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MotH Chapter might have been a bit early · 3:26am Sep 27th, 2019

So after some consideration from comments and my "pain in the ass" editor*, I have decided to unpublish the latest chapter and write a new one to happen before it.

*his words not mine.

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Last hive book · 1:04am Dec 27th, 2017

I suppose I should have done this weeks ago, but for those of you who missed it the final hive book is started here. Mother of the hives

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Golden Grains and Paint Brush · 5:38pm Jun 21st, 2017

I suppose some minor spoiler warning might be needed if you don't know who these two hybrid/quasi were before being podded by Polybia.

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Time to the next chapter · 5:55pm Mar 19th, 2017

Hello all! I have some good and bad news. Bad news is, due to being so close to finishing my changeling book, i will be focusing on that story for the last chapter or 2 for it.

The good news though, is that once that is done, all of my writing focus will shift solely towards Beyond Equestria. So hang in there, the story is not forgotten or silently cancelled, just on hold for a bit longer.

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I live!! · 6:42am Feb 3rd, 2017

Hey everyone, for those who don't know, 2 days after new years, my town got hit bad by a tornado so I've been without power, home (had to move), and more importantly to you all: internet (with which for me to post chapters) until yesterday.

So I write this to let you all know that I'm not dead, and that I'm also starting nursing classes, so my writing speed will be taking a hit. But it is by no means grinding to a halt, so hang in there. See you all next chapter!

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Meta the Story. · 3:20am Dec 30th, 2015

Hey guys, thanks for reading the fic so far, and at the moment, I'm really split on where to go with the story right now. I have the overall arc already in mind, but the issue I'm having is whether or not to tie this story into my Hive series where Equestria's Twilight Sparkle is a changeling rather than an alicorn.

As with what the actual show is doing and the EQG movies, the Hive series will not be impacted by the events in WoM. At most a mention or two.

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New story! · 10:19pm Oct 3rd, 2015

Cobbled together a new story The Will of Magic for you guys, enjoy!

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Canon side story · 4:34pm May 2nd, 2015

Hey everyone, my ever patient editor Boldish42 wrote up a SoL side story that I consider canon, so feel free to hop on over to life in phoenix roost.


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Party hard · 8:28pm Mar 4th, 2015

Okay, i admit it, I am not the best when it comes to writing parties for a text only medium. Anything i put in feels clunky and just makes me want to get to the meat of the plot scenes. So if you guys have any requests for this party, Pinkie Loki interactions, a drinking game between conrad and RD, i don't know...

i already have the end of the chapter mostly done, but the party itself is annoying me with lack of quality.

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Lore and PSA · 9:07pm Jan 31st, 2015

I've noticed quite a few comments about people missing story updates and sequel postings, so i'm making this blog, and small lore Q&A to help those who missed it. (so there is enough substance to the chapter to keep the mods happy)

I'll be posting a bonus chapter in book 1 then moving up to Aegis of the Hive to answer a handful of lore questions that would not be spoilers up to that point. AKA, no questions on Twilight's co-pilot ruler in Of the Hive.

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