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added the story deteriorated to clopfics by accident. not sure how to get it out.

Not quite. This one is about an alicorn who was originally an alicorn, got "banished" for milinia to live life after reincarnated life as a human and has to now relive each life through magic visions won't each year and won't remember his original life until his 21st birthday. And he was Celestia's former lover, which he will also remember at 21.

I want to say the astral aegis series by Silvak or something written by autumn breeze, but I'm not certain that would be the appropriate response... I thought sunset shimmer was the alicorn of time, or simmilar considering she bears the CrossGen Logo.

Anybody know the name of a story where the protagonist is a young, blue, reincarnated alicorn of time?


Now I see why this is a popular group. I'm glad I joined.

It's so cool that this is the most popular group in FIMfanfiction.

Comment posted by Terry the human deleted March 18th

hows it hanging every hope every one having great day

Sitting on the toilet reading (classy am I right?) and I suddenly had an idea. A short story about the humans' quest for toilet paper.:facehoof:

Can anyone recommend any fics similar to Tears of a Foal?


I need a tad bit o help proofreading my sad/romantic/tragic story about derpy x anon. The story touches some real world senarios and i was hoping if you knew how to get somepony to proofread a portion of the story to make sure it's easy to follow and decent in plot development.
Thanks a bunch!- Derpymavrick

Can there be a military folder? I really like those, but don't feel like sorting through thousands of fics and folders to find a good one.

Hello people of the HIE I was thinking to my self today about the stories I have read and I remembered this story about a human going to equestria and he ends up having bonds with everyone the princesses as well and when the went to the crystal empire something happen were he lost or felt like everyone didn't trust him any more or something and he passed out and was about to die I think but cadance came and showed everyone his connection he had for everyone and some of them were like just black but some were black with (red or pink ) in them and she did something to save him and that is all I remember so if someone can please tell me the name of this story please tell me

Thank you soooo much!!!

Yo. I wanna see some good fics where a human becomes a villain in the show, like in Bucking Nonsense’s fics. Any good suggestions?

Hello everpony,

I'm a new writer here on FiMFiction and am glad to be a part of this wonderful community. I usually make fics based around my OC named Maverick, a human turned pony. You may be wondering how that happened. Well I am working on a backstory called, Equestria's Last Hope. now I know this sounds like a gary sue but trust me. Hope you all have a good day and enjoy reading.

Comment posted by Prince Boss deleted January 9th

You'll first need to upload the image somewhere. DeviantArt and imgbb work pretty well. Then you'll need to copy the image. Paste the image into the story.

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