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Just the name of these objects scream of mephistophelean goals.
These malefic objects are the very source of every last one of our society's ills.
"How can a device intended to illuminate the darkness be evil? Surely this must speak volumes of their holy and benevolent nature?" I hear you ask. It is however really quite simple.
They are a diabolic technology created by Satan himself for his own maleficent ideals.
The 'light' emitted from the stygian engineering that make up their chthonian construction is actually the illumination from the very inferno that makes up the devil's abode.
This immoral and heinous illumination from hell doesn't just allow you to see in the dark, no, it literally burns away parts of your very soul with each use leaving only a sinister and grievous excuse of a human being.
Rape, murder, theft, and even petty emotionally damaging insults can all be traced back to the unholy purpose these fiendish contraptions of lucifer.
In short they are the worst things in the universe.
Join me brothers and let us rid the world of these flagitious and monstrous devices.

Stop the abuse.

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I agree, these diabolic originators of such wicked lambency must be put to an end!

First, I was thinking this group was against Flash x Twilight shippings...


Can I still use my olde timey lantern?

Jesus, I thought I was alone.

Good to see that there are other scholars out there that have caught on to the truth. This group gives me hope again. We'll still destroy all these fucking things yet.

50th member. :moustache:

Fuck flashlights.

No, flashlights are pure malice.
This is intended to mock those who take the ship way too fucking seriously.

I really hope this is just an analogy to the fact that the FlashLight ship is unholy by all means. Or that I'm just crazy because they wouldn't allow it if it wasn't ponies.



I'm only joining this group to stalk Stiggerzz.:pinkiecrazy:

because you hate flashlight.

Why am I here? :applejackconfused:

:twilightblush: i don't believe this.

The ultimate group

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