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Arcadia Arcanum

Arcadia wants to say something... (this dialog is always in character and please follow any instructions given for best results)

( play all videos in order as you read, and stop any video currently playing when you get to the next video )

"Hello Canterlot, Arcadia's back in town." I announced to everypony at The Grand Galloping Gala.

(Start this video at 0:05)

"It can't be!" whispered Celestia in fear.

" Oh no, your old eyes do not deceive you Celly; After all, who'd know me better than you." i said with venom in my voice.

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Thanks for favoriting my failure of fluff, Romancing the (Martial) Artist!

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

Oh hello there kind fellow...I see that you have given me a follow dear fellow...may I be kind and ask why?....

gosh damn it that fucking sucked...this is what I get for staying up for 24 hours...

Thank you for adding Chaos at Mach 20 to your favourites!

This is an Equestria Girls and Three Stooges crossover I made:

From Repair to Despair

I thought I’d show it to you after finding you in the Three Stooges Fan group.

  • Viewing 85 - 89 of 89
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