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Welcome to the Human in Equestria group! Feel free to post your own stories in any folder they apply to! Browse a bit, and read some awesome HiE fics!

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Hey everypony I need your help. A long while ago, I had read story where a guy gets his school high jacked by a group of terrorists. And after he escapes he almost runs over Luna. I'd really appreciate the help to find this story. I have been looking for it for a couple years now. Please and thank you.

Im looking for a story where a villain is roommates with a human

What’s the story where a human grew up in Equestria, with human parents, in the royal guard and he disguises himself as a anthro pony?

I am looking for stories where the the ponies are small and cute, especially when compared tot he Human, there is one I have a vague recollection of one where the MC is wearing Lyra like a hat
Pretty much looking for adorableness to help with stress relief etc.

Anyone got any ideas, or can point me to an appropriate group?

Anyone have a story where an entire village is sent to Equestria

Library of Humanity got deleted... Big F

Comment posted by LordKioshi deleted August 13th

i am looking for a old fic i had found a while back where some guy get's sent to equestria and gets reality bender powers and raises a army out of human slaves

Comment posted by Anonim-user333 deleted June 25th

Man I finally joining something after reading a lot of these stories and others I hope I do well.

i dont like your profile picture

I want a jojo fic.

Hey, everypony and creature. It is wonderful to meet you all and I’m grateful to be part of this community. ^_^

I got a good HTTYD fic but the main character/human on earth is turned into a night fury

I like these fanfics 🦅

I got a idea for a story but I can't write it because It is hard to make my ideas on "paper" here's my idea.

A human appears in Equestria but he is the hight of canterlot mountain, he is immortal, can control the whole worlds nacheral elamants, appears way before Equestria Evan appears and is firendly (or violent).
Like it? Sorry for spealing errors.

I just joined, but I have a story that I'm working on that can fit into multiple folders, and I'm also looking for someone to help me edit it. It's a complicated story of a retired special forces human turned pony instructed to look after Princess Twilight Sparkle after the events of Tirek.
Do any of you know anyone that may be able to help me out?

Happy Holidays everyone!! : )

Comment posted by Jackster deleted Dec 22nd, 2019
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