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Celestia has often looked to the furthest edges of her kingdom when watching for dangers. Sometimes, she may even journey there, just to make sure things are on the up and up. Today, she goes to, of all places, the former village of Starlight Glimmer. But it is not the mare herself she has come to see, but the village's newest resident, who is not as unfamiliar to her as might first appear.

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I like it, and I like Celestia's very pony-like response. I expect she'll also drop a few words to the other villagers about making friends with him.

Nice. I like this idea a lot. :twilightsmile:

Though I must admit, when I first saw Sombra chopping wood, a little part of me couldn't help but think a teeny bit of Kratos from the new God of War. XD


I was thinking in Thanos, when he gets tired of the whole cycle (getting infinity gauntlet-killing tons of people trying in vain to court Lady Death-being stopped by pesky heroes-rinse and repeat) and gets back to farming.

A pleasent read, proof that celestia's heart did not harden too much even after all these years. A respectable result of "leave us in peace and we shall leave you in peace". Just dont tell the elements or the crystal empire of Sombra.

I thought of Kirk in Star Trek Generations.

This a awesome story of closure for Sombra.

I wanna see more in the life of this Sombra!

Yep. I haven't read many comics in my life but I am pretty sure Infinity Gauntlet is what the author is remembering. We all know it doesn't last long though, but at least since then Thanos has been more inclined to working with the Avengers against a common enemy instead of being the common enemy. Even it is rare.

A long time ago, I read a comic where, by the end, the villain had decided to give up on a life of evil after many failed attempts to achieve ultimate power. Instead, he settled down to become a farmer, and that idea really stuck with me afterwards, that a bad guy would just quit after his failures and try for a quiet life. Thought I might try something like that here

Are you talking about Thanos?

An optimistic response. "Well, it's not ideal as life goes, but at least I'm not dead. Again."

Then Celestis gets home and Luna shows her a prophecy showing that there going to need Sombra in the future. And now she has to go back and convince Sombra to come out of retirement.

Excellent job on this latest one-shot. Yeah, I LOVED Celestia and Sombra's chat. And, yeah, the first time ALSO cost Sombra the only other pony he actually cared about (Going by the FIENDship is Magic comic book mini-series). And to be fair, an alicorn WAS involved in Sombra's second defeat (it just happened to be Cadance that time), even if Spike got more of the credit. Indeed, Sombra made some pretty good points about Knowing When to Fold Them. And, oddly enough, considering Celestia is planning on retiring herself in a few months, is all that more amazing of a coincidence.

Is it THAT weird that I'm getting mental images of Celestia and Sombra eventually forming a relationship surprisingly similar to the one Celestia had with Sombra's good counterpart in an alternate universe in the IDW comics (though, hopefully, with a happier ending this time)?

All in all, this one-shot DOES provide A LOT of food for thought.

Sombra Redemption arc when?

Dorohedoro? Basing this off of En?

Pretty good story. I don't know if it's perfect, but I have no complaints, save one.

You don't chop wood on a stone! It'll blunt the edge of the axe and make it useless in short order. You need a stump or log with a flat surface. It has to be made of wood so it's sturdy enough to withstand abuse from the axe, yet soft enough that it won't blunt the axe. Even if Sombra is new to this simple life, he'd learn real quick that stone is the wrong material for a chopping block.

Really my own nitpick. I've never heard of or seen anyone who'd use stone. I've chopped wood, my dad's chopped wood, and his whole family (save for the women) chopped wood since they were kids. Dad wouldn't even let me chop it on the ground as even the dirt might blunt it! Dunno if anyone in Our Town has told him yet, but Sombra is gonna need to swap out the stone for wood.

And before anyone brings it up, don't tell me he can just enchant it. Even if he could, or got someone to do it for him, it's still practical to use a stump to save on wear and tear. I don't see why he wouldn't choose to do what works better to save time and energy. Unless dying that last time took a bit of his common sense. =P

Still a good story. Just that one little detail that's bugging me. It'll be much better once you change it.

9898165 Very well, the stone is now a stump :twilightsmile:

The comic you mentioned reminds me of a magic the gathering anthology. One of the stories was a plainswalker going to an island, setting up a farm, and then the problems that arise when it turns out the culture their wants to worship him based on a religion he started eons before.

I second the comments calling for a continuation. There's a good character piece to be had in this.

Definitely. Might be good to see what happens to him in the village.

still say this needs a sequel

10716526 Don't worry, there are plans :twilightsmile:

Speaking of death, am I the only one who found it... odd? That ponies would go as far as to kill him? Just never seemed like something they'd be keen on.

Never expected this story to see a continuation; quite the pleasant surprise if I do say so myself! :twilightsmile:

that was the result of their actions not their intent, take his final defeat, i dont think any of the mane six actually realized there friendship rainbow would kill sombra, just defeat him

I'm not sure how I feel about this continuation. It traded humility for nihilism, and that is a much different, and much more bitter read.

Hmmm, maybe missing a message of 'a prison of your own making' from Celestia to Sombra ... :trollestia:

I'm there too, I think. But, look at the other side of it: Sombra's one victory is also the only one that no other creature in existence has achieved.

So, you know. That's something.

I mean, they banished a (very young) minor to Tartarus. They give very mixed messages.

This doesn't feel necessary.

yeah, that was uh... an interesting decision.

This is definitely a realistic ending, and I enjoyed seeing more from this story. However, I feel that there is still more that could be added. It doesn't feel complete, and even just offering readers a variety of other possible endings to browse through could really enrich the story. A bad end here, a charming one, a nihilistic one, a fluffy one, and so forth. While it makes sense for Celestia to be this figure full of regrets and antiquated in her outlook, her philosophy really only is her philosophy. Sombra shows himself to be determined and willing to put effort into bettering himself. Even if he can't control what other ponies think of him, he always shows that he has the power to create his own future in this story.

Well this was a pretty interesting story so apparently King Sombra is living in Starlight Village as a resident there but then Celestia pay a visit to make sure that that is actually him which it confirms and they had a few chat about why he decided not to do it again because he basically decided this just to live not as a tyrant's but just a regular Pony which I guess that's a pretty good Redemption but he's got a long way so Celestia let him be to live here I wonder what next for him as I said before I like a Redemption story and I really wish they could have done it

Dang that is pretty deep sometimes Old Wounds don't heal and King Sombra felt like you'll never fit into the world after his reputation but Princess Celestia still a chance that he can make a difference he just has to find it until then she's not going to push it he'll find his own path but anyway this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

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