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Not much to say, 29 year old Brony... who loves to travel a lot

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Who am i?

Well, not much to say people... a 30 israeli brony that enjoys this fandom a lot :twilightsmile:

Currently the editor of the following fic's:
* My Daughter Chrysalis by Scarheart
* The Model's Secretary by Dudeler
* Lessons from the Princesses by Gold4tune *NSFW*
* The Benefits of Crazy, Younger Mares by Gold4tune *NSFW*

Also "co own" and manage Kudzuhaiku's patreon page

My current photos from the Fandom
LunaFest 2014 - Hamburg, Germany
Berlin Bronies meetup - Berlin, Germany
CZquestria 2014 - Prauge, Czech Republic
Hearth's Warming Con 2015 - Amsterdam
Brony Fair 2015 - Berlin
GalaCon 2015 - Ludwigsberg, Germany
MLK 2015 - Zywiec, Poland
Lunafest 2015
Whinny City Pony Con 2016 - Chicago, USA
Galacon 2016 - Ludwigsberg, Germany
RuBronycon 2016 - Moscow, Russia (party)
LoveMuffin 3 - Berlin, Germany
Galacon 2017 - Ludwigsberg, Germany

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Xmas / Hanukkah / New Year Kudz raffle · 11:55pm Dec 23rd, 2019

Well... haven't posted a blog post for almost half a year, time does fly.

as we are finishing 2019 and having Xmas / Hanukkah / New Year, i thought it's a good time to do another raffle.
to all who wants to enter the new raffle, hetlp to support Kudz and join his Patreon as a one-time thing or longer for those who want to help out.

and what do we raffle this time?

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Hey thank you so much for taking time to read Ranger and finding something about it worthy of your Fave bookshelf :twilightsmile:

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