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Comment posted by TheCrimsonSoldier deleted March 3rd

Hey, I just came up with this epic idea: what if Conversion Bureau Equestria invaded the Helldivers universe?

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How do u make a new story on mobile?

Someone plz help me 🥲

The latest thread in this group is a scam. It doesn't belong in this group at all. Please delete the thread that belongs to gangnamsaigon.

Comment posted by Sad Clown deleted Nov 9th, 2023

Hi i'm looking 4 a story i read when i first discovered this site i started to read but stopped it's about a teen who is home alone and when he answers the door he is stabbed and dies but a spirit in the form of a alicorn takes him to eqestria but not before he takes his belongings with him can anyone help me find it for me ty

Help me find a story about a man who created Equestria (not Faust) from scratch, events happen before the main events of mlp, the story is not over, you can advise similar ones I will be grateful to everyone have a good day!

Are there any stories in which the main character ascends to the position of ruling a nation, like becoming the king or queen of a realm, as an example, the protagonist becoming the ruler of the Crystal Empire?

Ok so I remember reading a fimfiction story awhile ago problem is I can't remember it. All I remember is that a man goes to Equestria and I think he gets with rainbow dash. I also remember him getting cutie marks, more than 1 I think. 1 if I recall correctly is him touching a car and getting a cutie mark related to that.

Dang it this folders latest update got me thinking ALL GLORY TO THE OVERGOAT!!! was updating again.

Just throwing this comment out here for the heck of it, not really sure if it's going to get noticed or not.

I don't see enough "brony in Equestria" fanfictions, specifically where the brony (or pegasister if you will) DOESN'T get transformed into a pony or something other. I myself am planning to write a brony in Equestria fanfic and would like to know if there are any stories out there that might help my cause. Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Am I the only one who can't seem to access the mature rated stories?
even tho i switch the tab to allow it removes it immediately after refreshing page....

how do I fix this??

Is anyone else having problems with fimfiction not reading things to them today it will read one paragraph then stop or it wont read at all

I'm working on my own New story! It's called ''LOST ON EQUUS''
It's not out yet so you'll have to wait!!!:moustache:

Are you sure this doesn't have romance? The sequel said the mc is dating Luna I know there are some romance tag that don't have romance but that usually rare

this is a long series with multiple books but in my option its one of the best

Hey, Hey, Hey! I'm the newest member of this group, nice to meet everypony.

Can someone recommend me good HIE fic with no romance only platonic friendship and family please

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