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To those of us who worship the beauty of Flabbergasted. May he forever not give a fuck. Bow before his beauty.

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I just gave it to you. Congratulations.

Two thing.

1. I want admin status
2. where's my admin status?

In b4 Smiles joins. :raritywink:

Oh, yes. "I'll wear your skin like a coat."

Nice choice, I'll have to go with The Sinister Castler. I will wear the skin of a thousand orphans fashioned into a jacket proudly. I'll have my own chair made from the skulls and blood covered hearts of innocent newborns. My cloak is one formed from pure, solidified hatred.

You forgot the evil names, catchphrases and costumes!

I call dibs on 'The Nerfarious Dropbearius'.

I shall be clothed in the flayed skin of three hundred koalas, stitched together to form the mother of all onesies. I shall have a cape made from the finest gum tree bark in the lands and I shall wield the dreaded eucalyptus-oil coated branch of Tourist-Smiting!

My Catchphrase shall be:
"Look out below you bloody foriegn mongrels!"

You're right! Knighty must be dethroned. Firstly, we need to get fresh new recruits, weapons and high grade military technology if we are to battle his empire, all of this must be done secretly...

... why is it that it's the same twenty or so users on this site that cause all of the problems and make all of these wonderful groups?

We need to form some sort of evil super team or something and attemp to de-throne Knighty or whatever an evil superleague would do on a fanfic website.

*Cups Head in Palms*
Jesus Christ... *Sigh*
This is the fifth fucking time. :unsuresweetie:

Nigger you gay. :trixieshiftright:
You ain't gonna go all Misery on me are ya'?

I can't stop sucking your dick basking in your glory for five seconds.

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