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Black Butterfly

We ßai Luv wess.

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  • 52 weeks
    🦋 #9

    Chaper One, why not?

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  • 80 weeks
    🦋 #8

    I'm working on Chapter One of Darkside on and off.

    But I'm also writing up some more kinky things; one-shots. Stay tuned.

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  • 153 weeks
    🦋 #7

    It's been a while. I finally found some time and motivation to continue writing and worked on two stories in the making. One is going to a little longer so you might not see any of it anytime soon, the other will be a one-shot.

    What they're about? One will focus on the Twilight's misadventure following a visit from Queen Chrysalis. I'm not going to give any information about the one-shot, though.

    Read More

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  • 165 weeks
    🦋 #6

    Back home tomorrow and ready to start my next story.

    This time it'll be about Chrysalis getting to know her human counterpart.

    Stay healthy.

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  • 172 weeks
    🦋 #5

    New story today and of course it has changelings. As before, please leave feedback and constructive criticism if you can, whether you enjoyed reading it or not.

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Hello and welcome to my profile, sweetling!

My name is not important. No really, 'not important' is my actual name, but I'd rather you call me Black Butterfly. I'm mute and live in Germany and learned to write and understand English on the internet.

Writing stories, building worlds, creating realities; I've never really given much thought about writing a proper story or fanfic in English until summer 2019, when I started writing my first fanfic.

If you want to support me: You can do so here!

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Much love goes to Fylifa for motivating, inspiring and pushing me to share my stuff.

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  • Every story is made up by Black Butterfly herself, however some backstories, location names and other details may or may not be interpretations of show content.
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Cheers for the add.

Also, there's something that I've been meaning to tell you. Something that I thought you should know. Perhaps I could share this through PMs?

Comment posted by MLPFiM and Animation Fan deleted Dec 21st, 2019

2819975 What is it about the changeling characters that you like, most? Also, who are your favorite (non-changeling) type characters from FiM and / or EQG?

It's my first English story.

I plan on writing mostly changeling related stories but perhaps some others, too. Already got way too many ideas. And I like am inspired mostly by how much fun it is to create stories.

@Black Butterfly Hello and welcome to FiMFiction.net... wait. You've written stories, before? Or is this your first time? Either way, I'm actually kind of curious to see what kinds of stories that you've either written already or may write, in the future.

So, I wonder... besides encouragement from a friend, what inspired you to write and share your works? I have more questions. But, I'll save those for later.

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