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Hey y'all.

I'm wondering if you guys/gals have seen stories about a civil war breaking out in Equestria and the nations of Earth quickly come and help their equine allies? The reason I'm asking is because I'm writing a civil war story where the nations of Earth and Equus have been allied for nearly a decade. The story revolves around three ponies: Amber "DJ" Sap, Air Force; Stormy "Waves" Seas, Navy; and Rocky "Rumble" Road, SWAT turned Army. That's all I'm planning on giving out at this moment. But yeah, if there are any civil war stories like that can you please tell me? I'm looking to see the competition in this genre and what I should be expecting when it's finally done.

Thx, Commander Maverick

Looking for a spyro story where spyro flame and embers eggs end up in the swamp takes place in a new beginning and their raised along aside sparix

hey, was wondering if anyone knew about a story where a guy from China woke up as an inept griffin royal and had to try and blend in while fixing his rule? been trying to find it for while and keep coming up empty handed. (edit) seem it was called "a royal prince" and it's just up and dissapeared from the site.

Looking for a hie where human becomes a dragon rather than a pony. Does such a story even exist?

I tried to type the word in italic, but it won't let me so, how do you guys do that?

Hi I'm trying to find a story I started to read where in one of the chapters Celsestia and Luna send a human to defeat Sombra and the human decides he doesn't want to fight or kill him so he plays him in chess or checkers until he wins. Does anyone know what story that was?

Hello, everyone. I just joined to this fantastic site and group. I'm writting an Equestria Girls fanfiction with an interesting plot I got inspired a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy. The story is already posted in this group but I will also leave the link.

Just an idea, but what if a human was transported into Equestria, but because he was not part of the herd he was completely isolated? What kind of dark paths would his mind be forced to take without any kind of social support network?

What brought this line of questioning was a video I saw on YouTube that brings together a lot of sociological research over the past 20 years in an attempt to get at where the InCel movement is coming from.

Here's a link to the video in question. Just as a warning, the video is kind of long and, well, depressing.

added the story deteriorated to clopfics by accident. not sure how to get it out.

Not quite. This one is about an alicorn who was originally an alicorn, got "banished" for milinia to live life after reincarnated life as a human and has to now relive each life through magic visions won't each year and won't remember his original life until his 21st birthday. And he was Celestia's former lover, which he will also remember at 21.

I want to say the astral aegis series by Silvak or something written by autumn breeze, but I'm not certain that would be the appropriate response... I thought sunset shimmer was the alicorn of time, or simmilar considering she bears the CrossGen Logo.

Anybody know the name of a story where the protagonist is a young, blue, reincarnated alicorn of time?


Now I see why this is a popular group. I'm glad I joined.

It's so cool that this is the most popular group in FIMfanfiction.

Comment posted by Terry the human deleted March 18th

hows it hanging every hope every one having great day

Sitting on the toilet reading (classy am I right?) and I suddenly had an idea. A short story about the humans' quest for toilet paper.:facehoof:

Can anyone recommend any fics similar to Tears of a Foal?

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