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This is a group dedicated to the Palladium RPG. A place where we can keep people up to date on our stories as well as organize groups for playing said game.

This group primarily focuses around the First Edition of the game and it's the only edition I have the guide for.

Basic rules of the group:

Be respectful to fellow members and players. Each member may have differing opinions and preferences on how they play the game or how they feel about it.

Please stay on topic while posting in a thread, though threads can be about anything really. Just try to have it relate as much as possible to the group.

When posting a thread, ones to attack other people or ideals are forbidden and will be immediately removed with a warning. No exceptions. Opinions are nice, but not when you force them on someone and hurt them for having a different one.

Some rules/guidelines when playing the game.

If you're new to being a DM, I suggest having a group of NO MORE than 4 people including yourself. Experienced ones may want to try 6-8 in their group. I say this because having too many people can be tough for the DM to manage, especially when it comes to collecting and managing incoming information from players.

DMs are allowed to also play a character while DMing but it is not suggested when there's a lot of people. The DM also needs to be responsible because this can lead to cheating to make their character awesome.

Be honest with your rolls, since most of this is done over Skype, it's easy to roll a 10 but say you rolled 18. Being honest about your numbers keeps you humble and makes the game more fun for everyone.

If you are new to the game, DO NOT be afraid to ask questions about how to play or what to do. Any member or mod should be willing to help you out. Especially with creating your character, which there will be a guide on soon but for now Eagle Heart handles the character creations by walking you through it.

I highly encourage everyone to tell their friends about this group. I believe that if we get a good amount of people going, it could allow for a truly amazing and fun experience while playing this game.

Skype is a requirement for this, as well as at least working audio. Mics are preferred but if you can't that's fine. You can add me (eagle) at Sonofbelz or Eagle Heart on skype.

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I like to play Rifts with my friends. :twilightsmile:

346034 Add me on skype then and we can discuss details. :ajsmug:

Sounds like fun. I'd love to play

If you have any questions about the game itself, ask me here or in PMs until a proper thread is made.

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