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'Twas the ninth of December, a nondescript day,
When on this here site, full of whinny and nay,
A writer noticed blog-posts, proclaiming a trend.
"Oh boy, a bandwagon, I best jump on, like I do to no end."
This little furor demanded of watchers,
They get into the season, like all of the others.
Their avatars would, for the rest of the year,
Be clad in a red and white piece of head-gear.
"But woe is me," our young writer thought,
"At editing pictures, I suck rather a lot."

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1175693 I'll read the stories and tell you what I think of them. Though don't expect anything too quickly. I'm doing exams at the moment and need to perform in a musical this weekend, so I don't exactly have all the time in the world. Additionally, I'm not the quickest reader, and with 5 parts of around 10 chapters each, this is not a series I'm gonna get through quickly. I'll do the best I can, though.

1174831 Because I saw you review suomi's story. I thought I'd ask someone who probably hasn't read them yet to tell me if my character really is a mary-sue. I've been accused of it by the Royal Guards and need confirmation from an outsider and not just an insider.

I made a series called "From man to mare" that was my ice breaker and is, surprisingly, still one of my most loved series (but its fame hasn't left this site it seems:applejackunsure:). I only sent the first one, but those who read the series said that the main character evolved properly and reacted correctly to each scenario given how she evolved. Be warned, though, that I've only checked teh spullingz of the first one so far.

1173962 I'm not gonna say I'm good at it, but I do like giving my opinion on stories, whether it be positive or negative. I also like gender bending stories, so you're good there. Any particular reason you're asking me this?

Say, do you like to review gender bending stories?

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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