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:scootangel: had fun editing it

Then I realize that Flash was a generic guard OC

Shots fired.

I don't think thats sarcastic. So thank you.
To be honest, I have nothing against Flash Sentry, but he truly is generic. I actually like him in kilala97's next gen universe as well as a few stories on this site. But I thought I would just be easier to make my own random OC so I could just do what I want without interfering with anyone's headcanon.

You are correct, I only post that on stories I enjoyed. :P

In a brief moment of realization, Twist Kick finally realized what the smell in the air was. It was the smell of female arousal, what in tartarus did he get himself into?

Heaven, my friend. Heaven!

Another sequel, this time with a story again? Please :D

I'm halfway through the second and final chapter of this, an I am going to get started on the SoarinDash sequel to Tsup directly afterwards. I wrote this because I felt a bit out of practice writing clop and I wanted to get back into it, believe me the first draft of this before iakovl and natasha went through it wasn't nearly as good. Also because i had these ideas in my head and I wanted them out, not to mention the fact that there is never enough sexy horse words floating around the internet. And finally, I wanted to give Natasha some time to complete the coverart for the SoarinDash fic, and this was a convienient way to do it. Expect the SoarinDash sequel to be up 1-2 weeks from now/

5730217 Sadly, I meant a sequel with Twilight as main-protagonist (+any other mare/stallion you chose as side-characters) like the first story.

The next Twilight story is most likely going to be after the Sparity and Soarindash, sorry to make you wait that long

no no you dont get to leave it there i want to know the boon also a proprer sequel were twilight tries to get either princess or one of the main six to be her special somepony

Thats coming eventually. I'm working on other stories in this universe at the moment

5763874 COOL thats fine its just writing TSUAP and then calling this a sequel just dosn't feel right its more like a one shot spin off

God damn that was good, glad to hear you continuing the story and universe.

Bell curve does not mean what you think it means

Good story though

I personally would like a return of the Lord of lust from the first story...and Cadance...learning about demons...like these story would suggest she would.

All in due time, I can't write all the sequels at once. And as I said, this one isn't meant to have any story in it, its literally just so I could write some clop scenes that I had in my head for a while.

5824221 if someone were to theoretically throw money at you, how much would be required to a) speed up production and b) start churning out a multi-chapter story sequel to TSUP with a return of Asmodeus finding love, because what you did with Twilight reading the theoretical love magic book was a Chekhov's Gun that hasn't been fired yet. And if that was not a Chekhov's Gun, it shouldn't be in the story in the first place.

Well, first of all I write for fun. As much as I enjoy the thought of getting paid to write my stories, I'm not really sold on it. Maybe in the future, but not for now. And as far as me writing faster, my writing pace varies from crazy slow to decent, if i speed up too much my quality dips alot, so I try not to do that. I'm going to be really busy for the first three weeks of May, and during July and the beginning of august I'm not going to be able to write at all because I'm going on a canoe trip.

But as far as Asmodeus feeling love goes, I honestly go back and forth on whether to do it or not. Right now I'm leaning towards yes, and when I wrote that I was leaning towards yes as well. If it does happen, it won't be for while. I want to get through the soarindash sequel to Tsup, which is what I'm working on now, and probably the Sparity one too. The one after that is focused on Twilight, so it may happen there, but I haven't even began to plan that one out yet. I wouldnt mind telling you more on my thought processes, just send me a pm if you're interested

You write damn good clop!

A sequel is needed. Twist needs to return :twilightsmile:

I'm considering writing a bonus chapter to this involving Twist, Nightshade, and her daughters.

I'm noticing that your stories misuse the word consent. Consent is when you agree to do a thing. Agreeing with someone can be called assent.

Excellent work! You deserve some mustaches!

It's even sexier than whetever Disney movie this is from:

“Oh, you are definitely above the bell curve,”

a) It's to the right of the bell curve.
b) I refuse to believe that Twilight Sparkle would be able to resist inserting a 'long tail' joke here.

Equa cum Noctis

"Equa Noctis" means "Mare of the Night." "Equa cum Noctis" would mean something like "Mare with the Night"...? (And in that case it would be "Equa cum Nocte.")

Yes to every single bit of this chapter, in all of its glorious implications :pinkiehappy: .

What did you think that Gold4Turn thought it meant?

Also, damn, 1.5 years since the last comment. I'm really cleaning out my "read later"s, aren't I.

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