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A lazy person from Poland who loves changelings and likes to write from time to time, even though he's not the best at it.


One night Thorax finds a human child in the Hive and decides to take care of him because this child seems to not remember who his real parents are. As the time flies Thorax starts to see this human as his son and the human starts see Thorax as his father.
(I suck at summaries)
Also, as you may have noticed. This story has slow updates.

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Interesting, there aren’t many stories with changrlings taking care of human kids around. Good start to me BUt I find Thorax’s reaction to the boy a bit too fast.

I'll keep my eye on it but I do hope that the human isnt another gary stue

Whatever you do, Please don't have it on incomplete or on hiatus, then never work on it again. If you lose interest, thats fine, just put it on cancelled if you don't want to work on it anymore. And if you still want to work on it, keep up the good work.

You don't need to be afraid of me, like I said I'm going to hurt you.

I know its wrong and I know what it's actually suppose to say but it made me laugh anyway

Well I'm maybe not a fan of his new look, but I think this could be very interessting.

Please don’t let this story be onther left unfinished one

Can you make the next chapter

The next chapter is 60% done so I might finish it and release it next week.
Also I'm working on the first chapter of my another story which is called ''Equestrian Cartel''

A story about drug cartel in Eqeustria. Fanfic is heavily inspired by the Tv series "Narcos".

Nice. Didn't except a different reaction from throrax's Brother.

I can't wait for the reveal that Okame eats meat.

uncle Pharynx. I can't wait to see how this is going to play out, even if I want himm to keep his personality and have the boy being a bit wary about him, I image Pharynx rescuing him and then maybe train him a bit.

This is going to be a good friendship lesson for the changling race

Are you going to make the next chapter

Yes. I'm planning to but I don't when I'll post it. I may finish it and post it somewhere in August but I can't promise anything. I can also say that the chapter is 35% done.

I love it and I forgive you

Comment posted by Bumblebee16 deleted Aug 28th, 2018

I love the walking dead as well

i'd ship okame and oceilus but no romance tag. oh well. great story i look forward to your next chapter

He searched for a book for few minutes before he came across a book called "Reunion of the Royal Sisters.".

I would probably search for something about the Changelings first instead of Luna and Celestia.

"That's the good thing you started with the book about ponies." Ocellus told him, "We Changeling. Owe them a lot."

Meh not sure if that is reason enough for me, it would be enough to get told about the event i guess.

Maybe because he lives with them I didn't exactly expected "them" to get so important so soon again.

The story is interesting, Just some that need editing and Fix But overall its a good story idea .

You don't need to be afraid of me, like I said I'm going to hurt you. Edit this line, I did a double take when I read it

I can´t wait when Okame gets in trouble with Pharynx or an another changeling and Thorax must be strict on him. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll keep my eye on it.

Eine sehr schöne Fanfiktion, immer mehr davon :moustache:

"Hi!" Pinky said, excitely, "So, you're the creature King Thorax introduced to us! Wow, you're bigger than the first time we saw you! I know you probably heard me and Greeny saying this to each other when we were whispering about you but hey! Why not tell you this!? Wow! What the things about the end of your hooves? It looks like a claw of a dragon but I'm sure it's not a claw..."

Am I the only one to notice that this one is suspiciously similar to Pinkie Pie?

So this storys dead?

Is he going to redo it someday or just move on just saw it

Currently, I have no plans in redoing this story.

Ok enther way I can’t wait for the next story

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