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Friendship, the Final Frontier.
When a Starfleet ship discovers that the Orion Syndicate is enslaving ponies, her commander decides to do a good deed and return the rainbow-maned pegasus home to Equestria. Things don't go smoothly for the crew of the USS Judges, but what they find may be one of their biggest discoveries ever.
A Friendship Is Magic/Star Trek Online crossover.

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i bet this is your ship from star trek online, oh how i wish i could play.....

One of my first ships, yeah. Most of the OCs are going to be based on my characters and bridge officers from the game.

You do know that STO went free-to-play two months back, right?

416779 yes i do but my father FORBIDS me to play online games, and online interactions. He doesn't know i do pony sites, but he does know that I like ponies.

So far so good. I'd like to see more of this.



I am liking this so far and I am looking forward to seeing more whenever you post them.

Oh and hopefully there were no ponies on that first ship that the Judges destroyed.

Hm..will read this later, but just scrolling to see "‘Sexy,’ or ‘Hot Mamma,’ while off duty" turned me off when i saw it, no starfleet officer would say that.

Im a Gnome and im ok whit this

Yeah, I wasn't sure about if I should keep that bit either. While it's in character for Delilah to describe herself such, she forces herself to keep a strict line between her duty and her sex life.

Thanks for the feedback, I may cut that bit.

Finnaly got to reading it, was quite interesting and fun read, hope to see more.

Hmm, I get where you are coming from, but there are other ways for her to make that known. Starfleet officers should watch their speech when dealing with unknown life-form and specialy at first-contacts. All IMHO offcorse.

While Commander Delilah O'Niel is a well fleshed out character, there are limits of what I can put into the story without it becoming less of a fun read. Having her drop things like this in passing is a way to show more of her character.

Being Batazoid, Delilah is telepathic/empathic, and the customary openness and honesty of her people becomes, for her, a certain blunt/rough charm; she's thinking less about 'first contact' issues than she is about convincing the victimized pegasus that she's there to help. She's betting that some informality will help with that, and hopefully repair the first impression created by Raat's fussyness.

Anyway, for those of you wanting to see more, here's a preview of what will be in the next chapter:

A flashback to Rainbow Dash being put into the box, (more interesting to read than a narrative of Dash talking) holodeck therapy, and the command team of USS Judges deciding where to go next.


I wonder how the capture worked. If you take the powers shown in the show seriously, Equestria (heck, just each of the Princesses) represents at least a high end Kardashev Type I civilization and possibly a Type II (fully controlling the sun and living environment) roleplaying a medieval society. And that's from even before the Princesses took over the duties with the sun and moon.

The ponies may run away from dragons, but do note that the dragons don't seem to go out of their way to antagonize the ponies.

*finds Kardashev scale on wikipedia*
You've got some good points, things I had to take into consideration in planning how the story would go. Much will be revealed by the end of this first story, and while I had to make some adaptions for everything to work together, I'm going to try and stay as true to the show as I can.

As for the capture, that'll be explained in Chapter 2.


Having thought about it, I'd just make it Derpy's fault. Most PG way to do it. Of course, it's up to you and I'm most interested in what you've come up with.

416970 well not every starfleet officers is by the book drones, some are a bit loose then the sticks up in asses like most of starfleet.

At most she was telling a joke to make Dash feel more comfortable around her

Was leery at first, but now I like this story.

Hmmm, Star Trek Online? Okay, I'll bite. I still enjoy that game (Yay, Lifetime Sub for extra Cryptic points :yay: ). Well written, funny, and I love Dash's response and attitude. Also having the translators take some time to work out Equestrian was a nice touch. Kudos. Tracked/Faved. :moustache:

I'm sensing future complications involving a certain Prime Directive. :twilightoops: Also, go go Fluttershy :flutterrage: and Dash! :rainbowdetermined2:

Good to know someone noticed the humor angle. :pinkiehappy: And yeah, I liked how I managed to get into Rainbow Dash's head for that bit; I hope to put in more 'culture clash' in later chapters.

The applicability of the prime directive shall be debated! As well as the costs for violation.

And while you can guess that the scene will end with Dash Shipping, none of the mane 6 (or Champions of Harmony, as I'll likely refer to them) are pushovers.


As the Prime Directive goes; the premise you've set up is an interesting conundrum for any Starfleet captain. Technically it's being trod all over already and the crew is being a corrective force. Certainly will be interesting to see what a pro-active captain like Delilah will do. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, and I want to say that I found the opening of the first chapter to be particularly excellent. I loved the dialogue and how professional the crew were. :twilightsmile:

Ah yes, our first look at the officers of the USS Judges... their talking and planning before the battle allowed me to start establishing who they were, how they each looked at problems, etc, and establishing a good plan BEFORE the battle let me omit the battle itself. I got some inspiration from David Weber there, but I decided to avoid pages of exposition as to why space piracy can happen. It happens because it makes for good stories, dangit!:pinkiecrazy:


I thought it happened because it is what the Orion Syndicate does... I mean, I've blown enough of their frigates to kingdom come that have been preying on that poor little cargo ship just 'south' of the Sol system to make a Dyson's Sphere with the scrap. :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, you never specified, but given the rank of Delilah, I'm guessing she is in command of a Defiant class vessel. Or is it an NX, like in the stories picture? :twilightsmile:

It's a NX class like in the picture, or as I called it in the text, a light escort. (The Defiant is a Tactical Escort) I'm fudging the rank and ship permissions from the game to something that feels more reasonable to me, and let me spread out the ranks of her officers. I'm borrowing the setting from Star Trek Online, not the game mechanics. The short version is that she's at the start of her career commanding ships. Some of this stuff will come up in the rest of chapter 2, when Delilah sits down with her department heads.

Seems to me that it should be safe enough for the USS Judges to intervene in the current crisis -- Equestria has already made (nonconsensual) first contact with aliens here, so at least the "can't even let the natives know we exist" angle of the Prime Directive should no longer apply.

That said, while I'm no 23rd/24th-century ST universe lawyer, I'd expect that once the situation is resolved, the Federation will probably want to limit contact again to avoid unduly "polluting" Equestrian culture with outside influences at least for the time being. Some communiques here, a diplomat there, but no tourism or major exchange of technology until the ponies are good and ready on their own merits. Of course, when dealing with a world full of magical ponies with ideas of their own, whether what the Federation wants is what the Federation ultimately gets may be another matter...

You should probably attach it to the end of chapter 2 now. Just my two bits. Also, I'd recommend not posting partial chapters in the future and instead waiting until you get the chapter done. Most people can and are willing to wait a few more days to get a completed chapter than have it come in bits and pieces. Again, just my two bits.

The writing is still rather good, though I noticed one error:

"As the fight continued, Dash found that she was taking more punishment than she was taking."

Looks like that should read giving. :twilightsmile:

Keep it up. I am looking forward to what happens next. :rainbowdetermined2:

Three good points! In reverse order:
Good catch, and fixed. I use MS Word to write the stories, and while it catches and fixes most of my mistakes (spelling can be a big issue of mine), stuff like that can sneak in. :derpyderp1:

While I agree that I should be posting complete chapters, I was afraid that if I didn't post SOMETHING, instead waiting until I had a complete chapter, that I'd keep putting it off forever, and the story would die. That would have made me sad. :fluttercry: Posting the first half of the scene yesterday was a compromise meant to get me off my flank and writing. Posting the rest of the scene today was so I didn't leave readers hanging like with a sentence that

(see what I did there? :rainbowlaugh:)

As for merging them... One of the things that bugs me when reading fics is when I have to find my place in the middle of a chapter. This is particularly a problem when reading on a web page. I don't want to waste my readers' time by making them check and re-check a posted chapter to see if I've finished it, or make them hunt for the new stuff by putting up a merged chapter and taking down the partial chapter. That's why I plan to put them together only once there are a few more chapters between them and the end of the list of chapters. :twilightsmile: I'll edit the story description to let readers know what happened, and that they don't have to read the merged chapter again to understand everything.


As a fellow user of MSword, I understand your pain when it comes to spelling. :twilightoops:

Okay, I can understand your feelings and why you're posting like you are. Just have more confidence in yourself that you will get chapters done. :twilightsmile:

I just had a thought. Given how strong Fluttershy and Dash are in a fight, what is Twilight going to be like? :twilightoops:

Letting Dash run around the holodeck? Picard would do an epic face-palm at Delilah's decisions me thinks. Then again, he's stomped all over the PD a few times himself. :rainbowlaugh: Not that I blame her. Heck, I'd be showing Dash the warp core and enthusing about how my ship could break lightspeeds. :rainbowdetermined2:

I like the personalities of Raat and Bindalla and Syoosi. :twilightsmile:

Actually, Delilah hasn't given Dash any permissions to control the holodeck programming, and the sensors built into the system are able to study how she is moving and flying (even if they won't notice some important parts of the mechanics behind her flight). While Delilah is explaining things enough to Dash, she's not handing over any tangible proof.

And yeah, I like how those three have been developing for me.

It is more just showing her holotech. Don't have to let her control it. Actually, I think it is good, as it distinguishes Delilah from the shows captains. She strikes me as a bit Kirk-ish. Act first and go by the gut, but with a plan. :twilightsheepish:

I wonder how sensitive the Judges internal sensors are, if they'll be able to detect the underlying 'magic' as Technobabble Fields of Sciiiiiiiience. I can hear Data, Kim, or Spock spouting a long explanation about how Dash flies now. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, Dash is doing well, now how will the U.S.S. Judges and her crew react when they find equestria? That will blow intergalactic minds to be sure... and then Celestia will inevitably either make the OFC or commission a spaceforce and/or join the Federation. That would be promising.

I find myself wondering why Rainbow Dash was apparently the only Equestrian carried aboard the captured ship. I mean, sure, she's awesome and all, but that still doesn't quite explain why the slavers would single her out like that. I hope we'll get an explanation for that eventually...

...and while I'm at it, I also hope it won't turn out that all the other captives just happened to be on the other frigate. You know, the one that was destroyed outright...

No, there weren't any ponies on the destroyed ship.

And there is a fairly simple reason why Rainbow Dash was separated from the others, one you should be able to guess.

More will be revealed in the next chapter.

.... how is an Orion commanding a Klingon ship?

529644 On Star Trek online, I'm a Gorn commanding a Klingon ship. More please.

It's a Star Trek Online thing. The year is 2409 (Earth Common Era) The Klingon Empire now also includes Orion, Gorn, Lethean, and Nausican groups. (At least as playable races)

This Orion captain is based off of my own character, and has a story of her own, reasons for joining the Klingon Defense Force despite her connections to the mysterious Valda Group. I don't know how much of that story will wind up here, as it probably won't contain much MLP... Unlike Delilah O'Niel, who may wind up going in a radically different direction than if she hadn't met Rainbow Dash.

Hmmm, lost the Judges in a spectacular fireball? Time for a U.S.S. Judges-A! :rainbowdetermined2:

Did twilight just state that she had a plan for THIS?!

Why aren't equestrians offered as playable races in STO anyway? that would rock... though hasbro would probably have an anyuerism...

Like I said, more questions than answers in this chapter!

And that would be awesome: each variety would have their own space and ground bonuses... And being able to fly would make the away missions much more fun.

Alas, I won't be able to bring that about until story 3.

530421 Yeah... but heck, why not make this different from the average open and shut crossover and have Equestria join greater quadrant politics. Leave it open ended for further stories and at the same time sensibly join it with STO canon. Griffons could join the Klingon empire and the other races would probably join the federation... and luna's moon would have company in orbit if they built a station.

Did you notice where I mentioned 'Story 3'? I've already had some ideas along those lines. ;) I'm not going to spoil things yet, but my most ambitious ideas for this story series will involve Equestria's impact on the Federation/Klingon conflict, and expanding to influence the whole of the Milky Way.

Hmmm, you're giving me some ideas that could fit into the "As yet un-ordered story"

I've been imagining an NX class starship this whole time because of the story picture, but that can't be right. 2400's? An NX would be WAY out of date.

And wait, Did the Federation and the Empire go to war again? Last I checked they were at peace since the Enterprise-C's destruction.

Well, yes, it is right... Kinda. Some history buffs rebuilt the NX Class starship using modern technology. Starfleet found it made a good light escort ship. It's significantly faster than the original NX ships were, more capable, etc.
At least that's the IC explanation, the OOC explanation is that it makes good business sense to make all of the ships that stared in a series or movie available. It's available on the C-Point store, but I got it free as part of the Alienware promotion.

And yes, the Federation and Klingons are at war again... mind you, they do cooperate against the Borg, and other 'special threats' that crop up occasionaly.

I can't wait to see the explanation for the whole sun/moon thing, I mean really. Maybe it's just a magical projection? Or possibly the princesses control the rotation speed of the planet? (thought that would incur heavy penalties in terms of unexplained gravity fluxes.

Sorry to say, you'd be waiting a long time to see those explanations in the story. It'd be several more stories down the line before the Royal Pony Sisters explained things about themselves, and what they're capable of, and they're very careful not to let anyone get a 'scientific' look at their upper-end abilities.

So, might as well put it here. As for controlling the sun, you're right, Celestia and Luna can control the rotation of the planet Equestria. If the U.S.S. Judges had been around last time this had happened, their sensors would have detected the whole planet being wrapped in an inertial dampening field.

As for the moon, the only thing I've seen in the show stating that the moon is locked into reverse sync with the sun is the book Twilight was reading at the very beginning, which I've classified as "legendary poetry," not "rigorously accurate description", which lets me ignore it for purposes of my story. In my story, the moon orbits the planet about once every month or so, goes through phases, and there are rare solar and lunar eclipses.

I made a choice when I started this thing that I would be putting the two settings into one consistent world, as I wasn't really interested in writing something where characters from one world 'fall through the looking glass' into another world where the old rules didn't apply. I don't like those kinds of stories as much.

I have the feeling that if the whole incident ever makes it to a court, it'll now be less about a breach of the Prime Directive and more about criminal negligence leading to the loss of a Federation vessel (or whatever the precise legalese wording would be). "Commander O'Niel, you entered what was by all accounts available to you at the time a system potentially under the control of hostile forces -- some of whom might quite plausibly be cloaked or otherwise able to evade early detection -- without raising your ship's shields or taking any other precautions against attack. Do you have any explanation for this apparent lapse of judgment?"

Of course, the Klingon/Orion commander's clearly clinging to her own idiot ball no less firmly in failing to ensure that any potential survivors are accounted for. (You'd think she's never even heard of transporters.) I get that the point was presumably to get our Federation characters stranded downside without their ship -- or by extension anybody else offworld, since without the Judges they're effectively incommunicado until further notice -- for backup, but I think that could've been handled a bit more elegantly.

You've got some good points... but I probably won't change things yet. I could hang some lampshades by having the Klingons do something that took down the shields quickly or some such, but unless I get a much better idea, I won't re-write the chapter. (One of the things I hated about reading Past Sins was how the author insisted that we had to go back and re-read chapters.)

Mind you, if someone gave me a great suggestion for fixing it, I might change it... Send me a PM if you have any ideas you'd like to share on that point. As it stands, her judgement will be questioned at the end of the story.

As for the Orion captain of the Klingon ship... She /is/ an idiot. She's violent idiot savant, who would be dead now if she didn't have her officers managing her so well, but that's something I didn't have narrative space to explore. She does know that some of the Federation crew may have survived, but she doesn't care, that's her mother's problem.

Further, her sensors were blinded by the blast, and if the Bird-of-Prey's shields weren't in the process of coming up, there's a good chance it could have been destroyed as well. The Judges was much closer, so she assumed that the hull had been shattered, instead of simply crippled.

Like I said, I'm open to new ideas, but I don't want to waste my readers' time.

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