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Anyone know any good human equestria stories that had adventure in it and that's long and completed

The story is called anon has a cutiemark.

Your name is anon, you were just taking a walk like you like to do every. Tuesday, followed by working on something, be it writing something or painting. You were on your way home from the store. And decides to go down the fasted way home, but as soon as you entered the forest a fog came in, and you noticed that. The fog was, a rainbow of colors, and, when the fog passed. The forest of different you look at your arm because you felt a pinch on his arm, and he sees a mark that looked like a pencil drawing, in a book. You continue walking, thinking you went the wrong way but noticed it's night you are confused because it was daytime, so either I was in the forest the whole day or that fog wasn't normal fog. You now find yourself in the sight of, wood-like a wolf or large beast, you can't tell. Because it was dark you see, the wooden beast moving towards you, so you run the other way then you noticed a light coming out a tree you see there is a door on the tree, so you knocked on it the door opened, but there is no one there, but then you hear a cough from below you, so you look down a saw a small, zebra with big eyes the zebra said hello. She asked me if I would like to come in, and I say may I, and I said thank you. You ask the Zebra for her name, My name is Zecora know what is your name. My name is Anon, nice to meet you Zecora if you could answer me a question, you may ask where am I. You sure sir please just call me Anon, ok anon we are in the Everfree forest. Well then I was right!, Right about what Zecora asked what he is right about Anon answered the question when I entered the forest in my world a rainbow fog set in but after 5 minutes of walking the fog lifted then I noticed it was night but when I entered the forest it was midday. Ah, zecora said Anon zecora said do you have any other questions, Anon said one last question when the fog cleared this mark appeared on my arm Zecora is shocked a little Zecora Said that is what is called by ponies it's a CutieMark. Anon is now confused What is a CutieMark, Zecora answer it's a mark that appears when a pony finds their special talent. Anon is still confused but then asks something else what else does a CutieMark, Zecora then said it also might mean you have magic. Anon now more confused what does she mean by he has magic, Zecora Said's that ponies get CutieMarks from a combination of magic and finding there true talent.

hay I would like to give this story away

resisting the urge to make an omori x mlp crossover, but knowing i suck at writing

heres an idea for a HIE, grand master martial arts warrior "master fighter of a new version of drunken fist style, this new version of drunken fist can manipulate magic such as consume it to enhance the user or deflect it or convert it to heal" wakes up to a war torn equestria and is soon recruited by celestia and luna. i post this here because 1.its a HIE group 2.i'm not sure where in the group page to post an idea so i'm sorry if it ends up to be the wrong spot

I have my own Human in Equestria story known as "One as a Family" here on FimFiction. How can I put it into this section?

need help with idea's and punctuation this is the story i,m doing the human vrn of pinkie pie goes from nice to insane because she lost her friends and broke the mirror in the pony world after pony pinkie from cupcakes throws her in and over time pony pinkie learns to use her pinkamena side for good instead of evil by becoming friends with the human mane six while human pinkie uses a double sided axe and murders the ponyfolk in ponyvile at the end i,m ganna have a battle of the good vs the bad pinkamena

I have a idea for a story if anyone is interested

an idea involving a certain famous heavy weight boxer considered to the greatest of all time by many he goes the name Muhammad Ali

Anybody looking for a new idea for a POE story
If you assume they landed before 1953,
MASH 4077 & Benjamin Franklin (Hawkeye) Pierce.
Also, Henry Reagan was police chief in NYC police department during (1960s?). A war veteran + a beat cop (IIRC).

I'm looking for a human in equestria parody story, which was a short story which makes fun of all thing commonly found in human in equestria stories I know he ends up with rainbow dash in the end

Oh thank you I been looking for a adventure story

I sort of posted a question looking for it literally hours before reading your post and hold and behold the response was unexpectedly fast.

Celestia's Prophet


I understand and thanks for telling me about it

So many deleted comments!

Anyway, I know a good one where Human Lauren Faust was locked up by Celestia and is afraid of her. But Human Lauren is the goddess and keeps on painting/creating/writing new ponies and it actually becomes reality with full background and stuff. Quite funny interactions and the last chapter where Lauran asked Celestia if she wasn't Male Alicorns in the mix.

But for the love of me I CANT REMEMBER! what story because I forgot to Bookmark.

I'm looking for any interesting adventure stories with humans in it that isn't 1 chapter long, cancelled, halt for a very long time like from 2019 or lower and is incomplete from 2019 or lower unless the other chapters in the story made it to 2021 letting me know the author is still active here so anyone knows any stories that doesn't or does fit the description

Comment posted by Swaggy deleted Aug 13th, 2021

Can we please start banning members who keep posting and deleting entire threads repeatedly?

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