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Today is the best day of Twilight's life, for she has just succeeded in her dream of getting into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. But along with her new status as a student of Celestia, there's also the matter of the unexpected surprise that accompanied her entry exam. A surprise she must now introduce to her family.

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Man, this is just so cute and wholesome. Like and Fav!

Nice bit of fluff.

Aww. This IS an adorable one-shot. :-D Loved this spin on Twilight and her family's first meeting with Spike. I admit I DID enjoy Shining and Night Light's attempts to come up with a name before Twilight Sparkle decided on "Spike" as well as the discussion on the lack of information on baby dragons.

Now, I'm very certainly going to be looking forward to seeing what you have for your last story for the year.

You are very good at these one-shots of the Early Days :twilightsmile:

Taking care of one is a bog job...

Not sure what working in a wetland is supposed to do with raising a baby dragon. Unless, you meant to type "Big" instead of "Bog" there.

I love adorable stories like this.

love it, i also like the one called 'waiting for you' or something.

:trollestia: Little did Twilight know is that her Spike would takeover her future kingdom from her :raritystarry: With her best friends help.

:moustache: Wow do I?

:facehoof: Are you kidding me? I wanted nothing more! :twilightoops: too much work here

:duck: Twilight you crafty little pony :moustache: and I still do all the dirty work....

:rainbowlaugh: more like all the work:trollestia: yes yes and yes

Taking care of one is a bog job

*Big. They're not talking about swamps or anything.

This was an adorable one-shot! :twilightsmile:

I can't stop smiling. :pinkiehappy:

This is just what I needed for my lunch break.

9995340 Thanks for telling me :twilightsmile:

adorable! What a great way to start my day, thanks for writing this!

Clearly the author was thinking "Taking care of a dog is a big job" but the words got crammed together.

Awwwww. Baby Spike is so cute!

Aww this was a cute and short story baby Spike is so cute and I like the backstory how Twilight and Spike have ever since they were kids

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