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Kuno, a young changeling, is left weak, bloodied, and bruised after the events of the Canterlot wedding. She is soon discovered by Warden, a Royal Guard. But for some reason, Warden shows her mercy. Instead of taking her into the custody of the Royal Guard, he becomes both her captor and her savior. But over time, Kuno will come to ask herself the hardest question she has ever pondered: Can a changeling feel love?

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Will have to wait for a another chapter or so to see where this is going. The idea has piqued my interest, so it goes in the read later folder for now,

Interesting start, I'm definitely curious about what is going on with this captivity Kuno is in, the circumstances of it seem somewhat strange.

Interesting. Tracking.

An interesting idea to be sure, I'll keep an eye on this and hope the next chapter is soon and I find it funny how she rips half the loaf of bread, eats the soft center and scoops the food into the hollowed-out bread and eats it like that cause its what I do when I get loaf as well unless its sliced of course XD

Consider my interest piqued. Have a thumb and fave.

Stockholm syndrome everywhere! So, I like the idea, but it seems like this will be going in an obvious direction. Though, you have surprised me before.

1547825 http://www.fimfiction.net/story/39836/1/What-is-love%3F/What-is-love%3F should give you some idea of where this story is going. This story evolved from that idea. Sure, this will be a bit more elaborate. But yeah. :twilightsmile:

Hmm defiantly following this one looks interesting! Please continue:twilightsmile:

That is to say, I adore this story! Do go on ~ :D

What are your intentions guard:trixieshiftright:

Yayifications! Moar Changeling hikinks! :3

; ;
B-but no bell hearing for the bell collar? That... That's just downright EVIL! ; ;

Wow, this is a fascinating story and I really look forward to reading more of it!

Booya. That's about all I can say.

Next Time, on An Affliction of the Heart:
"Scrape some of the chitin from your hooves into this slot."
*scrape scrape scrape*
*scrape scrape*
"You know, ponies usually have questions for me when this happens."
*scrape scrape*
"Like where I've taken them... what I want..."
*scrape scrape*

Yeah, but seriously, I like this. This is good, interesting. Keep it coming, keep it coming.

Somehow the image of Kuno batting the bell is sickeningly adorable. No idea why, but if it continues you may be responsible for the next pandemic :pinkiesick:

Already read and favorited. I saw the connection, but that only helps with the idea that this story might not have any real surprises. Seeing what your other fics have done, I'm sure I will be proven wrong. But, I will keep my skepticism for now.

1548919 Oh, there will be surprised. More 'omg drama' than anything else, though. :twilightsmile:

Gah, the bit with the bell was so sadly cute.

"Anonymous Pegasus posted a new story..."
*clicks like and favorite*
Now, to read that description...

Yes, that's how much I like your works.

Very good so far. I'm lookin forward to seeing more updates :twilightsmile:

This chapter could use some editing and revision. As it is written currently, at one point the prisoner is writing the notes on the notepad rather than the guard. It reads as though you've lost track of who is supposed to be deaf and their roles get confused for the reader.

we've already answered the question can a Changeling Feel love... So... Yeah

his ententions were clear from the start but I'm curious on why he's doing what he's doing perhaps he wants evidence that changelings aren't evil? Hmm can't wait for ch. 3

Seems you have a thing for Changelings and romance tags, eh? Sounding interesting, not sure what to expect next though. I take it he doesn't want to be found out for harboring a changeling?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT ANOTHER CAN CHANGELINGS FEEL ROMANTIC LOVE STORY :trollestia: Sorry, couldn't help myself. :twilightblush:

Well, this one has a good premise I suppose, not to mention different with using a female Changeling with a male pony (as far as I know, not too many of those); even though doesn't so far explain Warden's reasons for keeping Kuno (or Fleetwing, as she's once called herself) locked up and with himself. Don't know if he had a previous lover or something that was killed, which while maybe not a Changeling, was labeled as a traitor/threat to Equestria. And doesn't want a death on his hooves again, even if she was a part of the invasion. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Queen_Chrysalis.png Ah well, guessing it'll be all explained in due time. Also not sure what the sudden compliance is about, with taking drugs when she could very well refuse, even if she IS weak and thus, not able to put up much of a fight against a member of the Royal Guard trained in combat.

While haven't read any of your other Changeling-based stories (the main ones, that is, read What is love? No offense to those others, just wasn't aware of the first until a certain point I think and by that point, decided not to maybe read or didn't make attempt, and then the sequel eventually came out) and not sure if same dynamic/rules to Changelings applies here from your own headcanon or whatever, I am hoping that a Changeling's ability to feed on love will heal even the most serious of injuries, cause that'd be sad if Kuno were to remain deaf forever. :fluttershysad: Assuming you even would believe in or do something like that. Just cause, sure it'll all be thrown for a loop, once Kuno starts to unknowingly feel love from the Royal Guard who's currently holding her hostage and doesn't seem to care right now if she dies, I assume. Well, looking forward to future chapters, seeing where it all goes! :pinkiehappy:

Edit: Added a note about the compliance in drug-taking.

Edit 2: Added note about your headcanon in regards to Changelings, if same stuff applies to Changelings as in your main stories with Changelings.

Yeah, that Changeling is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. I'm stealing insulin tomorrow. But seriously I hope you keep updating this story, Its sweet so far. a Deaf Changeling is a great plot point (Heh, plot.) I am left wondering why she wanted a bell though, A joke I am guessing? I would imagine the guard stressing over the changeling stealing his love, or her dying. Internal conflict woo! but I like the viewpoint, keep that. Not to imply that you would change it randomly. I feel like the guard needs more character however. He has the 'softer than he should be' thing, but I feel he needs more. If you want my advice? give him a hobby or something. I mean you don't have to listen to me. I also like the magic supression pill thing. That is another great... story point, and I think a lot can come out of it. The only other thing, is this; the changeling seems resigned to her fate to die of hunger. This makes for a somewhat uninteresting story under normal circumstances. Considering the viewpoint, we have the story of a Changeling waiting to die, which can be boring. Its not a boring story certainly, but however this does mean the plot (heh) is driven by the guard, more than the changeling. Know what I mean? So either the guard has to be a lot more intriguing, or the changeling has to try and escape.
I'm not sure if you were looking for a critique or anything but you got one! :pinkiehappy:

1581810 Actually, the guard has a hobby :pinkiecrazy:

The vegetable patch outside, the garden...

:rainbowhuh: You are completely right. It totally missed that. Huh. I am sorry for doubting you.

1581960 Oh, it isn't stated that he's a gardener by trade and like, in the 'guard reserve'. The reserve guards were called in after the Canterlot invasion to help keep the ponies in check and guard key infrastructure in case the changelings had other things planned.

I'm just slow to build up to all these things, I guess.

This is marked as romance though :twilightsmile: so you can guess what's gonna happen.

Thanks for the critique and suggestions though!

An interesting read so far.

Noticed a few errors:
"was build into the wall itself" - built
"The felt, but didn’t hear the padlock clicking closed." - the changeling felt?

Dralen #33 · Nov 13th, 2012 · · 17 · Plans ·

My ass pulsated when I laid eyes on this story. Maybe that was just it being sore from the massive crap I took earlier, or it is a sign that this is going to be a good story.

I'm loving this story! Please continue
(Also, it was in the feature box)

The plot thickens :moustache: (not pun intended)

... ~yay~ Cunning prisoner is cunning! :3

"Permeable" means "able to be penetrated."

1609289 My entire life is a lie :fluttershbad: I was sure it meant 'able to be felt'. Blech. Now what word have I had it mixed up with since FOREVER?

Ahhh, there it is. Palpable. Blech more!

:twilightoops: I smell a bad plan underway... or a plan that'll be laced with regret, if it's what I think it is.

Well, another good chapter, definitely explains little more about why Warden's keeping Kuno in his house, being a member of the Reserve Guard (something else possibly in your own headcanon?). Glad to see she's getting her hearing back, even if I'm a little confused as to why that is, all of a sudden. I mean, if she's getting weaker and not stronger and healing some of her more severe injuries by his love, as I had thought and said in my last review. Was confused to why she did the tumbling of the dresser if was just going to get trapped under it, but I see now... :twilightblush: Anyway, shall see where things unfold from this point on!

PS: Didn't fix the word you supposedly messed up in both cases, according to response above. :derpytongue2:

Edit: Nice to see Warden DID have a past love, though know it hasn't been confirmed yet if was a Changeling, assuming it even was.

For your second usage (taking her pulse), I'd go with "perceptible," rather than palpable.

ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh my goooooooooooosssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh:scootangel:

I like this story :pinkiehappy:

I've read better-but it aint bad. It's a cheap pretence, but I still want to read it. Keep it up.

Hmm... we demand to hear more.:trixieshiftleft:

But the pegasus lacked the conviction to follow through with his orders, resulting in Kuno’s current predicament. He couldn’t let her roam free, but if he gave her up to the royal guard, she would be executed.

Wow, she's dumb. I know changelings "don't have feelings", but you'd think she'd be happy not be dead. I guess a swift death might be preferable to agonizing pain, but still. This doesn't exactly make any sense, why wouldn't he just have taken her in, clearly something isn't clicking up top.

Now I have the urge to write a Changling story... already have too many story ideas floating around in my head. Your EVIL I say lol

Liking this story so far! Keep the chapters rolling.

Nice story! I like. I can tell this is going to be good.

1609491 Canonically whether or otherwise independent Changelings have a personality or not is never established so authors can have a lot of creative liberties with Changelings. Also, you try getting captured in enemy territory only to find yourself being lead around on leach by someone you don’t know anything about. Even if you would be killed otherwise it’s not exactly a situation you would want to stay in if you could avoid it. Add to the fact he’s obviously a physically capable male (he’s in the royal guard after all) and she’s a female who could take the form of anypony he desires and you have the set up for something rather dark, not that I think this story is going to do that of course. There’s also the slowly starving thing she could quickly fix with another trip to the hospital.

The bed was build into the wall itself, as a single wooden construction.
Should be built. :twilightsmile:
An interesting story... tracking... and also I have to say it's kinda uncommon for a character to lose one of their sense... like hearing. I'm looking forward to reading and seeing where this goes.

And it would a unicorn to install the one-way-window
I think you meant: And it would take a unicorn to install the one-way-window

Def tracking

I can see why this thing dosnt havee any dislikes.... :raritystarry:

Hmmm... well I have to say I'm very intrigued and looking forward to your next updates!

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