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After accidentally learning that each Princess has their very own secret rooms to retreat inside whenever they wish, Twilight Sparkle makes it her mission to uncover just what could be inside Princess Celestia's.

Perhaps Twilight should have knocked first.

Artwork by Hawk9mm.

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This was adorable, and it is giving me good feels. I thank you for writing this. Also, I wonder is the Queen Chrysalis has one as well... Or maybe she doesn't and that's why she's crazy? :trollestia:

EDIT: First comment, yay!

Delicious answers now!
Horrible worry later...

Twilight in a nutshell.

I can totally see Celestia doing this. So adorable.

And here I was expecting cake. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of cake

The complete dereliction of consideration for her mentor/friend/potentially secondary mother-figure/co-ruler's most intimate privacy is more than a little grating.

But since it allowed such a heartwarming story to finish taking place, I'll look past that and make some squees.


Oh thank god, I was worried it would be something much worse once the playground was mentioned.

Good thing Twi didn’t finish then. I doubt Celestia would have appreciated being struck by lightning.

Luna is a terrible foalsitter.


Oh this story is just SO adorable to read!

So Luna knows of Celey's room and goes inside?

“Fine. First game: hide-and-seek. I shall hide in plain sight on top of that rather comfy looking armchair. You two shall seek. Seek out what? More bourbon.

Today I learned that me and Luna deal with kids the same way :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry, this just gets on my tits.


There is no such word as "grinded". The word you want there is "ground".

Or her secret secret room, as the guard had implored.

I'm not certain what you mean. Are you saying that the guard "begged someone earnestly or desperately to do something"?

Luna, apparently her room is a shady bar with booze and comfy chairs. But at least she us doing it right!

Needs diapers.

... I wish I had the brain cells to say more than "this was super cute!" But I'm also super tired and don't want to leave you with nothing <3

Thank you for writing this!

Whoever downvotes this first is the big gay.

Twilight suddenly felt like a deflated balloon. “That’s it? A secret room full of secrets? Well… where is it, then? Somewhere in the castle, obviously.”

This sounds like something a twelve year old would have.

Perfectly in character then.

This was hilarious. Upvoted.


What?! How?! 200 upvotes to 0 downvotes! Well now I have to give it a read.

This is adorable :yay:
Need more adorable stories

to let off stream and retreat from


Adorable as hell. This was fun to read.

I'd like to see a sequel for Luna and perhaps Twilight, I got the reference on Cadence so no sequel there is necessary. Very cute story, I'd be super curious as well if I heard about a super secret room that no one had ever seen before.

263 to 0 now.

Holy crap, I didn't think any stories got scores like that :rainbowderp:

I can still see you, you know,” Twilight told him. “Just because you stand real still doesn’t mean you turn invisible or anything."

"I was told alicorn vision was based on movement, Your Highness."
"No, that's just Luna."

In any case, a thoroughly adorable concept and execution. Thank you for it.

That was cute, funny, and something I can relate to. Sometimes I really just want a room where I can escape to and get free of everything.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Apr 16th, 2019

The only people who could dislike a story like this are those who ended up with diabeetus after reading it.

Okay, I was leery of the story’s premise at first, because of the disregard for Celestia’s privacy. I spent some time at the start of the story just going, “Not cool, Twilight, not cool...” :facehoof:

But that not only got addressed by Celestia (implying that of courseTwilight would feel compelled to find out a secret (which might have been why Celestia neglected to tell her about the secret secret rooms before) but also, well.... that was adorable. :trollestia:

Because of course Twilight’s response to finding a lonely filly who wanted to play was to play with her!

And of course Twilight’s bestest dream would be playing with Celestia as a filly again, with Celestia as a filly playmate!

This was wonderful. My face right now: :twilightsmile:

You guys jinxed it.

Is it wrong that my first thought when I read the title was the "secret room" from the Pompeii museum in Naples?

Twilight played her final trump card. “Ice cream bar. Unlimited toppings.”

Somewhere this may count as torture.

Nice, though I half expected Luna to each for one of the age regression potions at the end and imagine all three as kids playing together. ^_^

Twilight played her final trump card. “Ice cream bar. Unlimited toppings.”

Truly, the ultimate trump card.:trollestia:

Luna blinked heavily, glancing from her cup to set of fillies and back. Then she drained what remained of her drink and belched. “Fine. First game: hide-and-seek. I shall hide in plain sight on top of that rather comfy looking armchair. You two shall seek. Seek out what? More bourbon.

This line was pure gold.:rainbowlaugh:

Honestly this all makes too much sense. Very cute.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I’ve played that particular version of hide and seek more than a few times, though occasionally with the minor rules variation of a nice dark, full bodied lager or glass of Cabernet.

Le sigh, indeed.

I hope I'm not the only one who wants to give Celestia a hug. Normal or fun-sized.

I miss playing videogames all weekend long. Also, not paying bills.

I wouldn't know what that was like. When I was born, I was immediately handed the accounting books. Suffice to say, I balanced the budget.

This is definitely going into my “cute stories” library. You also get a thumbs up.:twilightsmile:

This was sad and sweet, and a lovely read. If only the episodes could give Celestia such charm.

Thank you for writing.:heart:

Seek snacks first. And some super small cupcakes, as well. I want to watch you two eat them… for it will be adorable!”

Haha! :rainbowlaugh: Luna craves cuteness! :raritywink: I also absolutely loved that Twilight had to think of the opposite of what would stress most ponies out for her to get in! :rainbowkiss: Thanks for the read. :pinkiehappy:

Excellent fic. Listened to it on Youtube and loved it.

That was an adorable and funny story. I really enjoyed reading it. :twilightsmile:


Oh. My. Celestia. Is. So. CUTE!!! I loved every word of this.

this was so precious! :twilightsmile::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::yay::derpytongue2:

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