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Welcome to the Human in Equestria group! Feel free to post your own stories in any folder they apply to! Browse a bit, and read some awesome HiE fics!

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Okay I'm gonna be honest I'm pretty illiterate but I enjoy writing and I just wanted to share my story with the world. You can hate it or love it but I would be happy to make someone's day with the story "Fallen Order" its my first book i ever started on the internet and I enjoy it kinda...sorry if this isn't how things work

Hello everyone I was wondering what weapons fit the mane six's personalities? And what special power would the give? For example twilight getting a wond/staff that boosts her magic. Also this is for a anthro equestria

I need help, I'm thinking about writing my first ever story, problem is that I don't have a computer and would be using my phone to write it. Also I wouldn't have an editor, or any knowledge of how to write and then post a story. Tips? Please?

I'm looking for the name of a story.
luna and twilight abductict a human after Celestia is injured and he escapes and and opens a toy factory in a minotaur city

I don’t know if this counts but my story is a crossover where the ponies are humans and they go to Earth.

That would be fantastic! Although, very difficult, considering the amount of intelligence that "Blank" has. I know I couldn't write them & do them justice...

I was wondering if someone could make a ‘no game no life’ story

No game no life is an anime

It's a reasonable reaction, I mean I would probably think the same thing if it happened to me.

Y u no do more human males turned male pony fics ppl?

Is having a human think he's "dreaming" at first too cliche, or a reasonable reaction to appearing in a different world?

i think i got a contact high from reading this post it feels amazing

Where is the slice of life category? the folders need fixing you lazys

I mean i'm still B R I K

Hello everyone! Today is my birthday so as a present to myself and others I have finally updated 'Homer in Equestria'. If you have the time to take a look and leave some comments and/or Likes that would be a lovely gift :twilightsmile:

Dunno how to help ya. For me, I just watch stuff til something comes to mind. 🤔

Not good, I got The Writers block and I got lazy, Gimme inspirations pls

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