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This is a group dedicated to the masterpiece of Law Abiding Pony, The Chaotic Touch of Harmony!

A unique fanfic, based in a universe first created by the author, humans transform into ponies, and gain understanding of magic, just before a time of great calamity; The Mion Invasion. Only through clever use of their new knowledge will humanity survive...

Joiners are welcome; We look forwards to any side-fics to come!

Hello there! I’m one of the Editors of CToH and I wanted to try to help anybody that would like to try writing a side story so I made this Timeline! This is all rough, I skimmed through Part 1 and came up with this. I may have missed something and both LAP and I encourage you to give input or point out something missed or forgotten. Spoilers Ahead!


Roughly 4 & ½ months
Best guess starts Saturday 16 March 2013

Day 1 - TF begins
Day 2 - TG, TF finishes
Day 3 - Alexia learns TK
Day 4&5 - Meets Conrad and Loki
Week 2 - International Science Fair, Herald arrives
+6 days - First Infection, Twins conceived
1 Month in (or pretty close) - Alexia CM, Party, Discord, Picked up, Arrive at Ranch
+1 day - Loki CM
+3 days - Contact with Twilight
+1 week - Meet Thompson, Cult, Michael
+3 weeks - Anti-Magic, Crimson, Twins, Conrad CM
2 Months in
+2 weeks - Rocky Springs
- Wyoming Ranch closes (somewhere around 3 month period)
+3 weeks - Alex’s Flare, Crimson CM (Saturday)
- Sunday, Herd formed
- Monday, ‘Princess’
- Tuesday, Alex’s Address, Attack on DC, (late evening/ early next day) Bowler’s Attack
Next Friday Alex recovers, Herd leaves Ranch
Saturday Oppenheim
+3 days - stay quarantined at hotel in San Francisco
Arrive in Trinity Wednesday

Part 1 Ends

Saw something wrong? Or just want to make a comment or ask a question? Post it here!

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Working on a fic, having trouble with the mods. Hoping to get it fixed.

Writer picked it up :twilightblush:
We are go! now just need to find out how to run a group XD First thing's first... Streamline it by adding each of the main fics... :twilightsheepish:

Waiting on the writer and his friend for legitimacy. If they pick it up, we'll see how this crazy ride goes :pinkiecrazy: If they don't, dead group.

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