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Since there seems to be no dedicated group to bronies who happen to practice in the martial arts. I thought i'd make this one.

Some ground rules to start with.

1. Please be respectful to others and try to avoid things like "My martial art is better than yours."
2. It's okay to talk about your school or your story, but please do not use this group as a promotion tool unless the story directly correlates and is about martial arts. A character that uses a martial art does not count.
3. Don't spam.
4. Don't lie about your martial art skill or knowledge, there are people here who genuinely know what they are talking about and will call you out on it.
5. Don't hate. Nobody cares how much you hate a certain art or style.

Finally, feel free to introduce yourself in our introduction thread!

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I'm pretty sure there's only 7 people, so 9/10 people means that there's a chance that all of us are unfit, that which I doubt:facehoof:

BTW, I do Shotokan karate and I can jog several miles nonstop. What I'm more curious about is what martial arts the others are doing:rainbowhuh:

405306 lol you're probably right, here's hoping they can get to that point one day though. That's what training is all about. :ajsmug:

9/10 people who join this group wish they were fit enough to walk down the street.

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