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Hazmat Man

Trying to write a bio is pain for me.

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Here the lore video on the back ground. But still recommend you play the games since it goes a lot deeper than this and the game has additional information background for the various factions and stuff. Including how people were reacting.

Still recommend you play the games or look up all comms collectables on YouTube for the divsion 1

Okay if you say so but I do recommend looking up the channel ngn on YouTube

...I am surprised.

I did not expect to have myself redirected to a fictional world.


And thank you, but no. If I find myself with the desire to check it out, I will.

I gotcha.

Basically the whole world got infected with the dollar flu(nickname for it) basically it’s smallpox, but way worse along with a mixture of other diseases like Ebola is one of them.

You want me to link you up to a lore video for both games?

No my friend... what is it you talk about?

I am male, so you do not need to say "sir or madame" anymore. Sir will do. Actually, you don't need to address me that way at all.

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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