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MotH Chapter might have been a bit early · 3:26am September 27th

So after some consideration from comments and my "pain in the ass" editor*, I have decided to unpublish the latest chapter and write a new one to happen before it.

*his words not mine.

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How can we get more chapters of Chaotic Touch of Harmony?

I have finally found the picture your avitar comes from; it is more awesome than I thought it would be :rainbowdetermined2:

can you work on friendship beyond equestria Please I really like the story and I wanted to continue

Ooh, a patreon sounds good

Hey, do you have a patreon or something? I'd like to give you money again and suggest you work on Chaotic Touch of Harmoy some more :3

  • Viewing 180 - 184 of 184
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