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This group is for the readers, followers, watchers, fans, and contributors to the the 'verse created by author Bucking Nonsense. Yes, you read that last part: If you make a story that you want to take place in the Nonsense-Verse, it can, provided it follows the rules of the 'verse, be added to this group, with the author's own seal of approval.

Ah, there are, of course, a few rules to this verse.

Rule One: When changelings refer to other changelings, they use the term 'anybuggy', 'somebuggy', or 'nobuggy'.
Rule Two: All changelings require love to function. When they run out, they are locked into what is called 'Dry Hibernation',. Essentially, they become a type of living statue until they are given love. This is one of the worst things that can happen to a changeling, and they go to extreme lengths to avoid it.
Rule Three: Changelings come in two varieties, commoners and aristocrats (The queen is essentially an aristocrat, herself). Aristocrats, or 'aristos', can use love to cast spells. Commoners cannot use spells, but they can 'burn' love in order to increase their strength, speed, endurance, and other physical qualities. While there is no known limit to how high this increase is, it causes love to be used up at an accelerated rate, so commoners only do so in grave emergency.
Rule Four: Changelings (at least in regards to the commoner caste) believe, very strongly, in 'Waste Not, Want Not'. Changelings do not use up love energy needlessly.
Rule Five: The Changeling Protection Act, and the Bureau Of Changeling Affairs, are things put into place one year after the Canterlot Invasion. The Changeling Protection Act is dedicated to ensuring the rights of changelings still in Equestria in the aftermath of the invasion. The Bureau Of Changeling Affairs is a government agency put into place to oversee the enforcement of that act. Crimes which involve changelings, either as victims or as perpetrators, fall in their lap. Trials involving changelings go before the princesses
Rule Six: King Sombra lives, and has reformed. He is the head of the Bureau Of Changeling Affairs. He takes his job very seriously.
Rule Seven: While stories up to the Teen rating are allowed, if you wish to contribute, no Mature stories. While romance is allowed, no clopfics, and when possible, keep the violence from becoming too graphic. The one exception to the violence rule is for stories that take place one thousand years ago: It was a darker, uglier time in Equestrian history, so violence is allowed, but don't get too extreme, please. In the modern age, however, try to keep things in the spirit of the show when possible.

More rules may appear in the future, but these seven are the big ones.

Anywho, please enjoy your stay in the Nonsense-Verse!

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Comment posted by A.P.O.N.I. deleted Jun 10th, 2019

Might as well join too.

Hrrrrmmmm... perhaps I should stretch my literary wit in here. I have always loved the over-the-top'ness of the Nonsenseverse.

Yes, and I would have to give it approval beforehand. If you have one you'd like submitted, contact me. I'll give it a look.

The rules in the group summary feel a bit too much like a giant wall of text. Might I suggest using boldface and paragraph breaks to fake an HTML "definition list" instead? (<dl><dt>term</dt><dd>description</dd>...</dl> in actual HTML)

Rule One:
When changelings refer ...

Rule Two:
All changelings require ...

Rule Three:
Changelings come in ...


Question, if one were to post a story here, would we have to ask permission?

hail the imperium mankind,chaos,ank-morpork, crystal empire and the blue manor

kek, matey!

377957 Allhype, everyhype?

377957 That is such NONSENSE


(I'll just leave...)

But seriously I'm hype.

I am a NONSENSER! Hm... We need to come up with a name for us...:rainbowlaugh:

...Sure, I'll join.
Why the fuck not?

The hype is real!!!

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