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Welcome to the Human in Equestria group! Feel free to post your own stories in any folder they apply to! Browse a bit, and read some awesome HiE fics!

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Recommended Groups:

Unusual Humans in Equestria: If you want something a little different.

The Good HiE List: Dedicated to finding higher quality HIEs.

The Metafic Alliance: Non-Illegal Metafiction

Female in Equestria: Female encounters.

Countries in Equestria: Entire nations encounter Equestria.

Developing Nations Encounter Equestria: Developing nations encounter Equestria.

When Villains Invade: For stories in which human villains are in Equestria.

Beings with Super Powers: For all your OP needs!

Death, and the Colts in Black: Focused around death and the afterlife.

Displaced: A Multiversal Exploration of Characters removed from their home worlds and sent to new ones.

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Good to see this community is still thriving and writing amazing stories, keep up the good work and have a happy early New Year!

Comment posted by Sixcardroulette deleted November 29th

Hey does anyone know what happened to the author "Greyson" and his story "If this is hell, I've been a good boy" seems like the account was deleted or removed. Anyone have an info on it?

the major question is what year? is it 2277? or 2077?

anyone know some good CP tor links? my mom wont let me see my sister anymore :(

Anyone just want to chat or something.


...Seriously though it's nice to meet you all and I would love to see if I can get a little more exposure and feedback for my first fic on here 'Homer in Equestria: The Less than Epic Saga' :twilightsmile:

AW HELL YEAH, whatcha need?

Just curious, how do I get my story to the "main" folder? I'd like to add it there so more people see it, but I'm not sure how. It keeps saying I need to submit it to the "group" folder or something like that.

I'm trying to write a story that is long and is a series but I'm bad at writing I need a friend whose good at it and can write smut and pregnancy and can help me out I tried writing and got deleted maybe we can help each other on stories hmu if anyone wants to help girls or guys


Hi I'm new here so can I have some help?

quick question
does anypony want me to write a crack-fic one-shot on my avatar, because if so I will need all the science jokes and random science first glance no context bull hockey you all can provide.

Hey, was trying to find a HIE story where a guy builds a plane, crashes it in diamond dog territory and becomes a slave to the diamond dogs, then reenacts the escape from Vorkuta. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Question recently got back in reading stories on this site loved the HiE stories just wondering if there are any where the human is in the griffon kingdom and not in the ponylands curious cause that would seem like a interesting idea. thanks

I need help with my OP story.

I have a list of powers he gets, and I need help thinking of items he buys that will give him these powers.

Can grow or shrink to any size
Can control any element in the world
Super strength
Can make a creature as intelligent as a pony, but only works on a select few

Any suggestions?

I'm writing my first OP character story, and I want him to be displaced. WHo normally displaces the characters in such stories. And where can I learn about them?

Comment posted by SCIENTIFIC NUTJOB deleted August 4th
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