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Black Butterfly

Dum h'e em- kj 'Ekʉ, wexr Fépidae


Queen Chrysalis decides to steal a certain magical mirror portal from Twilight's basement, but she's caught and things go sideways.

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Interesting start hope for more soon

Comment posted by Doctor_Den deleted Sep 7th, 2021

I knew that all those alternative timelines that Starlight created did not disappear anywhere and continue to exist. And it looks like our heroes have returned to the universe ruled by Nightmare Moon. If so, then Twilight is wanted for deceiving the queen of the night. It's strange that Twilight didn't think of it.
as an option, we can assume that the table from the castle of harmony is a kind of connecting link between realities and perhaps it can be used to return to the home universe.

Better late than never, it's a good feeling when a story updates after a long time, just a piece of advice, Twilight and Chrysalis have good chemistry between them, their attitude is correct but I feel like too many things happened in a single chapter, well that's what I think. The image at the end of the chapter is also a good detail. I look forward to the next chapter and to see what the protagonists' challenges will be.

Fair, I could have made two chapters out of this, but it's been in the work for a while. Thank you so much for reading, it means the world to me.

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