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The Great Freeze. Was it our hubris in controlling the sun, or was it that others started to covet that control? At this point, the whos and the whys don’t change anything. Our star is dying, and those responsible for it are long dead. Their causes and motives, lost to all but a few.

For the past hundred years, our sun has been growing dimmer, kept alive only by Celestia’s constant efforts. But not even she nor the legion of magi and scientists can stop the inevitable.

Our only choice is to flee to a new world, one that could give our doomed species a second chance. The Seeding colony ship is that chance. There are so many worth saving, and yet so very few seats.

May our children never forget the sacrifice of those we leave behind.

~Excerpt from Princess Twilight Sparkle’s journal three days before Seeding.

While this fic will borrow heavily from Beyond Earth, it will be written so that you do not have to know anything about BE to enjoy the story.

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Comments ( 1031 )

well... this sounds interesting

this fic will borrow heavily from Beyond Earth

What is Beyond Earth in this context?

6865264 Sounds like the Civ game Beyond Earth based on the description.

The only possible reason I have to disagree with the decision to write this is that it'll distract you from the Hive Universe, that said I am tracking and liking this, favoriting shall wait until at least one more chapter has been published, I have standards.

lol... writers write what they want, esp. when they are getting payed for it what Law Abiding Pony is getting paid for everything he writes currently.

I will read this, but later, probably when it gets close to marked as finished.

Why do I get the feeling you're on the east coast being buried like I am? "The Great Freeze" XD

[cough] Done making bad jokes now. I'm interested to see where this story goes.

Love it! Needs a bit of editing though. You've got at least one case of a Your -> You're and a formatting error just before the poem.
Have an up vote and, as always when it comes to your work, looking forward to more.

Holy Crap, this sounds awesome. I cannot wait for more. :rainbowdetermined2:

Interesting, a sci-fi from law abiding pony. Guess I'll have to read this instead of CToH 3. Also a nice coincidence seeing as how I've been enjoying BE since I picked it up in the current humble bundle.

Well, I'm hooked

I know this is quite a bit early for speculation on plot development. With that being said, I really hope that Twilight won't slowly go insane over the time she stays awake without social interaction. Voyager has to have some kind of companionship functions, right? :trixieshiftright:

I'm very interested to see where this story goes. It has a good start, and I'm a fan of Beyond Earth, so I'm curious what you'll take, and what you'll leave behind. No human tag, so I expect we won't see any cameos from them as another race, but the Griffons and Minotaurs are an interesting replacement. I assume each will be one of the three aspects? Harmony, Purity, and Supremacy...

*tugs thoughtfully at his magnificent beard*
Interesting. Interesting indeed!

Is my eyes deceiving me? A rare Civilization crossover on this site? Oh boy, better double time on my story now.

It's nice to see these stories. Only one question. How will it be played out? Is the story going to follow the path of a Civ game or will it just be an adventure story with elements from the Civ:BE Universe. Just curious.

Otherwise, I can't wait to read on:twilightsmile:

6865391 Gotta love 22 inches of snow, right? Spent 45 minutes shoveling, and right as I finished the blizzard hit even harder.
Guess that's life.
Stay warm, dude!

he let

I don't think the 17 extra spaces were intentional, but who knows. :applejackunsure:

will we learn how the mane characters died and if they have any descendants on seed 1

Very good intro, looking forward to more, good work. :twilightsmile:


That's correct. This is based on the concepts of Civ: BE.


Aside from you and a couple others, I only get paid in comments and followers. Which is fine by me.


I have to admit my recent play of the game prompted me to write it as well.


While she doesn't physically need to, Twilight will still be in cryo for most of the journey.


:trixieshiftleft: He was just really hesitant that's all, honest. :trixieshiftright:


All I will say here is that Prism is RD's descendant.

I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Hope the princesses reunite one day :fluttercry:

Now THIS is something interesting but I wonder...is the planet there going earth?

6867725 I have got to ask, in this story is Twilight considered immortal like Celestia and Luna?


Twilight is immune to age, and is highly resistant to disease due to her alicorn nature, but no being is truly immortal in my stories.

I'm rooting for Promised Land ending :)

All stories are based on conflict. All I can wonder is how hard the Sh*t's gonna hit the fan. Hmmm...

Ohh, Sapient aliens! Like Europeans VS Native Americans!

A planetary war with the Griffons are the Minotaur? Those were always my favorite in Civ.

Keep guessing! Reply to brainstorm!

6867725 I just hope she doesn't over do it. Although even if she does, she always has her books :rainbowlaugh:

6867823 While interesting... I'd doubt it due to the lack of the "Human Tag"

Yeah same here but it doesn't hurt to ask.

really happy there ISN'T a human tag for this story. it's what pushes me away from the sci-fi tag alot. maybe this one won't ^^ I will wait to read it though, until more chapters have been added. Still, thank you for writing it.

Looks promising, will keep an eye on this.

I just started binge-reading "Of The Hive", so another story from the same author is exactly what I'm looking for!

This could be promising... continue...

I shall track for now, who knows, if you're committed towards finishing I'll favorite it.

I love colony stories of any fandom, this has all the makings of a great one.

This has potential--will keep an eye on it... :twilightsmile:

Damn if this story doesn't have quite the BIG hook in it

Darn you L.A.P. Now I must add another to my read list by you. Alas, I shall offer hugs and hope for many good things in your future as ever. Have a good day too.

.... Alright.

Let's see where this goes.


Obviously a Star Trek reference, right?

Amazing start! Can't wait to see where it goes from here, pacing is good, and the setup have that true bitter yet hopeful atmosphere that the Beyond Earth carry in the into. :twilightsmile:

Way to pull me into reading this story.

I've been playing Beyond Earth nonstop for the past 3 days with a friend, now I get to read a story inbetween turns.


This was incredible. It reminds me so much of the opening cut scene of Beyond Earth. Just... Damn. Excellent.

Or, y'know, the Voyager program from the 70s.

Or the USS Voyager from 1917.
Or the HMAS Voyager from 1918.
Or the HMAS Voyager from 1952...

You have my attention! and what is Beyond Earth?

Beyond Earth is Civilisation IN SPAAAAAAAACE!!!!!
That is to say it's a 4X strategy game set on an alien planet with humanity setting up colonies and trying to survive. Although here the various human groups seem to have been replaced by ponies, griffons and minotaurs.

This looks very interesting so far. A very poignant start, and you are very good at pulling on the emotions. This is the first story of yours I've read, so I may have to check the others out if you consistently write at this level of quality.

How long will they travel, and how far away is the planet?

If only my emotions weren't the biggest piece of shit ever. I felt like I should have been crying.

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