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[shitposting loudly]

60s Spiderman is My Spirit Animal

Best Pony

Who am I?

Name: [redacted]
Gender: Whatever you want it to be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Age: 21
Homeland: Australia
Likes: Gamin', campin', explosions, dank memes, porn, dodgy porn, probably-illegal-in-some-countries porn, being an edgy fuck on the internet, Deadpool, 60s Spiderman, the shitposting cancerous meme culture that is Imgur, politically incorrect and dark humour.
Dislikes: pretty much every aspect of Tumblr except the porn, people who swear too fucking much, hypocrisy, people who don't put any sort of actual effort into their bios, fresh memes, 2srs4me people, people who are egotistical narcissists unironically, most fandoms, most internet cultures.

I'm a nice enough guy if you get to know me though, don't hate plx

Fanfiction in a nutshell

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Wake up, you disappointment to mankind

RIP Stiggerzz's userpage.

I want your eucalyptus.

2397422 Yeeeeeeeessssss it's the same as this

Stiggerrrrzzzz do you have steam?

2386499 it is always wise to have a friend filming if you do something stupid, for posterity reasons.

Never do what your parents wouldn't do, unless your friend is filming.



  • Viewing 3,038 - 3,057 of 3,057
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