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Comment posted by Strawberry Glow deleted Yesterday

Hey beutiful peeps, got a crossover between naruto and mlp named.
A heros's sacrifice for the emlements

would like constructive criticism but no hate.

love ya!


Comment posted by VisitingSasquatch deleted November 9th

How are stories added to this group?

Thanks but I found the author, and apparently it was taken down (hopefully temporarily)
And the titlewas 'I left my world for ponies?!' if you were wondering.

Can anyone help? I'm trying to find a book I read a while ago, but I dont remember the name, I know its a hie book, there was a world genie that let him go to whichever universe he wanted, and 2 other wishes, he got lightsabers that gave him abilities, he also later becomes the welder of the elements of harmony, the two lightsabers having the elements become engraved into them, and then he got stuck in time or another universe... Does anyone know what book it is, and could anyone provide a link?

Exchange by getmeouttahere

There was a story about Anon who has Celestia appear in his house and he has to run from an insane Twilight Sparkle, anyone remember the name? Can't find it anywhere.

does anyone know any human in equrestria fics where the human that goes to equrestria is black or african american

yea i am working on a fic like that with a friend i,ll let you know when its up

Ny'oh my gawd, my dudes and peeps, there isn't a Dayman in Equestria story! If I could write I'd totally wrote one.

Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knows any fanfics where humans becomes a draconiqus with chaos magic or just gains the chaos magic

Knock knock, I'm making a HIE one-shot.

Hey guys, liking the group so far. Some great stories on this site..

Anyway, I've come with a question. Well, more of a favor to ask. I am currently in the middle of writing my own story, 'fixing the balance', and could really use some feedback, possibly a beta reader. I came here because I figured this would be the best place to start. If anyone is willing to give me some help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Everypony! Just want to hop in and say hi. If only I discovered this group three weeks ago...

By the way, if anyone could please visit my story and give it some constructive criticism (but not too harsh) I really appreciate it. Because seriously, the only critics I ever got was when I failed moderation because of untidy paragraph.

Oh and here's some tip because it seems like somepony haven't figure it out. (Or to just you know, help the future members?)

- Rainbow Dash can be deactivated from the options menu, just toggle the pony off. (But why would you though? She's adorable.)

- There's a little trash icon near your story in the group folder, I think you can remove your story with it. (Haven't tested it yet and not the one in your story page, the one inside the folder.)

- Always start a story with something interesting, something new, something that will make anypony reading to wonder; 'What happens next?'. Then follow it with your personal twist and turns to bring you story to life. Something that will make your reader wonder and ask for more. (Take this advice with a small grain of salt, a dash of pepper, and some tomato sauce because I am not a professional writer.)

- A story doesn't have to start with a prologue, start at the middle and you might have the readers wondering. 'How did they get there?' Then, sprinkle some clues and mysteries. Let them figure it out.

- Magic vs Science... You see, Magic is a type of power, a type of energy. Science on the other hand is a method. You can't really have Magic going against Science because the very nature of science is to understand how the world works, how magic works. So the correct term would be Applied Magic vs Sophisticated Technology. Now that is quite interesting. I mean, between a gun and a magic beam who would win? It's your story it's up to you to decide. (By the way, I also explored this idea in my story.)

I think I just abused my writing privilege...

Good day/night everypony and see you later.

Comment posted by MARSOC deleted August 29th

I'm new to posting on this site, and I've got a fanfiction I'm not sure will pass muster. I don't know if it's totally within the rules of what can be posted. The rules state that copyrighted song lyrics cannot be posted, but I don't know if those conditions apply to my story, and it would be hard to rewrite the story without them.
I am open to beta readers, or anyone experienced in the site for help.

Hello everypony, in a few months I'll be releasing a book based on the Dork Diaries series. It's gonna be called: Dork Diaries: Tales of a NOT-SO fabulous life in Equestria.

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