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Welcome to the Human in Equestria group! Feel free to post your own stories in any folder they apply to! Browse a bit, and read some awesome HiE fics!

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Hello is anyone down to roleplay im doing one with a human adopted son with rainbow dash and twilight as the mothers dm my discord if you’d like to role play ShadowSinister665#1700

Hey just out of curiosity why isn't there a story with David Blaine here on fimfiction

It is thank u my friend

Wow, HiE managed to take the number 1 group spot from clopfics.... I think there’s less of “that side” of the fandom still here.

Can someone help me find a story its about a human being celestia and luna master and in this world the main 6 are fighters like twilight a mage stuff like that and one part of the story he used a spell that made the bad lands into a rain forest also he was playing a game but now he is his character the the lvl spells and all and this world has dungeons
If u know this story or if anyone finds it can u dm it to me please

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Owner left the fandom and instead of passing the group onto the admin whom said they would be happy to take over for them. The didn't respond to the pleading cries of the admins and members and just deleted it within a month which he said he was going to do even though it was unnecessary.

Hi there I'm new on this website and group and I'm looking for an editor cause i'm already working on a story with 2 chapters already published but I need help and I would love to get some help to send my story online and get people to be interested in it so that would be a huge help thanks!

Hey theres this story i liked but i forgot the name its a story about a kid who meets god gets thrown into equestria with 2 swords and a mask if you could find me it that would be cool

howdy. just joined the group, and my story shall follow me here as well. enjoy it if its your cup of tea.

I'm thinking my bunny days story would fit in both the human turned into other AND clopfic. Probably.

Daimando speaking. I've been wanting to do a variation of a human in Equestria storyline. But I don't just want it to be a small one. I want it to have its own unique universe, similar to Lauren Faust's vision, but also with its own vision and backstory.

Hey everypony your GeminiKnight here,i got plenty of human into Equestria story ideas, DM me for info😈😇

Hey everypony I need your help. A long while ago, I had read story where a guy gets his school high jacked by a group of terrorists. And after he escapes he almost runs over Luna. I'd really appreciate the help to find this story. I have been looking for it for a couple years now. Please and thank you.

Im looking for a story where a villain is roommates with a human

What’s the story where a human grew up in Equestria, with human parents, in the royal guard and he disguises himself as a anthro pony?

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