2k words?

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