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Eagle Heart

Just some guy who thinks he's cool, when clearly he's not.

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Get mentioned by someone on the site [x]

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Gain motivation to write again [x]

Why are you still reading this? [ ]

I think I should say something... [ ]

I like polar bears when they ice cream [ ]

Become widely known in the fandom or at least have a story widely known in the fandom [ ] (We all know this ain't gonna happen.)


Yo who here likes youtube? · 4:30am Jun 27th, 2017

Everyone pretty much knows I still do song covers (i've gotten a million times better and it's now actually worth listening to rather than trite mixed with garbage.) Well I've got my youtube channel back up and running (you know the one) for such a thing.

That's the latest one i've done so far. Be sure to leave a comment here or there, preferably there but you do what you want and I can't stop you. I've only got so much chloroform.

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Ways to contact me for friendship reasons or just to talk.

Skype: Sonofbelz

Steam: Eagle Heart

Email: PM me.

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Thanks for the follow!

Did you get your username off the show Eagle Heart?

Thanks for the follow!

Ayy, thanks for tha follow. m8

Thanks for the follow brah. How come I earned it?

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