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Post-Holiday Wrapups · 12:55am Jan 4th, 2016

Apologies for those waiting for Ponytale... and every other story I've started and then stopped.
Right now I'm getting caught in a situation where I should be receiving my associates and taking meetings on where to find work in IT. It's a complicated matter and it needs to be resolved before I can move on.

Stories that I have done (OR DID I?!)

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1238058 Oh! Haven't taken that into consideration. I can often forget what the terminology of shipping is. I'm one of those guys that refuses to accept the existence of Flash Sentry. He was just a means to an end in a movie, and the only things you knew about him was he was the boyfriend of Sunset Shimmer and was generally a good guy. I may do one IF they expand on him, but as of now, I'm afraid not.

What hes meaning is shipping Flash Sentry and Twilight, hence the term 'Flashlight fic'.

1237964 Flashlight? Not entirely sure what you mean. Is it a game that I may not have heard about?

Ever considered of making a Flashlight story?

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