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Is it possible to get a Romance folder? cause there a big gap between clop and general.

Magic Vs Science..... Guys?

I would like o know the rainbow dash thing to its really annoying.

Can someone help me? I'm having trouble on what I should write on my prologue of my first story here. I've been thinking fro like three days and still came out nothing...... Any advice? Pwease? Oh and by the way 😊, how can I make Rainbow Dash stop appearing on the screen of my phone? It is starting to annoy me and it lags........ Although she kinda looks cute.

Hello, the humans brought me

How about just use a random Jetliner. Similar event but with no real world equal. This way you still get your story. Use your own characters.

For the story challenge, would it count as offensive or creative, to use the disappeared MH-370 flight to appear and crash land into ponyville, Sure its only like 300 - 500, but it's large enough?


I personally think it was an illness or something that could not be fixed but he didn't specify how he was going to die. but he did say it in a way that pointed in the direction of suicide.

excuse me but i have a request of you. A very nice user called Nosferus has died recently and Nosferus said anyone could take up his story afterwards so i wanted to ask if you would so kindly take up this wish. I know You probably have better things to do but it would mean so much to me if you could keep his sstory of Don't Get Cocky for me and the rest of his followers it... it would mean the world to me

good to see Thardoc doesn't even pay attention during the two minutes a week he's online

Anybody know someone by the name of rumplestiltskin

Oh yah know, usual shenanigans on April 1st.
Name got changed, tyrant appeared, took over, many rebelled while others didn't, but then they tyrant got bored and left.
Basic summary of those... dark, dark days under Dropbear... shivers

415029 What did I miss? Did something catastrophic happenen? :rainbowderp:

someone gain control of the group and nearly trashing it!? :pinkiegasp:

Can somepony tell me? If you don't mind that is.

Dropbear is a funny as fuck author. I'd recommend his stories

Umm, who exactly is Dropbear? I'm kind of out of the loop just by looking at the several comments that refers to this name. :rainbowhuh::derpyderp2:

First off ignore my first comment because i'm a incredible idiot.
Second, Hello! To! Everyone!
Third, If you didn't see it Don't worry about it let me keep my shame hidden.

Comment posted by Kokonoa deleted April 2nd

We are free! The dictator is gone! The false prophet is gone! We are free!
But I doubt that is all we will see of the false god Dropbear... we must prepare for the next confrontation my friends, for he will return for this kingdom...

God i love Dropbear so much, i just wanna OwO him.

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