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This group is devoted to stories written in the universe where Aether's story take place.

Rules on side-stories.
1. To be considered the possibility of being canon, they have to adhere to the rules set up by Silvak. Otherwise they will moved to a folder that would be created for non-canon stories.
2. Even if considered canon, all side stories will not have any bearing on the main story of Aether. No exceptions.
3. There is no need to ask Silvak about writing a side-story. However, it will eventually be reviewed, and placed in either a canon folder or a non-canon folder. Remember, stories can be moved from either folder to the other depending on the story line.
4. If you don't care about having your story be canon, then feel free to write whatever you want. Though, mature rated stories will be pushed into their own separate folders for the safety reasons.
More to be added later.

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