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Luna is on her way to visit Celestia, but hears her squealing for someone to 'stop!'

She walks in on Twilight on top of a red-faced Celestia, and the two of them react like guilty teenagers. Just what the buck is going on here?!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 306 )

That's very clever. I enjoyed it.

You somehow managed to subvert my expectations twice in under 2000 words. Nice. :twilightsmile:

Ha ha wat.

It's fun, it's erotic and it's torture all rolled into one. (The act not the story.)

Not badly written though I am surprised you went with Trollight instead of Trollestia. Kind of OOC but interesting.

I love how possessively protective Luna is of Twilight. Maybe there's something to be said there. :rainbowwild::heart:

Words are insufficient.


When I drink I always seem to find myself reading strange stories.

Tickle Monster!
:rainbowlaugh: BAH ha ha ha ha!

At first I was :twilightoops:

Then I was :rainbowhuh:

Finally I was :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome sauce. Great story, full of giggles. :twilightsmile:

At first I was like :rainbowhuh:
Then I was like:applejackconfused:
Now I'm like :trixieshiftleft::twilightblush::rainbowlaugh:

A fun read.:twilightsmile:

Nice feint there! Usually I can pick these gags out before I get there but you managed to fool me between the summary and the beginning part of the story. Well played. :derpytongue2:

Haha, at first I thought you were going to invoke "Incorrect Assumptions" as being our incorrect assumption that there is a reasonable, nonsexual explanation for this.
In other words I was expecting it to actually end up being sex, just to mess with us

I swear, the funniest part of the whole fic was Twilight being a troll. I laughed so hard. Also kinda gave it away too for me.

Yeah, I was expecting the double-twist as well.

Lol, Celestia is going to corrupt all of the mane six at this rate lol. :twilightblush:

lol isn't sexual assault funny guys hahahaha yeah

secret: it's not

I am I the only one that thought Celestia had a similar reaction to this gif?


methinks troll twilight is going to be a new thing, because that was awesome. :derpytongue2:

Haha. I can usually figure these things out pretty quickly, but you had me wondering. This was cute. :3

At first I was like:rainbowhuh:

Then I was like:pinkiegasp:

Then finally I was like:rainbowlaugh:

Sincerely the Doctor

lol assumptions make fools of us all as luna has learned :pinkiehappy:

I was trying SO HARD to not have my mind latch onto something dirty, and tickling was the only other thing I could tihnk of.
Glad to see I was right. :twilightsmile:

Oh, silly me, I'd thought... Yeah. :rainbowlaugh:

Was having a bad day. :trixieshiftleft:
Chanced upon this fic. :trixieshiftright:
Lol'd. :rainbowlaugh:

I uh...

Was expecting a double twist where after Luna was tickled, she left, and then Twilight trots over, smooches Celestia and says "Now where were we? :heart:".

Still, this was adorable. Nice job!

581851 Yes, but only from the perspective of those of us who expected the double-twist.

580870 581576
So.. is that a triple-twist? 'Cause, we thought we were supposed to incorrectly assume that it wasn't about sex, so we thought it was sex, but it was actually not sex?


581858 You made my comment derp :derpytongue2:


Ain:rainbowhuh:'t this clop?

But it's not sexual assault, it's tickling. It's not endorsing sexual assault, nor is it saying it's funny. All it is doing is using a time honored comedic device; misdirection. The readers are laughing at how it isn't sexual assault, not that it's like sexual assault. I don't know, I'm probably explaining it wrong.

What is this I don't even...

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