The First Church of Morgan Freeman. 17 members · 16 stories

Praise Morgan Freeman, the God Almighty!

He explains everything for us and magically gains freckles by doing so, proving he is truly God!

The 3 Facts of Freemanism:

1. Jesus was black.

2. Ronald Reagan was the Devil.

3. The government is lying about 9/11.

That is all.

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357158 Morgan is to them what Zeus is to the Greek Gods; he is King of The Gods.

357119 Riddle me this, if those at Steam are Gods and Goddesses, then what is Morgan Freeman since they worship him?

How dare you call those glorious Steam Gods and Goddesses "filthy peasants"

the filthy tumblr peasants don't count.

Sorry to say that this isn't actually the first church. Just lookie here.

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